image for the planet of the apes timeline, featuring a still from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

What’s on the Planet of the Apes Timeline?

The Planet of the Apes timeline includes most of the film and television in the Planet of the Apes franchise (except the Tim Burton re-imagining that we won’t talk about). The most recent reboot is placed first in the timeline, since it acts like a prequel to the original films, and it’s far enough removed on the timeline to avoid continuity errors with the older films.

However, with Escape from the Planet of the Apes, some apes go back in time. This is a separate timeline, similar to how Star Trek started a new timeline by going back in time. The television shows seem to take place in the original timeline, though after the apparent destruction of the Earth, so it’s not exactly known how it fits in. However, we’re going to assume that the original timeline continued after the end of Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

1Prequel SeriesBuyRise of the Planet of the ApesFilmRupert Wyatt2011
2Prequel SeriesBuyDawn of the Planet of the ApesFilmMatt Reeves2014
3Prequel SeriesWar for the Planet of the ApesFilmMatt Reeves2017
4OriginalsBuyPlanet of the ApesFilmFranklin J. Schaffner1968
5OriginalsBuyBeneath the Planet of the ApesFilmTed Post1970
6OriginalsBuyEscape from the Planet of the ApesFilmDon Taylor1971Time loop, starts a new timeline.
7OriginalsBuyConquest of the Planet of the ApesFilmJ. Lee Thompson1972
8OriginalsBuyBattle for the Blannet of the ApesFilmJ. Lee Thompson1973
9TelevisionBuyPlanet of the ApesTelevisionAnthony Wilson1974An alternate timeline or continuation of previous timeline.
10TelevisionBuyReturn to the Planet of the ApesTelevisionDavid DePatie1975