Art for the Star Trek episode timeline, featuring the original Enterprise.

What’s in the Star Trek Viewing Order?

Trek creators only consider the episodes and films to be canonical in the Star Trek universe so we display them here in chronological order according to stardate (though stardate definitions have changed over time, so we work with what we have).

This list attempts to create a viewing order for all Star Trek television and films, but does not attempt to split up any episodes to view congruently. Instead, it focuses on an easy to follow viewing list. In the event that two works cover the exact same timeframe we first list the one published first. Additionally the placement within the timeline is often based on where the work ends rather than where it begins. There may be a few exceptions which will be pointed out in individual reviews. This timeline includes:

  • The Films
  • The Original Series (TOS)
  • The Next Generation (TNG)
  • Deep Space Nine (DS9)
  • Voyager (VOY)
  • Enterprise (ENT)
  • Discovery

Where to start watching Star Trek?

Star Trek began with the Original Series, but that show is hard for some to get through since we’re used to much higher modern standards. Generally, we encourage people to start with the first films (starting with Star Trek: The Motion Picture). The new Kelvin timeline can also be a good place to start, but be aware that those films are much different than most of the Star Trek media. As always, if you have questions or comments about this timeline, we recommend you visit our Forum.

The Star Trek Timeline 2.0

1EnterpriseBuyENT 1.01: “Broken Bow, Part 1”, 2001-09-26
115The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.01: “The Man Trap”1966-09-08
2EnterpriseBuyENT 1.02: “Broken Bow, Part 2”, 2001-09-26
3EnterpriseBuyENT 1.03: “Fight or Flight”, 2001-10-03
4EnterpriseBuyENT 1.04: “Strange New World”, 2001-10-10
5EnterpriseBuyENT 1.05: “Unexpected”, 2001-10-17
6EnterpriseBuyENT 1.06: “Terra Nova”2001-10-24
7EnterpriseBuyENT 1.07: “The Andorian Incident”2001-10-31
8EnterpriseBuyENT 1.08: “Breaking the Ice”, 2001-11-07
9EnterpriseBuyENT 1.09: “Civilization”, 2001-11-14
10EnterpriseBuyENT 1.10: “Fortunate Son”2001-11-21
11EnterpriseBuyENT 1.11: “Cold Front”, 2001-11-28
12EnterpriseBuyENT 1.12: “Silent Enemy”2002-01-16
13EnterpriseBuyENT 1.13: “Dear Doctor”, 2002-01-23
14EnterpriseBuyENT 1.14: “Sleeping Dogs”2002-01-30
15EnterpriseBuyENT 1.15: “Shadows of P’Jem”, 2002-02-06
16EnterpriseBuyENT 1.16: “Shuttlepod One”, 2002-02-13
17EnterpriseBuyENT 1.17: “Fusion”, 2002-02-27
18EnterpriseBuyENT 1.18: “Rogue Planet”2002-03-20
19EnterpriseBuyENT 1.19: “Acquisition”, 2002-03-27
20EnterpriseBuyENT 1.20: “Oasis”2002-04-03
21EnterpriseBuyENT 1.21: “Detained”, 2002-04-24
22EnterpriseBuyENT 1.22: “Vox Sola”2002-05-01
23EnterpriseBuyENT 1.23: “Fallen Hero”2002-05-08
24EnterpriseBuyENT 1.24: “Desert Crossing”2002-05-08
25EnterpriseBuyENT 1.25: “Two Days and Two Nights”2002-05-15
26EnterpriseBuyENT 1.26: “Shockwave, Part I”, 2002-05-22
27EnterpriseBuyENT 2.01: “Shockwave, Part II”, 2002-09-18
28EnterpriseBuyENT 2.02: “Carbon Creek”2002-09-25
29EnterpriseBuyENT 2.03: “Minefield”2002-10-02
30EnterpriseBuyENT 2.04: “Dead Stop”, 2002-10-09
31EnterpriseBuyENT 2.05: “A Night In Sickbay”, 2002-10-16
32EnterpriseBuyENT 2.06: “Marauders”2002-10-30
33EnterpriseBuyENT 2.07: “The Seventh”, 2002-11-06
34EnterpriseBuyENT 2.08: “The Communicator”2002-11-13
35EnterpriseBuyENT 2.09: “Singularity”2002-11-20
36EnterpriseBuyENT 2.10: “Vanishing Point”, 2002-11-27
37EnterpriseBuyENT 2.11: “Precious Cargo”2002-12-11
38EnterpriseBuyENT 2.12: “The Catwalk”, 2002-12-18
39EnterpriseBuyENT 2.13: “Dawn”2003-01-08
40EnterpriseBuyENT 2.14: “Stigma”, 2003-02-05
41EnterpriseBuyENT 2.15: “Cease Fire”2003-02-12
42EnterpriseBuyENT 2.16: “Future Tense”, 2003-02-19
43EnterpriseBuyENT 2.17: “Canamar”2003-02-26
44EnterpriseBuyENT 2.18: “The Crossing”, 2003-04-02
45EnterpriseBuyENT 2.19: “Judgment”2003-04-09
46EnterpriseBuyENT 2.20: “Horizon”2003-04-16
47EnterpriseBuyENT 2.21: “The Breach”, 2003-04-23
48EnterpriseBuyENT 2.22: “Cogenitor”, 2003-04-30
49EnterpriseBuyENT 2.23: “Regeneration”, 2003-05-07
50EnterpriseBuyENT 2.24: “First Flight”, 2003-05-14
51EnterpriseBuyENT 2.25: “Bounty”, , 2003-05-14
52EnterpriseBuyENT 2.26: “The Expanse”, 2003-05-21
53EnterpriseBuyENT 3.01: “The Xindi”, 2003-09-10
54EnterpriseBuyENT 3.02: “Anomaly”2003-09-17
55EnterpriseBuyENT 3.03: “Extinction”2003-09-24
56EnterpriseBuyENT 3.04: “Rajiin”, 2003-10-01
57EnterpriseBuyENT 3.05: “Impulse”2003-10-08
58EnterpriseBuyENT 3.06: “Exile”2003-10-15
59EnterpriseBuyENT 3.07: “The Shipment”, 2003-10-29
60EnterpriseBuyENT 3.08: “Twilight”2003-11-05
61EnterpriseBuyENT 3.09: “North Star”2003-11-12
62EnterpriseBuyENT 3.10: “Similitude”2003-11-19
63EnterpriseBuyENT 3.11: “Carpenter Street”, 2003-11-26
64EnterpriseBuyENT 3.12: “Chosen Realm”2004-01-14
65EnterpriseBuyENT 3.13: “Proving Ground”2004-01-21
66EnterpriseBuyENT 3.14: “Stratagem”2004-02-04
67EnterpriseBuyENT 3.15: “Harbinger”2004-02-11
68EnterpriseBuyENT 3.16: “Doctor’s Orders”2004-02-18
69EnterpriseBuyENT 3.17: “Hatchery”2004-02-25
70EnterpriseBuyENT 3.18: “Azati Prime”2004-03-03
71EnterpriseBuyENT 3.19: “Damage”2004-04-21
72EnterpriseBuyENT 3.20: “The Forgotten”, 2004-04-28
73EnterpriseBuyENT 3.21: “E²”2004-05-05
74EnterpriseBuyENT 3.22: “The Council”2004-05-12
75EnterpriseBuyENT 3.23: “Countdown”, 2004-05-19
76EnterpriseBuyENT 3.24: “Zero Hour”, 2004-05-26
77EnterpriseBuyENT 4.01: “Storm Front, Part I”2004-10-08
78EnterpriseBuyENT 4.02: “Storm Front, Part II”2004-10-15
79EnterpriseBuyENT 4.03: “Home”2004-10-22
80EnterpriseBuyENT 4.04: “Borderland”2004-10-29
81EnterpriseBuyENT 4.05: “Cold Station 12”2004-11-05
82EnterpriseBuyENT 4.06: “The Augments”2004-11-12
83EnterpriseBuyENT 4.07: “The Forge”, 2004-11-19
84EnterpriseBuyENT 4.08: “Awakening”2004-11-26
85EnterpriseBuyENT 4.09: “Kir’Shara”2004-12-03
86EnterpriseBuyENT 4.10: “Daedalus”, 2005-01-14
87EnterpriseBuyENT 4.11: “Observer Effect”, 2005-01-21
88EnterpriseBuyENT 4.12: “Babel One”, 2005-01-28
89EnterpriseBuyENT 4.13: “United”, 2005-02-04
90EnterpriseBuyENT 4.14: “The Aenar”2005-02-11
91EnterpriseBuyENT 4.15: “Affliction”2005-02-18
92EnterpriseBuyENT 4.16: “Divergence”, 2005-02-25
93EnterpriseBuyENT 4.17: “Bound”2005-04-15
94EnterpriseBuyENT 4.18: “In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I”2005-04-22
95EnterpriseBuyENT 4.19: “In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II”2005-04-29
96EnterpriseBuyENT 4.20: “Demons”2005-05-06
97EnterpriseBuyENT 4.21: “Terra Prime”, 2005-05-13
98EnterpriseBuyENT 4.22: “These Are the Voyages…”, 2005-05-13
99DiscoveryDiscovery 1.01: “The Vulcan Hello”, 2017-09-24
100DiscoveryDiscovery 1.02: “Battle at the Binary Stars”, 2017-09-24
101DiscoveryDiscovery 1.03: “Context Is for Kings”, , 2017-10-01
102DiscoveryDiscovery 1.04: “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”, 2017-10-08
103DiscoveryDiscovery 1.05: “Choose Your Pain”2017-10-15
104DiscoveryDiscovery 1.06: “Lethe”2017-10-22
105DiscoveryDiscovery 1.07: “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”2017-10-29
106DiscoveryDiscovery 1.08: “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”2017-11-05
107DiscoveryDiscovery 1.09: “Into the Forest I Go”2017-11-12
98.001The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.00: “The Cage”1988-10-04
116The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.02: “Charlie X”1966-09-15
117The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.03: “Where No Man Has Gone Before”1966-09-22
118The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.04: “The Naked Time”1966-09-29
119The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.05: “The Enemy Within”1966-10-06
120The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.06: “Mudd’s Women”1966-10-13
121The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.07: “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”1966-10-20
122The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.08: “Miri”1966-10-27
123The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.09: “Dagger of the Mind”1966-11-03
124The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.10: “The Corbomite Maneuver”1966-11-10
125The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.11: “The Menagerie, Part 1”1966-11-17
126The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.12: “The Menagerie, Part 2”1966-11-24
127The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.13: “The Conscience of the King”1966-12-08
128The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.14: “Balance of Terror”1966-12-15
129The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.15: “Shore Leave”1966-12-29
130The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.16: “The Galileo Seven”, 1967-01-05
131The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.17: “The Squire of Gothos”1967-01-12
132The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.18: “Arena”1967-01-19
133The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.19: “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”1967-01-26
134The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.20: “Court Martial”, 1967-02-02
135The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.21: “The Return of the Archons”1967-02-09
136The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.22: “Space Seed”, 1967-02-16
137The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.23: “A Taste of Armageddon”, 1967-02-23
138The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.24: “This Side of Paradise”1967-03-02
139The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.25: “The Devil in the Dark”1967-03-09
140The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.26: “Errand of Mercy”1967-03-23
141The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.27: “The Alternative Factor”1967-03-30
142The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.28: “The City on the Edge of Forever”1967-04-06
143The Original SeriesBuyTOS 1.29: “Operation: Annihilate!”1967-04-13
144The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.01: “Amok Time”1967-09-15
145The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.02: “Who Mourns for Adonais?”1967-09-22
146The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.03: “The Changeling”1967-09-29
147The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.04: “Mirror, Mirror”1967-10-06
148The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.05: “The Apple”, 1967-10-13
149The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.06: “The Doomsday Machine”1967-10-20
150The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.07: “Catspaw”1967-10-27
151The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.08: “I, Mudd”1967-11-03
152The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.09: “Metamorphosis”1967-11-10
153The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.10: “Journey to Babel”1967-11-17
154The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.11: “Friday’s Child”1967-12-01
155The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.12: “The Deadly Years”1967-12-08
156The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.13: “Obsession”1967-12-15
157The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.14: “Wolf in the Fold”1967-12-22
158The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.15: “The Trouble with Tribbles”1967-12-29
159The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.16: “The Gamesters of Triskelion”1968-01-05
160The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.17: “A Piece of the Action”, 1968-01-12
161The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.18: “The Immunity Syndrome”1968-01-19
162The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.19: “A Private Little War”1968-02-02
163The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.20: “Return to Tomorrow”1968-02-09
164The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.21: “Patterns of Force”1968-02-16
165The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.22: “By Any Other Name”, 1968-02-23
166The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.23: “The Omega Glory”1968-03-01
167The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.24: “The Ultimate Computer”1968-03-08
168The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.25: “Bread and Circuses”, 1968-03-15
169The Original SeriesBuyTOS 2.26: “Assignment: Earth”1968-03-29
170The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.01: “Spock’s Brain”1968-09-20
171The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.02: “The Enterprise Incident”1968-09-27
172The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.03: “The Paradise Syndrome”1968-10-04
173The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.04: “And the Children Shall Lead”1968-10-11
174The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.05: “Is There in Truth No Beauty?”1968-10-18
175The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.06: “Spectre of the Gun”1968-10-25
176The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.07: “Day of the Dove”1968-11-01
177The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.08: “For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”1968-11-08
178The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.09: “The Tholian Web”, 1968-11-15
179The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.10: “Plato’s Stepchildren”1968-11-22
180The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.11: “Wink of an Eye”1968-11-29
181The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.12: “The Empath”1968-12-06
182The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.13: “Elaan of Troyius”1968-12-20
183The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.14: “Whom Gods Destroy”1969-01-03
184The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.15: “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”1969-01-10
185The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.16: “The Mark of Gideon”, 1969-01-17
186The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.17: “That Which Survives”1969-01-24
187The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.18: “The Lights of Zetar”, 1969-01-31
188The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.19: “Requiem for Methuselah”1969-02-14
189The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.20: “The Way to Eden”1969-02-21
190The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.21: “The Cloud Minders”1969-02-28
191The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.22: “The Savage Curtain”, 1969-03-07
192The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.23: “All Our Yesterdays”1969-03-14
193The Original SeriesBuyTOS 3.24: “Turnabout Intruder”1969-06-03
194The Animated SeriesBuyTAS 1.01: “Beyond the Farthest Star”1973-09-08
195The Animated SeriesBuyTAS 1.02: “Yesteryear”1973-09-15
196The Animated SeriesBuyTAS 1.03: “One of Our Planets Is Missing”1973-09-22
197The Animated SeriesBuyTAS 1.04: “The Lorelei Signal”1973-09-29
198The Animated SeriesBuyTAS 1.05: “More Tribbles, More Troubles”1973-10-06
199The Animated SeriesBuyTAS 1.06: “The Survivor”1973-10-13
200The Animated SeriesBuyTAS 1.07: “The Infinite Vulcan”1973-10-20

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