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What’s on the Pokemon Episode Order?

Now that Pokemon Go is out, many are revisiting the old anime Pokemon show. The show has run continuously since 1997 to the present, so that can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what you’re getting into. This Pokemon episode order hopes to help you figure out where to start. This timeline includes all of the seasons for the Pokemon anime, as well as all of the films. Note: Some of the films don’t really exist in continuity, though they are placed here anyway. The first film, at least, is definitely a part of continuity.

Where do I start watching Pokemon?

The easiest place to start is right at the beginning with Indigo League. This is the start of the show, and introduces you to the original 150 Pokemon also found in the original game and in Pokemon Go. You should watch that entire series and the first film. Then if you want to continue after that you can. However, since that’s a lot of episodes, and some can be harder to find, you can always jump ahead. We recommend jumping forward to XY if you want to skip.

1Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPokémon - I Choose You!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
2Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPokémon Emergency!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
3Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyAsh Catches a PokémonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
4Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyChallenge of the SamuraiTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
5Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyShowdown in Pewter CityTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
6Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyClefairy and the Moon StoneTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
7Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Water Flowers of Cerulean CityTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
8Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Path to the Pokémon LeagueTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
9Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe School of Hard KnocksTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
10Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyBulbasaur and the Hidden VillageTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
11Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyCharmander – The Stray PokémonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
12Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyHere Comes the Squirtle SquadTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
13Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyMystery at the LighthouseTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
14Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyElectric Shock ShowdownTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
15Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyBattle Aboard the St. AnneTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
16Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPokémon ShipwreckTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
17Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyIsland of the Giant PokémonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
18Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyTentacool & TentacruelTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
19Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Ghost of Maiden's PeakTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
20Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyBye Bye ButterfreeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
21Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyAbra and the Psychic ShowdownTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
22Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Tower of TerrorTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
23Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyHaunter versus KadabraTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
24Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPrimeape Goes BananasTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
25Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPokémon Scent-sation!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
26Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyHypno's NaptimeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
27Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPokémon Fashion FlashTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
28Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Punchy PokémonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
29Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuySparks Fly for MagnemiteTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
30Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyDig Those Diglett!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
31Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Ninja Poké-ShowdownTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
32Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Flame Pokémon-athon!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
33Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Kangaskhan KidTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
34Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Bridge Bike GangTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
35Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyDitto's Mysterious MansionTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
36Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyHoliday Hi-JynxTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
37Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuySnow Way Out!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1997
38Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPikachu's GoodbyeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
39Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Battling Eevee BrothersTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
40Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyWake Up Snorlax!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
41Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyShowdown at Dark CityTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
42Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe March of the Exeggutor SquadTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
43Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Problem with ParasTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
44Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Song of JigglypuffTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
45Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyAttack of the Prehistoric PokémonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
46Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyA Chansey OperationTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
47Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyHoly Matrimony!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
48Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuySo Near, Yet So Farfetch'dTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
49Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyWho Gets to Keep Togepi?TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
50Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyBulbasaur's Mysterious GardenTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
51Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPrincess vs. PrincessTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
52Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Purr-fect HeroTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
53Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Case of the K-9 Caper!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
54Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPokémon PaparazziTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
55Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Ultimate TestTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
56Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Breeding Center SecretTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
57Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyRiddle Me ThisTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
58Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyVolcanic PanicTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
59Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyBeach Blank-Out BlastoiseTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
60Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Misty MermaidTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
61Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyClefairy TalesTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
62Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Battle of the BadgeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
63Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyIt's Mr. Mime TimeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
64Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyShowdown at the Po-ké CorralTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
65Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Evolution SolutionTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
66Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Pi-KahunaTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
67FilmBuyPokémon the First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes BackFilmKunihiko Yuyama1998
68Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyMake Room for GloomTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
69Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyLights, Camera, Quack-tion!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
70Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyGo West Young MeowthTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
71Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyTo Master the Onixpected!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
72Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPikachu short: Christmas NightTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
73Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPikachu short: Kanga GamesTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
74Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Ancient Puzzle of PokémopolisTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
75Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyBad to the BoneTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
76Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyAll Fired Up!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
77Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyRound One - Begin!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
78Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyFire and IceTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1998
79Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyThe Fourth Round RumbleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
80Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyA Friend In DeedTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
81Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyFriend and Foe AlikeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
82Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyFriends to the EndTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
83Season 1: Indigo LeagueBuyPallet Party PanicTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
84Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyA Scare in the AirTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
85Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyPoké Ball PerilTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
86Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyThe Lost LaprasTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
87Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyFit to be TideTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
88Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyPikachu Re-VoltsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
89Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyThe Crystal OnixTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
90Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyIn the PinkTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
91Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyShell Shock!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
92Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyStage Fight!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
93Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyBye Bye PsyduckTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
94Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyThe Joy of PokémonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
95Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyNavel ManeuversTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
96Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuySnack AttackTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
97Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyA Shipful of ShiversTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
98Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyMeowth Rules!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
99Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyTracey Gets BuggedTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
100Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyA Way Off Day OffTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
101Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyThe Mandarin Island Miss MatchTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
102Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyWherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
103Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyGet Along, Little PokémonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
104Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyThe Mystery MenaceTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
105Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyMisty Meets Her MatchTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
106Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyBound For TroubleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
107FilmBuyPokémon the Movie 2000 - The Power of OneFilmKunihiko Yuyama1999
108Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyCharizard ChillsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
109Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyThe Pokémon Water WarTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
110Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyPokémon Food Fight!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
111Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyPokémon Double TroubleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
112Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyThe Wacky Watcher!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
113Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyhe Stun Spore DetourTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
114Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyHello, Pummelo!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
115Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyEnter The DragoniteTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
116Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyViva Las LaprasTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
117Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyThe Underground Round UpTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
118Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyA Tent SituationTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
119Season 2: Adventures on the Orange IslandsBuyThe Rivalry RevivalTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
120Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyDon't Touch That 'dileTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
121Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyThe Double Trouble HeaderTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
122Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyA Sappy EndingTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
123Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyRoll On, Pokémon!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
124Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyIllusion Confusion!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
125Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyFlower PowerTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
126Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuySpinarak AttackTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
127Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuySnubbull SnobberyTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
128Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyThe Little Big HornTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
129Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyThe Chikorita RescueTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
130Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyOnce in a Blue MoonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama1999
131Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyThe Whistle StopTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
132Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuySlowking’s DayTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000(Exists only in Japanese)
133Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyIgnorance is BlisseyTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
134Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyA Bout With SproutTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
135Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyFighting Flyer with FireTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
136Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyFor Crying Out LoudTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
137Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyTanks a Lot!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
138Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyCharizard's Burning AmbitionsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
139Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyGrin to Win!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
140Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyChikorita's Big UpsetTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
141Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyFoul Weather FriendsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
142Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyThe Superhero SecretTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
143Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyMild 'n WoolyTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
144Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyWired for Battle!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
145Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyGood 'Quil HuntingTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
146Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyA Shadow of a DroughtTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
147Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyGoing Apricorn!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
148Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyGettin' The Bugs OutTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
149Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyA Farfetch'd TaleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
150Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyTricks of the TradeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
151Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyThe Fire-ing Squad!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
152Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyNo Big Woop!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
153Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyTunnel VisionTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
154Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyHour of the HoundourTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
155Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyThe Totodile DuelTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
156Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyHot Matches!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
157Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyLove, Totodile StyleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
158Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyFowl Play!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
159Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyForest GrumpsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
160Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyPikachu short: Pikachu & PichuTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
161FilmBuyPokémon 3: The Movie - Spell of the UnownFilmKunihiko Yuyama2000
162Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyThe Psychic Sidekicks!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
163Season 3: The Johto JourneysBuyThe Fortune HuntersTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
164Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyA Goldenrod OpportunityTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
165Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyA Dairy Tale EndingTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
166Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyAir Time!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
167Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Bug Stops HereTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
168Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyType CastingTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
169Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyFossil FoolsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
170Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyCarrying On!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
171Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyHassle in the CastleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
172Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyTwo Hits and a MissTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
173Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyA Hot Water BattleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
174Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyHook, Line, and StinkerTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
175Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyBeauty and the BreederTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
176Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyA Better Pill to SwallowTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
177Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyPower Play!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
178Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyMountain TimeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
179Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyWobbu-Palooza!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
180Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyImitation ConfrontationTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
181Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Trouble With SnubbullTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
182Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyAriados, AmigosTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
183Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyWings 'N' ThingsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
184Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Grass RouteTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
185Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuySpecial: Mewtwo ReturnsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2000
186Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Apple Corp!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
187Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyHoundoom's Special DeliveryTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
188Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyA Ghost of a ChanceTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
189Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyFrom Ghost to GhostTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
190Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyTrouble's BrewingTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
191Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyAll That Glitters!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
192Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Light FantasticTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
193Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyUnBEARableTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
194Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyMoving PicturesTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
195Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuySpring FeverTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
196Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyFreeze FrameTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
197Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Stolen Stones!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
198Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Dunsparce DeceptionTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
199Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Wayward WobbuffetTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
200Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuySick DazeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
201Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyRing MastersTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
202Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Poké SpokesmanTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
203Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyControl Freak!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
204Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Art Of PokémonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
205Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Heartbreak of BrockTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
206Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyCurrent EventsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
207Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyTurning Over A New BayleefTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
208Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyDoin' What Comes Natu-rallyTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
209Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Big Balloon Blow-UpTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
210Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Screen Actor's GuiltTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
211Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyRight on, Rhydon!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
212Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Kecleon CaperTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
213FilmBuyPokémon 4Ever - Celebi: Voice of the ForestFilmKunihiko Yuyama2001
214Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyThe Joy of Water PokémonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
215Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyGot Miltank?TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
216Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyFight for the Light!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
217Season 4: Johto League ChampionsBuyMachoke, Machoke Man!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
218Season 5: Master QuestBuyAround the WhirlpoolTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
219Season 5: Master QuestBuyFly Me to the MoonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
220Season 5: Master QuestBuyTakin' It on the ChinchouTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
221Season 5: Master QuestBuyA Corsola Caper!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
222Season 5: Master QuestBuyMantine Overboard!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
223Season 5: Master QuestBuyOctillery The OutcastTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
224Season 5: Master QuestBuyDueling HeroesTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
225Season 5: Master QuestBuyThe Perfect Match!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
226Season 5: Master QuestBuyPlant It Now... Diglett LaterTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
227Season 5: Master QuestBuyHi Ho Silver... Away!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
228Season 5: Master QuestBuyThe Mystery is HistoryTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
229Season 5: Master QuestBuyA Parent Trapped!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
230Season 5: Master QuestBuyA Promise is a PromiseTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
231Season 5: Master QuestBuyThrowing in the NoctowlTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
232Season 5: Master QuestBuyNerves of Steelix!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
233Season 5: Master QuestBuyBulbasaur... the Ambassador!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
234Season 5: Master QuestBuyEspeon, Not IncludedTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
235Season 5: Master QuestBuyFor Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
236Season 5: Master QuestBuyExtreme Pokémon!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
237Season 5: Master QuestBuyAn EGG-sighting Adventure!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
238Season 5: Master QuestBuyHatching a PlanTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2001
239Pokemon ChroniclesBuyPokemon Chronicles: The Legend of ThunderTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama20013 parts in total
240Season 5: Master QuestBuyDues and Don'tsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
241Season 5: Master QuestBuyJust Waiting On a FriendTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
242Season 5: Master QuestBuyA Tyrogue Full of TroubleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
243Season 5: Master QuestBuyXatu the FutureTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
244Season 5: Master QuestBuyTalkin' 'Bout an EvolutionTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
245Season 5: Master QuestBuyRage Of InnocenceTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
246Season 5: Master QuestBuyAs Cold as PryceTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
247Season 5: Master QuestBuyNice Pryce, Baby!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
248Season 5: Master QuestBuyWhichever Way the Wind BlowsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
249Season 5: Master QuestBuySome Like it HotTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
250Season 5: Master QuestBuyHocus PokémonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
251Season 5: Master QuestBuyAs Clear as CrystalTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
252Season 5: Master QuestBuySame Old Song and DanceTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
253Season 5: Master QuestBuyEnlighten Up!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
254Season 5: Master QuestBuyWill the Real Oak Please Stand Up?TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
255Season 5: Master QuestBuyWish Upon a Star ShapeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
256Season 5: Master QuestBuyOutrageous FortunesTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
257Season 5: Master QuestBuyOne Trick Phony!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
258Season 5: Master QuestBuyI Politoed Ya So!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
259Season 5: Master QuestBuyThe Ice Cave!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002Banned episode, exists only in Japanese
260Season 5: Master QuestBuyBeauty is Skin DeepTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
261Season 5: Master QuestBuyFangs for Nothin'TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
262Season 5: Master QuestBuyGreat Bowls of Fire!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
263Season 5: Master QuestBuyBetter Eight Than NeverTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
264Season 5: Master QuestBuyWhy? Why Not!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
265Season 5: Master QuestBuyJust Add WaterTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
266FilmBuyPokémon HeroesFilmKunihiko Yuyama2002
267Season 5: Master QuestBuyLapras of LuxuryTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
268Season 5: Master QuestBuyHatch Me If You CanTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
269Season 5: Master QuestBuyEntei at Your Own RiskTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
270Season 5: Master QuestBuyA Crowning AchievementTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
271Season 5: Master QuestBuyHere's Lookin' at You, ElekidTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
272Season 5: Master QuestBuyYou're a Star, Larvitar!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
273Season 5: Master QuestBuyAddress Unown!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
274Season 5: Master QuestBuyMother of All BattlesTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
275Season 5: Master QuestBuyPop Goes The SneaselTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
276Season 5: Master QuestBuyA Claim to Flame!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
277Season 5: Master QuestBuyLove, Pokémon StyleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
278Season 5: Master QuestBuyTie One On!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
279Season 5: Master QuestBuyThe Ties That BindTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
280Season 5: Master QuestBuyCan't Beat the Heat!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
281Season 5: Master QuestBuyPlaying with Fire!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
282Season 5: Master QuestBuyJohto Photo FinishTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
283Season 5: Master QuestBuyGotta Catch Ya Later!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
284Season 5: Master QuestBuyHoenn Alone!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
285Season 6: AdvancedGet the Show on the RoadTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
286Season 6: AdvancedA Ruin with a ViewTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
287Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: A Family That Battles Together, Stays Together!!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
288Season 6: AdvancedThere's no Place Like HoennTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
289Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Cerulean BluesTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
290Season 6: AdvancedYou Never Can TaillowTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
291Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: We're No Angels!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
292Season 6: AdvancedIn the Knicker of Time!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
293Season 6: AdvancedA Poached Ego!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2002
294Season 6: AdvancedTree's a CrowdTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
295Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Showdown at the Oak Corral!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
296Season 6: AdvancedA Tail with a TwistTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
297Season 6: AdvancedTaming of the ShroomishTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
298Season 6: AdvancedYou Said a Mouthful!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
299Season 6: AdvancedA Bite to RememberTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
300Season 6: AdvancedThe Lotad LowdownTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
301Season 6: AdvancedAll Things Bright and Beautifly!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
302Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: The Blue Badge of CourageTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
303Season 6: AdvancedAll in a Day's WurmpleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
304Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 1)TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
305Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 2)TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
306Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Trouble in Big TownTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
307Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 1)TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
308Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 2)TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
309Season 6: AdvancedGonna Rule The School!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
310Season 6: AdvancedWinner by a NosepassTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
311Season 6: AdvancedStairway to DevonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
312Season 6: AdvancedOn a Wingull and a Prayer!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
313Season 6: AdvancedSharpedo Attack!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
314Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Oak-NappedTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
315Season 6: AdvancedBrave the WaveTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
316Season 6: AdvancedWhich Wurmple's Which?TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
317Season 6: AdvancedA Hole Lotta TroubleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
318Season 6: AdvancedGone Corphishin'TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
319Season 6: AdvancedA Corphish Out of WaterTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
320Season 6: AdvancedA Mudkip MissionTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
321Season 6: AdvancedTurning Over a NuzleafTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
322Season 6: AdvancedA Three Team SchemeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
323Season 6: AdvancedSeeing is BelievingTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
324Season 6: AdvancedReady, Willing and SableyeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
325Season 6: AdvancedA Meditite FightTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
326Season 6: AdvancedJust One of the GeysersTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
327Season 6: AdvancedAbandon Ship!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
328Season 6: AdvancedNow that's Flower Power!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
329Season 6: AdvancedHaving a Wailord of a TimeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
330Season 6: AdvancedWin, Lose or Drew!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
331FilmBuyJirachi: Wish MakerFilmKunihiko Yuyama2003
332Season 6: AdvancedThe Spheal of ApprovalTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
333Season 6: AdvancedJump for JoyTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
334Season 6: AdvancedA Different Kind of Misty!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
335Season 6: AdvancedA Pokéblock Party!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
336Season 6: AdvancedWatt's with WattsonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
337Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: A Date With DelcattyTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
338Season 7: Advanced ChallengeWhat You Seed is What You GetTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
339Season 7: Advanced ChallengeLove at First FlightTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
340Season 7: Advanced ChallengeLet Bagons be BagonsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
341Season 7: Advanced ChallengeThe Princess and the TogepiTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
342Season 7: Advanced ChallengeA Togepi Mirage!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
343Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Training Daze!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
344Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Celebi & Joy!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
345Season 7: Advanced ChallengeCandid Camerupt!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
346Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Journey To The Starting Line!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
347Season 7: Advanced ChallengeI Feel Skitty!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
348Season 7: Advanced ChallengeZig Zag ZangooseTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
349Season 7: Advanced ChallengeMaxxed Out!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
350Season 7: Advanced ChallengePros and Con ArtistsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
351Season 7: Advanced ChallengeCome What May!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
352Season 7: Advanced ChallengeCheer PressureTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
353Season 7: Advanced ChallengeGame Winning AssistTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
354Season 7: Advanced ChallengeFight for the MeteoriteTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
355Season 7: Advanced ChallengePoetry Commotion!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
356Season 7: Advanced ChallengeGoing, Going, YawnTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
357Season 7: Advanced ChallengeGoing for a SpindaTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2003
358Season 7: Advanced ChallengeAll Torkoal, No PlayTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
359Season 7: Advanced ChallengeManectric ChargeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
360Season 7: Advanced ChallengeDelcatty Got Your TongueTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
361Season 7: Advanced ChallengeDisaster of DisguiseTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
362Season 7: Advanced ChallengeDisguise Da LimitTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
363Season 7: Advanced ChallengeTake the Lombre HomeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
364Season 7: Advanced ChallengeTrue Blue SwabluTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
365Season 7: Advanced ChallengeGulpin it DownTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
366Season 7: Advanced ChallengeExploud and ClearTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
367Season 7: Advanced ChallengeGo Go Ludicolo!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
368Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Putting The Air Back In Aerodactyl!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
369Season 7: Advanced ChallengeA Double DilemmaTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
370Season 7: Advanced ChallengeLove, Petalburg Style!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
371Season 7: Advanced ChallengeBalance of PowerTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
372Season 7: Advanced ChallengeA Six Pack Attack!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
373Season 7: Advanced ChallengeThe Bicker the BetterTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
374Season 7: Advanced ChallengeGrass Hysteria!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
375Season 7: Advanced ChallengeHokey PokéballsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
376Season 7: Advanced ChallengeWhiscash and AshTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
377Season 7: Advanced ChallengeMe, Myself and TimeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
378Season 7: Advanced ChallengeA Fan with a Plan!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
379Season 7: Advanced ChallengeCruisin' for a Losin'TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
380Season 7: Advanced ChallengePearls are a Spoink's Best Friend!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
381Season 7: Advanced ChallengeThat's Just SwellowTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
382Season 7: Advanced ChallengeTake This House and ShuppetTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
383Season 7: Advanced ChallengeA Shroomish SkirmishTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
384Season 7: Advanced ChallengeUnfair-Weather FriendsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
385Season 7: Advanced ChallengeWho's Flying Now?TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
386Season 7: Advanced ChallengeSky High Gym Battle!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
387FilmBuyDestiny DeoxysFilmKunihiko Yuyama2004
388Season 7: Advanced ChallengeLights, Camerupt, Action!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
389Season 7: Advanced ChallengeCrazy as a LunatoneTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
390Season 7: Advanced ChallengeThe Garden of Eatin'TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
391Season 7: Advanced ChallengeA Scare to RememberTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
392Season 7: Advanced ChallengePokéblock, Stock and BerryTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
393Season 7: Advanced ChallengeLessons in LilycoveTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
394Season 7: Advanced ChallengeJudgment Day!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
395Season 8: Advanced BattleClamperl of WisdomTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
396Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles: Luvdisc Is A Many Splendored ThingTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
397Season 8: Advanced BattleThe Relicanth Really CanTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
398Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles:Those Darn Electabuzz!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
399Season 8: Advanced BattleThe Evolutionary WarTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
400Pokemon ChroniclesPokemon Chronicles:The Search for a LegendTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
401Season 8: Advanced BattleTraining WrecksTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
402Season 8: Advanced BattleGaining GroudonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
403Season 8: Advanced BattleThe Scuffle of LegendsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
404Season 8: Advanced BattleIt's Still Rocket Roll to Me!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
405Season 8: Advanced BattleSolid as a SolrockTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
406Season 8: Advanced BattleShaking Island Battle! Barboach VS Whishcash!!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004Never aired, completely non-existent
407Season 8: Advanced BattleVanity AffairTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
408Season 8: Advanced BattleWhere's Armaldo?TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
409Season 8: Advanced BattleA Cacturne for the WorseTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
410Season 8: Advanced BattleClaydol Big and TallTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
411Season 8: Advanced BattleOnce in a MawileTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
412Season 8: Advanced BattleBeg, Burrow and StealTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
413Season 8: Advanced BattleAbsol-ute DisasterTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
414Season 8: Advanced BattleLet it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it SnoruntTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2004
415Season 8: Advanced BattleDo I Hear a Ralts?TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
416Season 8: Advanced BattleThe Great Eight Fate!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
417Season 8: Advanced BattleEight Ain't EnoughTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
418Season 8: Advanced BattleShowdown at LinooneTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
419Season 8: Advanced BattleWho, What, When, Where, Wynaut?TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
420Season 8: Advanced BattleDate Expectations!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
421Season 8: Advanced BattleMean With EnvyTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
422Season 8: Advanced BattlePacifidlog JamTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
423Season 8: Advanced BattleBerry, Berry InterestingTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
424Season 8: Advanced BattleLess is MorrisonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
425Season 8: Advanced BattleThe Ribbon Cup Caper!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
426Season 8: Advanced BattleHi Ho Silver Wind!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
427Season 8: Advanced BattleDeceit and AssistTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
428Season 8: Advanced BattleRhapsody in DrewTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
429Season 8: Advanced BattleIsland TimeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
430Season 8: Advanced BattleLike a Meowth to a FlameTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
431Season 8: Advanced BattleSaved by the BeldumTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
432Season 8: Advanced BattleFrom Brags to RichesTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
433Season 8: Advanced BattleShocks and BondsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
434Season 8: Advanced BattleA Judgment BrawlTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
435Season 8: Advanced BattleChoose It or Lose It!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
436Season 8: Advanced BattleAt the End of the FrayTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
437Season 8: Advanced BattleThe Scheme TeamTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
438Season 8: Advanced BattleThe Right Place and the Right MimeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
439Season 8: Advanced BattleA Real Cleffa-HangerTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
440FilmBuyLucario and the Mystery of MewFilmKunihiko Yuyama2005
441Season 8: Advanced BattleNumero Uno ArticunoTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
442Season 8: Advanced BattleThe Symbol LifeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
443Season 8: Advanced BattleHooked on OnixTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
444Season 8: Advanced BattleRough, Tough JigglypuffTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
445Season 8: Advanced BattleOn Cloud ArcanineTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
446Season 8: Advanced BattleSitting PsyduckTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
447Season 8: Advanced BattleHail to the ChefTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
448Season 8: Advanced BattleCaterpie's Big DilemmaTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
449Season 8: Advanced BattleThe Saffron ConTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
450Season 8: Advanced BattleA Hurdle for SquirtleTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
451Season 8: Advanced BattlePasta La VistaTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
452Season 8: Advanced BattleSpecial: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go Getters Out of the Gate!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
453Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyFear Factor PhonyTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
454Season 9: Battle FrontierBuySweet Baby JamesTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
455Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyA Chip Off the Old BrockTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
456Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyWheel... of Frontier!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
457Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyMay's Egg-cellent Adventure!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
458Season 9: Battle FrontierBuySpecial: The Mastermind of Mirage PokémonTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
459Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyWeekend WarriorTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
460Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyOn Olden PondTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
461Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyTactics Theatrics!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
462Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyReversing the ChargesTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
463Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyThe Green GuardianTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
464Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyFrom Cradle to SaveTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
465Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyTime-Warp Heals All WoundsTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2005
466Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyQueen of the SerpentineTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
467Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyOff the Unbeaten PathTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
468Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyHarley Rides AgainTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
469Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyOdd Pokémon OutTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
470Season 9: Battle FrontierBuySpontaneous CombuskenTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
471Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyCutting the Ties that BindTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
472Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyKa Boom with a View!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
473Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyKing and Queen for a DayTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
474Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyCurbing the Crimson TideTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
475Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyWhat I Did for LoveTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
476Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyThree Jynx and a BabyTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
477Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyTalking a Good GameTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
478Season 9: Battle FrontierBuySecond Time's the CharmTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
479Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyPokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! (Part 1)TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
480Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyPokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! (Part 2)TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
481Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyAll That Glitters is Not GoldenTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
482Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyNew Plot - Odd LotTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
483Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyGoing for ChokeTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
484Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyThe Ole' Berate and SwitchTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
485Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyGrating SpacesTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
486Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyBattling the Enemy WithinTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
487Season 9: Battle FrontierBuySlaking KongTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
488Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyMay, We Harley Drew'd Ya!TelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
489Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyThinning the HoardTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
490Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyChanneling the Battle ZoneTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
491Season 9: Battle FrontierBuyAipom & CircumstanceTelevisionKunihiko Yuyama2006
492FilmBuyPokémon Ranger and the Temple of the SeaFilmKunihiko Yuyama2006

3 thoughts on “Pokemon Episode Order Timeline

  1. If you did not know Rob Letterman is directing a Detective Pikachu movie staring Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds but are you going to put this film in the Pokemon games timeline or the Pokemon Episode order timeline?

  2. Do you think if Detective Pikachu does good it will start a new continuity of live action movies? I think that would be cool if done right.

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