Shakespeare Timeline

What’s in the Shakespeare Timeline?

This is one of the few instances where we sort by release date. We’re huge fans of Shakespeare’s work, and he was the subject of our first non-science fiction or fantasy timeline. However, since Shakespeare’s plays are not a shared universe, there’s no other order to list. So we sort by date. We have also included some of the debated plays. These plays may have had more than one author besides Shakespeare.

Shakespeare is a subject of much study. His works are well documented. That said, if you see something we should include on this list, let us know. We might have missed something. You can do this on our contact page. Additionally, if you liked this timeline you might like some of our others, so feel free to look around.

Where to start reading Shakespeare?

Generally speaking, the schools have it about right. The tragedies are usually a good place to learn to appreciate Shakespeare. So we recommend Hamlet or Macbeth. However, some of his comedies are still funny today. You might want to start with Twelfth Night, or Much Ado About Nothing. Or you could read all of them in order, based on this timeline.

1Elizabethan EraBuyThe Two Gentlemen of VeronaPlayWilliam Shakespeare1589 - 1591
2Elizabethan EraBuyThe Taming of the ShrewPlayWilliam Shakespeare1590 - 1591
3Elizabethan EraBuyHenry VI, Part 2PlayWilliam Shakespeare1591
4Elizabethan EraBuyHenry VI, Part 3PlayWilliam Shakespeare1591
5Elizabethan EraBuyHenry VI, Part 1PlayWilliam Shakespeare1591 - 1592Possibly written as a prequel to the other Henry VI plays.
6Elizabethan EraBuyTitus AndronicusPlayWilliam Shakespeare1591 - 1592
7Elizabethan EraBuyRichard IIIPlayWilliam Shakespeare1592 - 1593
8Elizabethan EraBuyEdward IIIPlayWilliam Shakespeare1592 - 1593
9Elizabethan EraBuyVenus and AdonisPoemWilliam Shakespeare1593
10Elizabethan EraBuyThe Rape of LucrecePoemWilliam Shakespeare1594
11Elizabethan EraBuyThe Comedy of ErrorsPlayWilliam Shakespeare1594
12Elizabethan EraBuyLove's Labour's LostPlayWilliam Shakespeare1594 - 1595
13Elizabethan EraLove's Labour's WonPlayWilliam Shakespeare1595 - 1596A lost play.
14Elizabethan EraBuyRichard IIPlayWilliam Shakespeare1595
15Elizabethan EraBuyRomeo and JulietPlayWilliam Shakespeare1595
16Elizabethan EraBuyA Midsummer Night's DreamPlayWilliam Shakespeare1595
17Elizabethan EraBuyKing JohnPlayWilliam Shakespeare1596
18Elizabethan EraBuyThe Merchant of VenicePlayWilliam Shakespeare1596 - 1597
19Elizabethan EraBuyHenry IV, Part 1PlayWilliam Shakespeare1596 - 1597
20Elizabethan EraBuyThe Merry Wives of WindsorPlayWilliam Shakespeare1597
21Elizabethan EraBuyHenry IV, Part 2PlayWilliam Shakespeare1597 - 1598
22Elizabethan EraBuyMuch Ado About NothingPlayWilliam Shakespeare1598 - 1599
23Elizabethan EraBuyHenry VPlayWilliam Shakespeare1599
24Elizabethan EraBuyJulius CaesarPlayWilliam Shakespeare1599
25Elizabethan EraBuyAs You Like ItPlayWilliam Shakespeare1599 - 1600
26Elizabethan EraBuyHamletPlayWilliam Shakespeare1599 - 1601
27Elizabethan EraBuyTwelfth NightPlayWilliam Shakespeare1601
28Elizabethan EraBuyTroilus and CressidaPlayWilliam Shakespeare1600 - 1602
29Elizabethan EraBuySir Thomas MorePlayWilliam Shakespeare1603 - 1604Shakespeare only wrote parts of this play.
30Elizabethan EraBuyMeasure for MeasurePlayWilliam Shakespeare1603 - 1604
31Elizabethan EraBuyOthelloPlayWilliam Shakespeare1603 - 1604
32Elizabethan EraBuyAll's Well That Ends WellPlayWilliam Shakespeare1604 - 1605
33Elizabethan EraBuyKing LearPlayWilliam Shakespeare1605 - 1606
34Elizabethan EraBuyTimon of AthensPlayWilliam Shakespeare1605 - 1606
35Elizabethan EraBuyMacbethPlayWilliam Shakespeare1606
36Elizabethan EraBuyAnthony and CleopatraPlayWilliam Shakespeare1606
37Elizabethan EraBuyPericles, Prince of TyrePlayWilliam Shakespeare1607 - 1608
38Elizabethan EraBuyCoriolanusPlayWilliam Shakespeare1608
39Elizabethan EraBuyThe Winter's TalePlayWilliam Shakespeare1609 - 1611
40Elizabethan EraBuyCymbelinePlayWilliam Shakespeare1610
41Elizabethan EraBuyThe TempestPlayWilliam Shakespeare1610 - 1611
42Elizabethan EraCardenioPlayWilliam Shakespeare1612 - 1613A lost play.
43Elizabethan EraBuyHenry VIIIPlayWilliam Shakespeare1612 - 1613
44Elizabethan EraBuyThe Two Noble KinsmenPlayWilliam Shakespeare1613 - 1614
45Elizabethan EraBuyShakespare SonnetsAnthologyWilliam ShakespeareVarious

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