The Matrix Timeline

What’s on The Matrix Timeline?

The Matrix timeline consists mostly of the films, the animated shorts included in Animatrix, a few video games, and several short comic stories printed in two volumes. Many of the comics and some of the animated shorts are ambiguous in their placement in the timeline. However, most of them take place in the years before the first film, so most of them are lumped together in that portion of the timeline.

As always, if you find anything that is missing, or needs to be changed, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always looking for ways to improve the timeline or weed out errors. Thank you, and enjoy!

1Second RenaissanceBuyAnimatrix: The Second RenaissanceShort FilmMahiro Maeda2003
2Second RenaissanceBuyBits and Pieces of InformationComicWachowski Brothers2003Matrix Comics, Vol. 1
3Early Sixth ZionBuyThe Miller's TaleComicPaul Chadwick2003Matrix Comics, Vol. 1
4Main EraBuyAnimatrix: A Dectective StoryShort FilmShinichiro Watanabe2003
5Main EraBuyThe King of Never ReturnComicTed McKeever2004Matrix Comics, Vol. 2
6Main EraBuyRun, Saga, RunComicKeron Grant2004Matrix Comics, Vol. 2
7Main EraBuyArtistic FreedomComicRyder Windham2003Matrix Comics, Vol. 1
8Main EraBuyBroadcast DepthComicBill Sienkiewicz2004Matrix Comics, Vol. 2
9Main EraBuyBurning HopeComicJohn Van Fleet2003Matrix Comics, Vol. 1
10Main EraBuyFarewell PerformanceComicJim Krueger2004Matrix Comics, Vol. 2
11Main EraBuyA Life Less EmptyComicTed McKeever2003Matrix Comics, Vol. 1
12Main EraBuyWrong NumberComicVince Evans2004Matrix Comics, Vol. 2
13Main EraBuyThere Are No Flowers in the Real WorldComicDavid Lapham2003Matrix Comics, Vol. 1
14Main EraBuyHunters and CollectorsComicGregory Ruth2003Matrix Comics, Vol. 1
15Main EraBuyAnimatrix: World RecordShort FilmTakeshi Koike2003
16Main EraBuyAnimatrix: MatriculatedShort FilmPeter Chung2003
17Main EraBuyAnimatrix: ProgramShort FilmYoshiaki Kawajiri2003
18Main EraBuySystem FreezeComicPoppy Brite2004Matrix Comics, Vol. 2
19Main EraBuySweating the Small StuffComicBill Sienkiewicz2003Matrix Comics, Vol. 1
20Main EraBuyDeja vuComicPaul Chadwick2004Matrix Comics, Vol. 2
21Main EraBuyAn Asset to the SystemComicTroy Nixey2004Matrix Comics, Vol. 2
22Main EraBuyButterflyComicDave Gibbons2003Matrix Comics, Vol. 1
23Main EraBuyA Sword of a Different ColorComicTroy Nixey2003Matrix Comics, Vol. 1
24Main SeriesBuyThe MatrixFilmWachowski Brothers1999
25Main SeriesBuyAnimatrix: Kid's StoryShort FilmShinichiro Watanabe2003
26Main SeriesBuyAnimatrix: Final Flight of the OsirisShort FilmAndy Jones2003
27Main SeriesBuyEnter the MatrixGameShiny Entertainment2003
28Main SeriesBuyThe Matrix ReloadedFilmWachowski Brothers2003
29Main SeriesDay In...Day OutComicKeron Grant2000
30Main SeriesBuyThe Matrix RevolutionsFilmWachowski Brothers2003
31Main SeriesBuyThe Matrix: Path of NeoGameShiny Entertainment2005Concurrent with the films.
32TruceBuyI KantComicKaare Andrews2004Matrix Comics, Vol. 2
33TruceBuySaviorsComicSpencer Lamm2004Matrix Comics, Vol. 2
34TruceBuyA Path Among StonesComicGregory Ruth2004Matrix Comics, Vol. 2
35TruceBuyAnimatrix: BeyondShort FilmKoji Morimoto2003
36TruceBuyThe Matrix OnlineGameMonolith Productions2005
37Far FutureBuyGoliathComicNeil Gaiman2003Matrix Comics, Vol. 1

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