Art for the Book of Seven Suns reading order and timeline.

What’s on the Saga of the Seven Suns Reading Order?

The Saga of the Seven Suns reading order contains all of the books written by Kevin J. Anderson, set in this particular universe. Anderson wrote two main series: the Saga of the Seven Suns, and the Saga of Shadow, both of which co-exist in the same universe. There was also a prequel comic that is also included at the beginning of this timeline.

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1Saga of Seven SunsBuyVeiled AlliancesComicKevin J. Anderson2004
2Saga of Seven SunsBuyHidden EmpireNovelKevin J. Anderson2002
3Saga of Seven SunsBuyA Forest of StarsNovelKevin J. Anderson2003
4Saga of Seven SunsBuyHorizon StormsNovelKevin J. Anderson2004
5Saga of Seven SunsBuyScattered SunsNovelKevin J. Anderson2005
6Saga of Seven SunsBuyOf Fire and NightNovelKevin J. Anderson2006
7Saga of Seven SunsBuyMetal SwarmNovelKevin J. Anderson2007
8Saga of Seven SunsBuyThe Ashes of WorldsNovelKevin J. Anderson2008
9Saga of ShadowsBuyThe Dark Between the StarsNovelKevin J. Anderson2014
10Saga of ShadowsBuyBlood of the CosmosNovelKevin J. Anderson2015
11Saga of ShadowsBuyEternity's MindNovelKevin J. Anderson2016