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What’s on the Oriceran Universe Reading Order?

The Oriceran universe is another independently published universe, from Michael Anderle. However another author, Marth Carr, spear-heads this universe. She is the co-author of all the books.

Much like Michael Anderle’s Kurtherian Universe, this universe consists of multiple series written by various authors, all existing on the same timeline. However, these books are primarily urban fantasy, something that the Kurtherian universe is not. The plot involves an alternate world that connects with Earth, called Oriceran. It only connects with Earth at certain points, but this time it is coming back early. Magic abounds in this urban fantasy epic.

Where to Start Reading the Oriceran Universe

You can read each series in the Oriceran reading order separately. However, if you want to start at the beginning, we do recommend Quest for Magic, the short story that prefaces the main series.

That said, you really can read any of the series that you want. We hope you enjoy this book series! As always, if you see something that we need to add, delete, or change, please let us know. We are grateful for all of your feedback.

The Oriceran Universe Reading Order 2.0

1Leira ChroniclesBuyQuest for Magic, 2017-07-30
2Leira ChroniclesBuyWaking Magic, 2017-08-02
3Leira ChroniclesBuyRelease of Magic, 2017-08-13
5Leira ChroniclesBuyRule of Magic, 2017-09-26
4Leira ChroniclesBuyProtection of Magic, 2017-08-29
6Soul Stone MageBuyHouse of Enchanted, 2017-09-05
7Soul Stone MageBuyDark Forest, 2017-09-19
8Soul Stone MageBuyMountain of Truth, 2017-10-03
9Soul Stone MageBuyLand of Terran, 2017-10-17
10Fairhaven ChroniclesBuyGlow, 2017-10-08
11Kacy ChroniclesBuyDescendant, 2017-09-08
13Midwest Magic ChroniclesBuyThe Midwest Witch, 2017-09-28
12Kacy ChroniclesBuyAscendant, 2017-10-11
The Oriceran Universe Reading Order 2.0