Marvel Comics Timeline: Marvel Now!

What’s in the Marvel Comics Timeline: Marvel Now!

Welcome to the ninth chapter of the Marvel Comics timeline. This section covers all of the major comics for popular Marvel Now! events. These include most of the comics that fall under the “Marvel Now!” brand, up until Secret Wars. For the full list of timelines in the Marvel comics timeline, visit our main Marvel Multiverse page.

Only comics make up this timeline. Since the contents are not a multi-media timeline like many of the other timelines on this site, there is no color coding found here. This timeline also does not include the publication year or author. We do this because Marvel releases multiple re-releases across several years, and you will often find multiple authors per trade paperback. For that reason, we do not include them. However, if you’re looking for an easy-to-follow list of books in the Marvel 616 timeline, this is the best place to start.

Be sure to let us know if you see anything that needs to be added, changed, or deleted from the timeline. You can do so on our contact page, or by contacting Jason through Twitter. We love to hear any feedback you have on our timelines.

1Marvel Now!BuyMarvel Now! Point One (Issue #1)Comic
2Marvel Now!BuyAll-New X-Men Vol. 1: Yesterday’s X-MenComic
3Marvel Now!BuyCable and X-Force, Vol. 1: WantedComic
4Marvel Now!BuyGambit, Vol. 1: Once A ThiefComic
5Marvel Now!BuyX-Treme X-Men Vol. 2: You Can’t Go Home AgainComic
6Marvel Now!BuyX-Men: X-TerminationComic
7Marvel Now!BuyScarlet Spider – Vol. 1: Life After DeathComic
8Marvel Now!BuyVenom by Rick Remender: The Complete Collection Vol. 2Comic
10Marvel Now!BuyCarnage: Minimum CarnageComic
11Marvel Now!BuyAvenging Spider-Man, Vol. 1Comic
12Marvel Now!BuySpider-Man: Dying WishComic
13Marvel Now!BuySuperior Spider-Man, Vol. 1: My Own Worst EnemyComic
14Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Assemble by Brian Michael BendisComic
15Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Assemble: Science BrosComic
16Marvel Now!BuyDark Avengers: The End is the BeginningComic
17Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Vol. 1: Avengers WorldComic
18Marvel Now!BuySecret Avengers – Vol. 1: ReverieComic
19Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Arena, Vol. 1: Kill or DieComic
20Marvel Now!BuyCaptain America, Vol. 1: Castaway in Dimension Z, Book 1Comic
21Marvel Now!BuyCaptain Marvel, Vol. 1: In Pursuit of FlightComic
22Marvel Now!BuyHawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a WeaponComic
23Marvel Now!BuyIndestructible Hulk Vol. 1: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.Comic
24Marvel Now!BuyIron Man Vol. 1: BelieveComic
25Marvel Now!BuyThor: God of Thunder Vol. 1Comic
26Marvel Now!BuyDaredevil: End of DaysComic
27Marvel Now!BuyDaredevil by Mark Waid, Vol. 1Comic
28Marvel Now!BuyDeadpool, Vol. 1: Dead PresidentsComic
29Marvel Now!BuyDeadpool KillustratedComic
30Marvel Now!BuyPunisher: Enter the War ZoneComic
31Marvel Now!BuyPunisher: NightmareComic
32Marvel Now!BuyRed She-Hulk – Vol. 1: Hell Hath No FuryComic
33Marvel Now!BuyThunderbolts – Vol. 1: No QuarterComic
34Marvel Now!BuyWinter Soldier by Ed Brubaker: The Complete CollectionComic
35Marvel Now!BuyJourney Into Mystery Featuring Sif – Vol. 1: Stronger Than MonstersComic
36Marvel Now!BuyFearless Defenders Vol. 1: Doom MaidensComic
37Marvel Now!BuyAge of UltronComic
38Marvel Now!BuyAge of Ultron CompanionComic
39Marvel Now!BuyUncanny X-Men Vol. 1: RevolutionComic
40Marvel Now!BuyAll-New X-Men Vol. 2: Here to StayComic
41Marvel Now!BuyUncanny X-Men Vol. 2: BrokenComic
42Marvel Now!BuyCable and X-Force Vol. 2: Dead or AliveComic
43Marvel Now!BuyUncanny X-Force, Vol. 1: Let It BleedComic
44Marvel Now!BuyGambit, Vol. 3: King of ThievesComic
45Marvel Now!BuyX-Men Legacy Vol. 2: Invasive ExoticsComic
46Marvel Now!BuySavage Wolverine – Vol. 1: Kill IslandComic
47Marvel Now!BuyWolverine & the X-Men by Jason Aaron OmnibusComic
48Marvel Now!BuyX-Men, Vol. 1: PrimerComic
49Marvel Now!BuyX-Factor – Vol. 20: Hell on Earth WarComic
50Marvel Now!BuySuperior Spider-Man, Vol. 2: A Troubled MindComic
51Marvel Now!BuyScarlet Spider Vol. 3: The Big LeaguesComic
52Marvel Now!BuyVenom: Devil’s PackComic
53Marvel Now!BuyAvenging Spider-Man: Threats & MenacesComic
54Marvel Now!BuyAlpha: Big TimeComic
55Marvel Now!BuyA.I. Vol. 1: Human After AllComic
56Marvel Now!BuyNew Avengers Vol. 1: Everything DiesComic
57Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Vol. 2: The Last White EventComic
58Marvel Now!BuyYoung Avengers by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie OmnibusComic
59Marvel Now!BuyAvengers: The Enemy WithinComic
60Marvel Now!BuyHawkeye, Vol. 2: Little HitsComic
61Marvel Now!BuyHawkeye Vol. 3: L.A. WomanComic
62Marvel Now!BuyIndestructible Hulk, Vol. 2: Gods and MonsterComic
63Marvel Now!BuyIron Man Vol. 3: The Secret Origin of Tony Stark Book 2Comic
64Marvel Now!BuyDaredevil: Dark KnightsComic
65Marvel Now!BuyDeadpool Kills DeadpoolComic
66Marvel Now!BuyThunderbolts Vol. 2: Red ScareComic
67Marvel Now!BuyGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1: Cosmic AvengersComic
68Marvel Now!BuyRocket Raccoon: Tales From Half-WorldComic
69Marvel Now!BuyNova Vol. 1: OriginComic
70Marvel Now!BuyWinter Soldier – Vol. 4: The Electric GhostComic
71Marvel Now!BuyFantastic Four by Matt Fraction OmnibusComic
72Marvel Now!BuyAll-New DoopComic
73Marvel Now!BuyThanos RisingComic
74Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Vol. 3: Prelude to InfinityComic
75Marvel Now!BuyInfinityComic
76Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Vol. 4: InfinityComic
77Marvel Now!BuyNew Avengers Vol. 2: InfinityComic
78Marvel Now!BuyInfinity: Heist/HuntComic
79Marvel Now!BuySuperior Spider-Man Team-Up Vol. 1: VersusComic
80Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Assemble: The Forgeries of JealousyComic
81Marvel Now!BuySecret Avengers Vol. 2: IliadComic
82Marvel Now!BuyThunderbolts Vol. 3: InfinityComic
83Marvel Now!BuyGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: AngelaComic
84Marvel Now!BuyNova Vol. 2: Rookie SeasonComic
85Marvel Now!BuyThanos: A God Up There ListeningComic
86Marvel Now!BuyInhumanityComic
87Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Assemble: The Forgeries of JealousyComic
88Marvel Now!BuyMighty Avengers Vol. 1: No Single HeroComic
89Marvel Now!BuyAvengers A.I. Vol. 2: 12,000 A.D.Comic
90Marvel Now!BuyInhuman Vol. 1: GenesisComic
91Marvel Now!BuyCable and X-Force Vol. 3: This Won’t End WellComic
92Marvel Now!BuyUncanny X-Force Vol. 2: Torn and FrayedComic
93Marvel Now!BuyX-Men Legacy Vol. 4: For We Are ManyComic
94Marvel Now!BuyX-Men Vol. 2: MuertasComic
95Marvel Now!BuySuperior Spider-Man Vol. 4: Necessary EvilComic
96Marvel Now!BuyScarlet Spider Vol. 4: Into the GraveComic
97Marvel Now!BuySecret Avengers Vol. 3: How to MA.I.M. a MockingbirdComic
98Marvel Now!BuyCaptain America Vol. 3: Loose NukeComic
99Marvel Now!BuyIndestructible Hulk Vol. 4: Humanity BombComic
100Marvel Now!BuyIron Man Vol. 4: Iron MetropolitanComic
101Marvel Now!BuyDaredevil by Mark Waid Vol. 3Comic
102Marvel Now!BuyDeadpool Vol. 4: Deadpool vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.Comic
103Marvel Now!BuyNova Vol. 3: Nova CorpseComic
104Marvel Now!BuyFearless Defenders Vol. 2: The Most Fabulous Fighting Team of AllComic
105Marvel Now!BuyS.H.I.E.L.D. Vol. 1: Perfect BulletsComic
106Marvel Now!BuyRevolutionary WarComic
107Marvel Now!BuyAll New Marvel Now Point One #1Comic
108Marvel Now!BuyX-Force Vol. 2: Hide/FearComic
109Marvel Now!BuyAll-New X-Men Vol. 4: All-DifferentComic
110Marvel Now!BuyUncanny Avengers OmnibusComic
111Marvel Now!BuyAmazing X-Men Vol. 1: The Quest for NightcrawlerComic
112Marvel Now!BuyMarvel Knights: X-Men: HauntedComic
113Marvel Now!BuyWolverine: Origin IIComic
114Marvel Now!BuyWolverine & the X-Men Vol. 1: Tomorrow Never LearnsComic
115Marvel Now!BuyX-Men Vol. 3: BloodlineComic
116Marvel Now!BuyAll-New X-Factor Vol. 1: Not Brand XComic
117Marvel Now!BuyX-Force Vol. 1: Dirty/TricksComic
118Marvel Now!BuyThe Superior Foes of Spider-Man Vol. 1: Getting the Band Back TogetherComic
119Marvel Now!BuySuperior Spider-Man Vol. 5: The Superior VenomComic
120Marvel Now!BuyAmazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: The Parker LuckComic
121Marvel Now!BuySpider-Man 2099 Vol. 1: Out of TimeComic
122Marvel Now!BuyMorbius: The Living Vampire: The Man Called MorbiusComic
123Marvel Now!BuyNew Avengers Vol. 3: Other WorldsComic
124Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Vol. 5: Adapt or DieComic
125Marvel Now!BuyAvengers World Vol. 1: A.I.M.PIREComic
126Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Undercover Vol. 1: DescentComic
127Marvel Now!BuyMighty Avengers Vol. 2: Family BondingComic
128Marvel Now!BuySecret Avengers Vol. 1: Let’s Have a ProblemComic
129Marvel Now!BuyAll-New Invaders Vol. 1: Gods and SoldiersComic
130Marvel Now!BuyCaptain America Vol. 4: The Iron NailComic
131Marvel Now!BuyMarvel Knights: Hulk: TransformeComic
132Marvel Now!BuyIron Man Vol. 5: Rings of the MandarinComic
133Marvel Now!BuyThor: God of Thunder Vol. 4: The Last Days of MidgardComic
134Marvel Now!BuyBlack Widow Vol. 1: The Finely Woven ThreadComic
135Marvel Now!BuyDaredevil Vol. 1: Devil at BayComic
136Marvel Now!BuyDeadpool Vol. 5: Wedding of DeadpoolComic
137Marvel Now!BuyNight of the Living DeadpoolComic
138Marvel Now!BuyDeadpool vs. CarnageComic
139Marvel Now!BuyDeadpool vs. X-ForceComic
140Marvel Now!BuyHawkeye vs. DeadpoolComic
141Marvel Now!BuyDeadpool’s Art of WarComic
142Marvel Now!BuyThe Punisher Vol. 1: Black and WhiteComic
143Marvel Now!BuyThunderbolts Vol. 4: No MercyComic
144Marvel Now!BuyAll-New Ghost Rider Vol. 1: Engines of VengeanceComic
145Marvel Now!BuyIron Fist: The Living Weapon Vol. 1: RageComic
146Marvel Now!BuyDeadly Hands of Kung Fu: Out of the PastComic
147Marvel Now!BuyMoon Knight Vol. 1: From the DeadComic
148Marvel Now!BuyCaptain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, MoreComic
149Marvel Now!BuyGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Guardians DisassembledComic
150Marvel Now!BuySilver Surfer Vol. 1: New DawnComic
151Marvel Now!BuyElektra Vol. 1: BloodlinesComic
152Marvel Now!BuyElektra Vol. 2: ReverenceComic
153Marvel Now!BuyIron Patriot: UnbreakableComic
154Marvel Now!BuyLoki: Agent of Asgard Vol. 1: Trust MeComic
155Marvel Now!BuyMagneto Vol. 1: InfamousComic
156Marvel Now!BuyMs. Marvel Vol. 1: No NormalComic
157Marvel Now!BuyNew Warriors, Vol. 1: The Kids are All FightComic
158Marvel Now!BuyShe-Hulk Vol. 1: Law and DisorderComic
159Marvel Now!BuyFantastic Four Vol. 1: The Fall of the Fantastic FourComic
160Marvel Now!BuyOriginal SinComic
161Marvel Now!BuyOriginal Sin: Hulk vs. Iron ManComic
162Marvel Now!BuyOriginal Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth RealmComic
163Marvel Now!BuyAmazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: The Parker LuckComic
164Marvel Now!BuyAvengers Vol. 6: Infinite AvengersComic
165Marvel Now!BuyAll-New Invaders Vol. 2: Original SinComic
166Marvel Now!BuyDaredevil Vol. 2: West-Case ScenerioComic
167Marvel Now!BuyDeadpool Vol. 6: Original SinComic
168Marvel Now!BuyNova Vol. 4: Original SinComic
169Marvel Now!BuyFantastic Four Vol. 2: Original SinComic
170Marvel Now!BuyAll-New X-Men Vol. 5: One DownComic
171Marvel Now!BuyAmazing X-Men Vol. 2: World War WendingoComic
172Marvel Now!BuyAmazing X-Men Vol. 3: Once and Future JuggernautComic
173Marvel Now!BuySavage Wolverine Vol. 3: WrathComic
174Marvel Now!BuyNightcrawler Vol. 1: HomecomingComic
175Marvel Now!BuyX-Men Vol. 4: ExogenousComic
176Marvel Now!BuyAll-New X-Factor Vol. 2: Change of DecayComic
177Marvel Now!BuyX-Force Vol. 2: Hide/FearComic
178Marvel Now!BuyDeath of WolverineComic
179Marvel Now!BuyDeath of Wolverine: The Logan LegacyComic
180Marvel Now!BuyDeath of Wolverine: The Weapon X ProgramComic
181Marvel Now!BuyStorm Vol. 1: Make it RainComic
182Marvel Now!BuyNew Avengers Vol. 4: A Perfect WorldComic
183Marvel Now!BuyAvengers World Vol. 2: AscensionComic
184Marvel Now!BuyMighty Avengers Vol. 3: Original Sin – Not Your Father’s AvengersComic
185Marvel Now!BuySecret Avengers Vol. 2: The LabyrinthComic
186Marvel Now!BuyCaptain America Vol. 5: The Tomorrow SoldierComic
187Marvel Now!BuyCaptain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, MoreComic
188Marvel Now!BuyHulk Vol. 1: Banner DOAComic
189Marvel Now!BuyHulk Vol. 2: Omega Hulk Book 1Comic
190Marvel Now!BuyAll-New Invaders Vol. 3: The Martians are ComingComic
191Marvel Now!BuyBlack Widow Vol. 2: The Tightly Tangled WebComic
192Marvel Now!BuyThe Punisher Vol. 2: Border CrossingComic
193Marvel Now!BuyThunderbolts Vol. 5: Punisher vs. the ThunderboltsComic
194Marvel Now!BuyGuardians 3000 Vol. 1: Time After TimeComic
195Marvel Now!BuyGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4: Original SinComic
196Marvel Now!BuyCaptain Marvel Vol. 2: Stay FlyComic
197Marvel Now!BuyLegendary Star-Lord Vol. 1: Face It, I RuleComic
198Marvel Now!BuyRocket Raccoon Vol. 1: A Chasing TaleComic
199Marvel Now!BuyNova Vol. 5: AxisComic
200Marvel Now!BuyBucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier Vol. 1: The Man on the WallComic
201Marvel Now!BuyNew Warriors Vol. 2: Always and ForeverComic
202Marvel Now!BuyFantastic Four Vol. 3: Back in BlueComic
203Marvel Now!BuyCaptain America Vol. 5: The Tomorrow SoldierComic
204Marvel Now!BuyAvengers & X-Men: AxisComic
205Marvel Now!BuyAxis: RevolutionsComic
206Marvel Now!BuyWolverine & the X-Men Vol. 2: Death of WolverineComic
207Marvel Now!BuyAll-New X-Factor Vol. 3: AxisComic
208Marvel Now!BuyAxis: Carnage & HobgoblinComic
209Marvel Now!BuyAvengers World Vol. 3: Next WorldComic
210Marvel Now!BuyCaptain America & the Mighty Avengers Vol. 1: Open for BusinessComic
211Marvel Now!BuyDeadpool Vol. 7: AxisComic
212Marvel Now!BuyMagneto Vol. 2: ReversalsComic
213Marvel Now!BuyInhuman Vol. 2: AxisComic
214Marvel Now!BuySpider-VerseComic
215Marvel Now!BuyAmazing Spider-Man: Edge of Spider-VerseComic
216Marvel Now!BuySpider-Man 2099 Vol. 2: Spider-VerseComic
217Marvel Now!BuySpider-Woman Vol. 1: Spider-VerseComic
218Marvel Now!BuySpider-Man & the X-MenComic
219Marvel Now!BuyAll-New X-Men Vol. 6: The Ultimate AdventureComic
220Marvel Now!BuyUncanny X-Men Vol. 5: The Omega MutantComic
221Marvel Now!BuyNightcrawler Vol. 2Comic
222Marvel Now!BuyCyclops Vol. 1: StarstruckComic
223Marvel Now!BuyStorm Vol. 2: Bring the ThunderComic
224Marvel Now!BuyAll-New X-Men Vol. 7: The UtopiansComic
225Marvel Now!BuyCyclops Vol. 2: A Pirate’s Life for MeComic
226Marvel Now!BuyAll-New Captain America Vol. 1: Hydra AscendantComic
227Marvel Now!BuySecret Avengers Vol. 3: God LevelComic
228Marvel Now!BuyHulk Vol. 3: Omega Hulk Book 2Comic
229Marvel Now!BuySuperior Iron Man Vol. 1: InfamousComic
230Marvel Now!BuyThor Vol. 1: Goddess of ThunderComic
231Marvel Now!BuyThor Vol. 2: Who Holds the Hammer?Comic
232Marvel Now!BuyDaredevil Vol. 3Comic
233Marvel Now!BuyDeadpool Vol. 8: All Good ThingsComic
234Marvel Now!BuyIron Fist: The Living Weapon Vol. 1: RageComic
235Marvel Now!BuyMoon Knight Vol. 2: BlackoutComic
236Marvel Now!BuyGuardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: Black VortexComic
237Marvel Now!BuyAngela: Asgard’s Assassin Vol. 1: PricelessComic
238Marvel Now!BuySilver Surfer Vol. 2: Worlds ApartComic
239Marvel Now!BuyRocket Raccoon Vol. 2Comic
240Marvel Now!BuyDeathlok Vol. 1: Control. Alt. Delete.Comic
241Marvel Now!BuyLoki: Agent of Asgard Vol. 2: I Cannot Tell a LieComic
242Marvel Now!BuyMagneto Vol. 3Comic
243Marvel Now!BuyShe-Hulk Vol. 2: Disorderly ConductComic
244Marvel Now!BuyFantastic Four Vol. 4: The End is FoureverComic
245Marvel Now!BuyS.H.I.E.L.D. OriginsComic
246Marvel Now!BuyInhuman Vol. 3: LineageComic
247Marvel Now!BuyAvengers World Vol. 4: Before Times Runs OutComic
248Marvel Now!BuyAvengers: Time Runs Out Vol. 1Comic
249Marvel Now!BuyAnt Man Vol. 1: Second Chance ManComic
250Marvel Now!BuyOperation S.I.N, Agent CarterComic
251Marvel Now!BuyThe Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1Comic
252Marvel Now!BuyWolverines Vol. 1: Dancing with the DevilComic
253Marvel Now!BuyWolverines Vol. 2: Claw, Blade and FangComic
254Marvel Now!BuyWolverines Vol. 3: The Living adn the DeadComic
255Marvel Now!BuyWolverines Vol. 4: DestinyComic
256Marvel Now!BuyAll-New Hawkeye Vol. 1Comic
257Marvel Now!BuyGuardians Team-UpComic
258Marvel Now!BuyHoward the Duck vol. 0Comic
259Marvel Now!BuySilk Vol. 0Comic
260Marvel Now!BuySpider-Gwen Vol. 0Comic

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