Power Rangers Episode Order

What’s on the Power Rangers Episode Order?

This Power Rangers episode order includes all of the Power Rangers episodes in order. Each new season usually gives us something different. However, occasional crossovers with older versions of the Power Rangers do happen. Note: this timeline does not include the 2017 film of the same name. That film is a reboot, and does not take place chronologically with these shows.

After three seasons with the original cast, Power Rangers eventually started having a new style with each season. This also included a new cast with each new season. The new film draws inspiration from the original series.

Where to start?

Power Rangers episodes, though kids love them, are kind of tough to get through. Starting with the original series is our recommendation. That is due to the nostalgia factor, and the fact that the original series started it all. For the 2017 film, the original series also served as the primary inspiration.

As always, if you enjoyed this timeline, perhaps you would enjoy some of our others, such as the Pokemon timeline. Additionally, if you see anything on this timeline that needs to change, let us know on our contact page.

1Power RangersBuyMight Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1)TelevisionFox Kids1994Some episodes of MMPR were rereleased in 2010 with additional sequences and updated effects. Unclear if this has been released on DVD.
2Power RangersBuyMight Morphin Power Rangers (Season 2)TelevisionFox Kids1995
3Power RangersBuyMighty Morphin Power Rangers: The MovieFilmBryan Spicer1995
4Power RangersBuyMight Morphin Power Rangers (Season 3)TelevisionFox Kids1996
5Power RangersBuyMighty Morphin Alien Rangers (Season 3.5)TelevisionFox Kids1996
6Power RangersBuyPower Rangers ZeoTelevisionFox Kids1996
7Power RangersBuyTurbo: A Power Rangers MovieFilmShuki Levy, David Winning1997
8Power RangersBuyPower Rangers TurboTelevisionFox Kids1997
9Power RangersBuyPower Rangers in SpaceTelevisionFox Kids1998
10Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Lost GalaxyTelevisionFox Kids1999
11Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Lightspeed RescueTelevisionFox Kids2000
12Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Time ForceTelevisionFox Kids2001
13Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Wild ForceTelevisionFox Kids2002
14Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Ninga StormTelevisionFox Kids2003
15Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Dino ThunderTelevisionFox Kids2004
16Power RangersBuyPower Rangers S.P.D.TelevisionFox Kids2005
17Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Mystic ForceTelevisionFox Kids2006
18Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Operation OverdriveTelevisionFox Kids2007
19Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Jungle FuryTelevisionFox Kids2008
20Power RangersBuyPower Rangers RPMTelevisionABC2009
21Power RangersBuyPower Rangers SamuraiTelevisionNickelodeon2011
22Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Super SamuraiTelevisionNickelodeon2012
23Power RangersBuyPower Rangers MegaforceTelevisionNickelodeon2013
24Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Super MegaforceTelevisionNickelodeon2014
25Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Dino ChargeTelevisionNickelodeon2015
26Power RangersBuyPower Rangers Dino Super ChargeTelevisionNickelodeon2016
27Power RangersPower Rangers Ninja SteelTelevisionNickelodeon2017

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