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What’s on the No Man’s Sky Timeline?

No Man’s Sky only came out recently, and there’s not much story to the game. However, the game and its creators already launched some tie-in comics with the Limited Edition of the game. These comics tell a few stories set within the No Man’s Sky universe. The universe is still in its infancy, but the possibilities for stories set within this universe are endless. No Man’s Sky takes a classic, pulp-sci-fi approach to its design. It could potentially attract more stories in that genre over time. We may get more announcements of stories set within this universe in the near future. Here’s hoping, because this game is amazing!

That said, we don’t have much on this timeline for now, but we hope you enjoy it regardless. As always, if you see something you think we should add, change, or omit be sure to let us know. And if you liked this timeline, maybe you’ll like some of our other pulp science fiction timelines, such as our Foundation timeline. Thank you for visiting and feel free to explore the rest of the site!

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