This science fiction literature timelines page includes all of the science-fiction book series that we have on the site. For a similar list of all the fantasy literature timelines, visit this page. This list gives you timelines of sci-fi series that originated as a book or novel, even if other mediums eventually entered the timeline, such as when a book is adapted to film.

Additionally, we hope you enjoy these and other timelines on the site. Therefore, let us know if there’s a timeline you want to see, and don’t see here. Contact us through the contact page and let us know. Chances are, if it’s a multi-media/multi-series story, we’ll want to have a timeline for it. Finally, if you see something we should change, let us know.

List of All Science Fiction Literature Timelines

A Wrinkle in TimeBourneThe CultureDuneEnder’s GameThe ExpanseFoundationHitchhiker’s GuideThe Hunger GamesJames BondJurassic ParkKnown SpaceKurtherian UniverseThe Odyssey SeriesRed RisingThe ReckonersSaga of the Seven SunsSolar Cycle