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What’s in the Runelords Reading Order?

David Farland started the Runelords series in 1998. David Farland is a pen name for David Wolverton, who has worked in multiple science fiction and fantasy genres, including Star Wars.

The Runelords reading order on this page takes the entire epic fantasy series and places it in chronological order for your reading convenience. Thankfully this isn’t too difficult with the Runelords series since it was released chronologically. But just like our other timelines, be sure to let us know if we got anything wrong or if there’s something else we could change.

1Earth KingBuyThe Sum of All MenNovelDavid Farland1998
2Earth KingBuyBrotherhood of the WolfNovelDavid Farland1999
3Earth KingBuyWizardbornNovelDavid Farland2001
4Earth KingBuyThe Lair of BonesNovelDavid Farland2003
5Scions of EarthBuySons of the OakNovelDavid Farland2006
6Scions of EarthBuyWorldbinderNovelDavid Farland2007
7Scions of EarthBuyThe Wyrmling HordeNovelDavid Farland2008
8Scions of EarthBuyChaosboundNovelDavid Farland2009
9Scions of EarthA Tale of TalesNovelDavid FarlandN/A