Image for the Men in Black timeline, taken from the first film.

What’s on the Men in Black Timeline?

The Men in Black timeline does not have a single dominant chronology outside of the 3 films. It is therefore difficult to develop a chronological list. The comics, though important, only ran for a brief time and the films are more widely known. However, given the popularity of the franchise, it’s likely that we could see the film universe develop into something more substantial.

For now, the three films are the only pieces of media that remain consistent with each other on this timeline, however the comics and the animated series are included anyway, in the best chronological locations, despite being their own chronology.

1MIBMen in Black Book IComicLowell Cunningham1991Original comic series, not part of film continuity.
2MIBMen in Black Book IIComicLowell Cunningham1991Original comic series, not part of film continuity.
3MIBMen in Black (one-shots)ComicMarvel Comics1997Follow the comics, not part of film continuity.
4MIBBuyMen in BlackFilmBarry Sonnenfeld1997
5MIBBuyMen in Black: The SeriesTelevisionDuane Capizzi, Jeff Kline1997-2001Changes ending of first film so K never lost memories. Not part of film continuity.
6MIBBuyMen in Black IIFilmBarry Sonnenfeld2002
7MIBBuyMen in Black IIIFilmBarry Sonnenfeld2012
8MIBMen in Black IVFilmN/AN/A