Camp Half-Blood Reading Order

What’s on the Camp Half-Blood Reading Order?

The Camp Half-Blood reading order (also known as the Percy Jackson series) consists of several series, all set within the same universe. These include the Olympians series, the Kane Chronicles, the Heroes of Olympus series, the Magnum Chase books, and the Trials of Apollo series. Many of the books revolve around the character of Percy Jackson who is a modern demi-god of Greco-Roman mythology, but some of the books delve into other areas of mythology, and not Percy Jackson.

Don’t forget to let us know if we missed something, or a piece of media is misplaced on the timeline. Thank you, and enjoy.

1The OlympiansBuyThe Diary of Luke CastellanShort StoryRick Riordan2012Collected in The Demigod Diaries
2The OlympiansBuyThe Lightning ThiefNovelRick Riordan2005
3The OlympiansBuyThe Lightning ThiefComicRick Riordan2010
4The OlympiansBuyThe Sea of MonstersNovelRick Riordan2006
5The OlympiansBuyThe Sea of MonstersComicRick Riordan2013
6The OlympiansBuyThe Titan's CurseNovelRick Riordan2007
7The OlympiansBuyThe Titan's CurseComicRick Riordan2013
8The OlympiansBuyThe Battle of the LabyrinthNovelRick Riordan2008
9The OlympiansBuyThe Demigod FilesAnthologyRick Riordan2009
10The OlympiansBuyThe Last OlympianNovelRick Riordan2009
11The OlympiansBuyPercy Jackson's Greek GodsAnthologyRick Riordan2014
12Kane ChroniclesBuyPercy Jackson's Greek HeroesAnthologyRick Riordan2015
13Kane ChroniclesBuyThe Red PyramidNovel2010
14Kane ChroniclesBuyThe Red PyramidComicRick Riordan2012
15Kane ChroniclesBuyThe Throne of FireNovel2011
16Kane ChroniclesBuyThe Throne of FireComicRick Riordan2015
17Kane ChroniclesBuyThe Serpent's ShadowNovel2013
18Kane ChroniclesBuyThe Son of SobekShort StoryRick Riordan2013Included with The Serpent's Shadow paperback.
19Kane ChroniclesBuyPercy Jackson and the Staff of HermesShort StoryRick Riordan2012Collected in The Demigod Diaries
20Kane ChroniclesBuySon of MagicShort StoryRick Riordan2012Collected in The Demigod Diaries
21Heroes of OlympusBuyThe Lost HeroNovelRick Riordan2010
22Heroes of OlympusBuyThe Lost HeroComicRick Riordan2014
23Heroes of OlympusBuyLeo Valdez and the Quest for BufordShort StoryRick Riordan2012Collected in The Demigod Diaries
24Heroes of OlympusBuyThe Sun of NeptuneNovelRick Riordan2011
25Heroes of OlympusBuyThe Mark of AthenaNovelRick Riordan2012
26Heroes of OlympusBuyThe Staff of SerapisShort StoryRick Riordan2014Included with The Mark of Athena paperback.
27Heroes of OlympusBuyThe House of HadesNovelRick Riordan2013
28Heroes of OlympusBuyThe Crown of PtolemyShort StoryRick Riordan2015
29Heroes of OlympusBuyThe Blood of OlympusNovelRick Riordan2014
30Magnus ChaseBuyThe Sword of SummerNovelRick Riordan2015
31Magnus ChaseBuyThe Hammer of ThorNovelRick Riordan2016
32Trials of ApolloBuyThe Hidden OracleNovelRick Riordan2016

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