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This is the first major universe created around the X-men, featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. This X-men Cinematic Universe is easily responsible for bringing the X-men to the public consciousness.

What’s in the X-Men Cinematic Universe Timeline?

The X-men cinematic universe timeline covers Fox’s Marvel universe as seen in the X-men films. This is the shared universe that includes the X-men films, Deadpool, and others. We do not include all X-men franchises in this timeline, such as the television show Legion, since that doesn’t exist in the same continuity as these characters. The show Gifted also only sort of exists in this continuity. We’ve arranged it as best we could. This timeline also does not co-exist with the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. You can find a separate timeline for the MCU here.

It’s also important to note that the continuity for this universe has also undergone a soft reboot. Starting with Days of Future Past, the creators rewrote the previous continuity, and subsequent films (such as Deadpool) exist in the second wave of the chronology. As always, if you see something that we need to correct, add, or remove, let us know! We hope you enjoy our X-men cinematic universe timeline.
The X-men Cinematic Universe Timeline 2.0

1First realityBuyX-Men: First Class, , , 2011-06-03filmashley-edward-miller jane-goldman matthew-vaughn zack-stentz
2First realityBuyX-Men Origins: Wolverine, 2009-05-01filmdavid-benioff skip-woods
3First realityBuyX-Men: Beginnings, , 2000-06-01graphic-novelandy-lanning dan-abnett jay-faerber
4First realityBuyX-Men2000-07-14filmdavid-hayter
5First realityBuyX2, , 2003-05-02filmdan-harris david-hayter michael-dougherty
6First realityBuyX-Men 2: The Movie2003-04-14novelchuck-austen
7First realityBuyX2 Wolverine’s Revenge2006-09-08game
8First realityBuyX-Men: The Official Game2006-05-16game
9First realityBuyX-Men: Last Stand, 2006-05-26filmsimon-kinberg zak-penn
10First realityBuyThe Wolverine, 2013-07-26filmmark-bomback scott-frank
11First realityBuyGifted 1.01: eXposed2017-10-02tv-episodematt-nix
12First realityBuyGifted 1.02: rX2017-10-09tv-episodematt-nix
13First realityBuyGifted 1.03: eXodus2017-10-16tv-episoderashad-raisani
14First realityBuyGifted 1.04: eXit strategy, 2017-10-23tv-episodemarcie-ulin meredith-lavender
15First realityBuyGifted 1.05: boXed in2017-10-30tv-episodejim-campolongo
16First realityBuyGifted 1.06: got your siX2017-11-06tv-episodemelinda-hsu-taylor
17First realityBuyGifted 1.07: eXtreme measures2017-11-13tv-episodemichael-horowitz
18First realityBuyGifted 1.08: threat of eXtinction2017-11-20tv-episodecarly-soteras
19First realityBuyGifted 1.09: outfoX2017-12-04tv-episodebrad-marques
20First realityBuyGifted 1.10: eXploited2017-12-11tv-episodejim-campolongo
21First realityBuyGifted 1.11: 3 X 12018-01-01tv-episodemelinda-hsu-taylor
22First realityBuyGifted 1.12: eXtraction2018-01-15tv-episodemichael-horowitz
23First realityBuyGifted 1.13: X-roads, 2018-01-15tv-episodejim-garvey matt-nix
24Time loops backBuyX-Men: Days of Future Past2014-05-23filmsimon-kinberg
25Second realityBuyX-Men: Apocalypse2016-05-27filmsimon-kinberg
26Second realityDark Phoenix2019-02-14filmsimon-kinberg
27Second realityBuyDeadpool, 2016-02-12filmpaul-wernick rhett-reese
28Second realityBuyDeadpool 2, , 2018-05-18filmpaul-wernick rhett-reese ryan-reynolds
29Second realityBuyLogan, , 2017-03-03filmjames-mangold michael-green scott-frank
30Second realityThe New Mutants, 2019-08-02filmjosh-boone knate-lee

6 thoughts on “X-Men Cinematic Universe Timeline

  1. Hi,
    I think this timeline needs an update. Maybe the “Untitled Wolverine Film” is “Logan”? Where suit “Deadpool 2” and the tv show “Legion”?

    Thanks for the job.

    1. Legion is not part of the X-men Cinematic Universe canon. It’s a separate universe. Gifted might be as well, though that’s not 100% confirmed.

  2. If anyone wants to include legion it’s after first class based on the knowledge of mutants. time period is confusing but it’s around 1970s most likely before days of future past. The gifted could be in both timelines. It’s fine where it is though it could be between deadpool 2 and logan.

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