Odyssey series ranked fifth in our best science fiction book series

What’s on the Space Odyssey Reading Order?

The Space Odyssey reading order takes the series written by Arthur C. Clarke and places each of the books in chronological order. This includes the film that was produced at the same time as the book. This timeline does not include the comics that were produced shortly after the release of the film.

This timeline also includes the Time Odyssey series which were described by Clarke as being “neither a sequel nor a prequel.” Instead the series is more of a spiritual successor to the original series, taking place in a parallel universe of sorts. Because of their thematic relationship, the two series are both included on this list.

1Space OdysseyBuyThe SentinelShort StoryArthur C. Clarke1948Early concepts for 2001
2Space OdysseyBuyEncounter in the DawnShort StoryArthur C. Clarke1953Early concepts for 2001
3Space OdysseyBuy2001: A Space OdysseyNovelArthur C. Clarke1968
4Space OdysseyBuy2001: A Space OdysseyFilmStanley Kubrick1968
5Space OdysseyBuy2010: Odyssey TwoNovelArthur C. Clarke1982
6Space OdysseyBuy2010FilmPeter Hyams1984
7Space OdysseyBuy2061: Odyssey ThreeNovelArthur C. Clarke1987
8Space OdysseyBuy3001: The Final OdysseyNovelArthur C. Clarke1997
9Time OdysseyBuyTime's EyeNovelArthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter2003Neither prequel nor sequel to Space Odyssey
10Time OdysseyBuySunstormNovelArthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter2005
11Time OdysseyBuyFirstbornNovelArthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter2007