Perhaps the greatest franchise in existence. This is the Star Wars Canon timeline, every canonical corner of the Star Wars universe.

What’s in the Star Wars Canon Timeline?

We only include material on this timeline if it is canon. All licensed material beginning in 2015 and moving forward will be part of this timeline. The only pre-2015 material that is currently included is the films, the Clone Wars, and Rebels, novelizations of the films/show, a few story-group approved novels, and Rebels tie-in material.  This timeline includes the following:

  • The Official Films: The original 6 films, and all official films released by Lucasfilm since 2015.
  • Star Wars Television: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and any non-parody animated and live-action shows since then.
  • Books: Any adult and junior novels released since September of 2014, starting with A New Dawn.
  • Comics: Any official canon comics since Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir.
  • Short Stories: Some canon short stories included in various magazines and other outlets.

Where to Start Reading/Watching Star Wars Canon?

Getting into the canon can be daunting, particularly if you have no idea where to start. Thankfully most of the books and comics stand on their own and don’t need much Star Wars knowledge for you to understand what’s going on. If you’re a fan of the new films, we recommend starting with the Aftermath trilogy or Bloodline. Thrawn is another really good book about the origin story of a new character you won’t find in the films. Or you could simply start chronologically and work from there. This timeline basically sums up all of the canon stories and assembles them in an easy-to-follow timeline for your convenience. Enjoy.

How to Use This Star Wars Canon Timeline

For Star Wars canon, you have the following features:

  1. Titles that link to an expanded page for each item.
  2. Sorting by Title, Series, Media Type, Writer, and Release Date
  3. Filtering by Media Type or Writer.

Feel free to click on individual items to see more information! As always, if you have questions or comments about this timeline, we recommend you visit our Contact page for ways to contact us. We hope you enjoy.
The Star Wars Canon Timeline 2.0

522 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, 2002-05-16filmgeorge-lucas jonathan-hales
822 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.16: Cat and Mouse2010-03-20tv-episodebrian-larsen
922 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.16: The Hidden Enemy2009-02-06tv-episodedrew-z-greenberg
1022 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars, , 2008-08-15filmhenry-gilroy scott-murphy steven-melching
1222 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.01: Clone Cadets2010-09-17tv-episodecameron-litvack
1322 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.03: Supply Lines, 2010-09-24tv-episodeeoghan-mahony steven-melching
1422 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.01: Ambush2008-10-03tv-episodesteven-melching
1522 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.02: Rising Malevolence2008-10-03tv-episodesteven-melching
1622 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.03: Shadow of Malevolence2008-10-10tv-episodesteven-melching
1722 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.04: Destroy Malevolence2008-10-17tv-episodesteven-melching
1822 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.05: Rookies2008-10-24tv-episodesteven-melching
1922 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.06: Downfall of a Droid2008-11-07tv-episodegeorge-krstic
2122 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.08: Bombad Jedi, , 2008-11-21tv-episodehenry-gilroy kevin-rubio steven-melching
2222 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.09: Cloak of Darkness2008-12-05tv-episodepaul-dini
2322 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.10: Lair of Grievous2008-12-12tv-episodehenry-gilroy
2422 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.11: Dooku Captured2009-01-02tv-episodejulie-siege
2622 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.13: Jedi Crash2009-01-16tv-episodekatie-lucas
2722 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.14: Defenders of Peace2009-01-23tv-episodebill-canterbury
2822 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.15: Trespass2009-01-30tv-episodesteven-melching
2922 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.17: Blue Shadow Virus2009-02-13tv-episodecraig-titley
3022 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.18: Mystery of a Thousand Moons2009-02-20tv-episodebrian-larsen
3122 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.19: Storm Over Ryloth, , 2009-02-27tv-episodegeorge-krstic henry-gilroy scott-murphy
3222 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.20: Innocents of Ryloth, 2009-03-06tv-episodehenry-gilroy randy-stradley
3322 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.21: Liberty on Ryloth2009-03-13tv-episodehenry-gilroy
3422 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.01: Holocron Heist2009-10-02tv-episodepaul-dini
3522 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.02: Cargo of Doom2009-10-02tv-episodegeorge-krstic
3622 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.03: Children of the Force, 2009-10-09tv-episodehenry-gilroy wendy-meracle
3722 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.17: Bounty Hunters2010-03-27tv-episodecarl-ellsworth
3822 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.18: The Zillo Beast2010-04-03tv-episodecraig-titley
3922 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.19: The Zillo Beast Strikes Back2010-04-10tv-episodesteven-melching
4022 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.04: Senate Spy2009-10-16tv-episodemelinda-hsu
4122 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.05: Landing at Point Rain2009-11-06tv-episodebrian-larsen
4222 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.06: Weapons Factory2009-11-13tv-episodebrian-larsen
4322 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.07: Legacy of Terror2009-11-20tv-episodeeoghan-mahony
4422 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.08: Brain Invaders2009-12-04tv-episodeandrew-kreisberg
4522 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.09: Grevious Intrigue2010-01-01tv-episodeben-edlund
4622 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.10: The Deserter2010-01-01tv-episodecarl-ellsworth
4722 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.11: Lightsaber Lost2010-01-22tv-episodedrew-z-greenberg
4822 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.12: The Mandalore Plot2010-01-29tv-episodemelinda-hsu
4922 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.13: Voyage of Temptation2010-02-05tv-episodepaul-dini
5022 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.14: Duchess of Mandalore2010-02-12tv-episodedrew-z-greenberg
5122 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.20: Death Trap2010-04-17tv-episodedoug-petrie
5222 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.21: R2 Come Home2010-04-24tv-episodeeoghan-mahony
5322 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.22: Lethal Trackdown, 2010-04-30tv-episodedave-filoni drew-z-greenberg
5422 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.05: Corruption2010-10-08tv-episodecameron-litvack
5522 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.06: The Academy, 2010-10-15tv-episodekatie-lucas steven-melching
5622 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.07: Assassin2010-10-22tv-episodekatie-lucas
5722 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.02: ARC Troopers2010-09-17tv-episodecameron-litvack
5822 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.04: Sphere of Influence, 2010-10-01tv-episodekatie-lucas steven-melching
5922 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.08: Evil Plans, 2010-11-05tv-episodecraig-van-sickle steve-mitchell
6022 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.22: Hostage Crisis2009-03-20tv-episodeeoghan-mahony
6122 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.09: Hunt for Ziro, 2010-11-12tv-episodecraig-van-sickle steve-mitchell
6620 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.10: Heroes on Both Sides2010-11-19tv-episodedaniel-arkin
6720 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.11 Pursuit of Peace2010-12-03tv-episodedaniel-arkin
6820 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 2.15: Senate Murders2010-03-12tv-episodedrew-z-greenberg
6920 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.12: Nightsisters2011-01-07tv-episodekatie-lucas
7020 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.13: Monster2011-01-14tv-episodekatie-lucas
7120 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.14 Witches of the Mist2011-01-21tv-episodekatie-lucas
7220 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.15: Overlords2011-01-28tv-episodechristian-taylor
7320 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.16: Altar of Mortis2011-02-04tv-episodechristian-taylor
7420 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.17: Ghosts of Mortis2011-02-11tv-episodechristian-taylor
7520 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.18: The Citadel2011-02-18tv-episodematt-michnovetz
7620 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.19: Counterattack2011-03-04tv-episodematt-michnovetz
7720 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.20: Citadel Rescue2011-03-11tv-episodematt-michnovetz
7820 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.21: Padawan Lost2011-03-19tv-episodebonnie-mark
7920 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 3.22: Wookiee Hunt2011-03-26tv-episodebonnie-mark
8020 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.01: Water War2011-09-16tv-episodejose-molina
8120 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.02: Gungan Attack2011-09-16tv-episodejose-molina
8220 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.03: Prisoners2011-09-23tv-episodejose-molina
8320 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.04: Shadow Warrior2011-09-30tv-episodedaniel-arkin
8420 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.05: Mercy Mission2011-10-07tv-episodebonnie-mark
8520 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.06: Nomad Droids, 2011-10-14tv-episodecraig-van-sickle steve-mitchell
8620 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.07: Darkness On Umbara2011-10-28tv-episodematt-michnovetz
8720 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.08: The General2011-11-04tv-episodematt-michnovetz
8820 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.09: Plan of Dissent2011-11-11tv-episodematt-michnovetz
8920 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.10: Carnage of Krell2011-11-18tv-episodematt-michnovetz
9020 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.11: Kidnapped2011-11-25tv-episodehenry-gilroy
9120 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.12: Slaves of the Republic2011-12-02tv-episodehenry-gilroy
9220 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.13: Escape from Kadavo2012-01-06tv-episodehenry-gilroy
9320 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.14: A Friend in Need2012-01-13tv-episodechristian-taylor
9420 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.15: Deception2012-01-20tv-episodebrent-friedman
9520 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.16: Friends and Enemies2012-01-27tv-episodebrent-friedman
9620 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.17: The Box2012-02-03tv-episodebrent-friedman
9720 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.18: Crisis on Naboo2012-02-10tv-episodebrent-friedman
9820 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.19: Massacre2012-02-24tv-episodekatie-lucas
9920 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.20: Bounty2012-03-02tv-episodekatie-lucas
10020 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.21: Brothers2012-03-09tv-episodekatie-lucas
10120 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 4.22: Revenge2012-03-16tv-episodekatie-lucas
10220 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.02: A War on Two Fronts2012-10-06tv-episodechris-collins
10320 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.03: Front Runners2012-10-13tv-episodechris-collins
10420 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.04: The Soft War2012-10-20tv-episodechris-collins
10520 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.05: Tipping Points2012-10-27tv-episodechris-collins
10620 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.06: The Gathering2012-11-03tv-episodechristian-taylor
10720 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.07: A Test of Strength2012-11-10tv-episodechristian-taylor
10820 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.08: Bound for Rescue2012-11-17tv-episodechristian-taylor
10920 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.09: A Necessary Bond2012-11-24tv-episodechristian-taylor
11020 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.10: Secret Weapons2012-12-01tv-episodebrent-friedman
11120 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.11: A Sunny Day in the Void2012-12-08tv-episodebrent-friedman
11220 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.12: Missing in Action2013-01-05tv-episodebrent-friedman
11320 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.13: Point of No Return2013-01-12tv-episodebrent-friedman
11420 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.01: Revival2012-09-29tv-episodechris-collins
11520 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.14: Eminence2013-01-19tv-episodechris-collins
11620 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.15: Shades of Reason2013-01-26tv-episodechris-collins
11820 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.17: Sabotage2013-02-09tv-episodecharles-murray
11920 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.18: The Jedi Who Knew Too Much2013-02-16tv-episodecharles-murray
12020 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.19: To Catch a Jedi2013-02-23tv-episodecharles-murray
12120 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.20: The Wrong Jedi2013-03-02tv-episodecharles-murray
12220 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.01: The Unknown2014-03-07tv-episodekatie-lucas
12320 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.02: Conspiracy2014-03-07tv-episodekatie-lucas
12420 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.03: Fugitive2014-03-07tv-episodekatie-lucas
12520 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.04: Orders2014-03-07tv-episodekatie-lucas
12620 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.05: And Old Friend2014-03-07tv-episodechristian-taylor
12720 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.06: The Rise of Clovis2014-03-07tv-episodechristian-taylor
12820 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.07: Crisis at Heart2014-03-07tv-episodechristian-taylor
12920 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.08: The Disappeared, Part I2014-03-07tv-episodejonathan-w-rinzler
13020 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.09: The Disappeared, Part II2014-03-07tv-episodejonathan-w-rinzler
13120 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.10: The Lost One2014-03-07tv-episodechristian-taylor
13220 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.11: Voices2014-03-07tv-episodechristian-taylor
13320 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.12: Destiny2014-03-07tv-episodechristian-taylor
13420 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 6.13: Sacrifice2014-03-07tv-episodechristian-taylor
15416 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The Escape2016-02-25junior-novelcavan-scott
16414 BBYBuyTarkin2014-11-04noveljames-luceno
1689 BBYBuyA New Dawn2014-09-02noveljohn-jackson-miller
1914 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.12: Rebel Resolve, 2015-02-23tv-episodecharles-murray henry-gilroy
1924 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.13: Fire Across the Galaxy2015-03-02tv-episodesimon-kinberg
2022 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.07: Duel of the Droids, 2008-11-14tv-episodehenry-gilroy kevin-campbell
11720 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 5.16: The Lawless2013-02-02tv-episodechris-collins
429 BBYBuyObi-Wan & Anakin2016-07-19graphic-novelcharles-soule
723 BBYBuyJedi of the Republic — Mace Windu2018-03-06graphic-novelmatt-owens
2522 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars 1.12: The Gungan General2009-01-09tv-episodejulie-siege
6221 BBYForces of Destiny: The Padawan Path2017-07-06short-filmjennifer-muro
6421 BBYForces of Destiny: The Imposter Inside2017-07-08short-filmjennifer-muro
13520 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars (unfinished): A Death on Utapau2014-09-01tv-episode
13620 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars (unfinished): In Search of the Crystal2014-09-01tv-episode
13720 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars (unfinished): Crystal Crisis2014-09-01tv-episode
13820 BBYBuyThe Clone Wars (unfinished): The Big Bang2014-09-01tv-episode
13920 BBYThe Clone Wars (unfinished): Bad Batch2015-04-17tv-episodebrent-friedman
14020 BBYThe Clone Wars (unfinished): A Distant Echo2015-04-17tv-episodebrent-friedman
14120 BBYThe Clone Wars (unfinished): On the Wings of Keeradaks2015-04-17tv-episodebrent-friedman
14220 BBYThe Clone Wars (unfinished): Unfinished Business2015-04-17tv-episodebrent-friedman
14320 BBYBuyDarth Maul: Son of Dathomir2014-10-01graphic-noveljeremy-barlow
14420 BBYBuyKindred Spirits2015-07-21short-storychristie-golden
14520 BBYBuyDark Disciple2015-07-07novelchristie-golden
14619 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith2005-05-19filmgeorge-lucas
14819 BBYBuyDarth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 12017-12-05graphic-novelcharles-soule
15019 BBYBuyKanan: The Last Padawan Vol. 12015-11-03graphic-novelgreg-weisman
15118 BBYBuyAhsoka2016-10-11ya-novele-k-johnston
15221 - 17 BBYBuyRogue One: Catalyst2016-11-15noveljames-luceno
15317 BBYThe Voice of the Empire2016-12-16short-storymur-laffert
15516 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The Snare2016-02-25junior-novelcavan-scott
15616 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The Nest2016-02-25junior-noveltom-huddleston
15716 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The Steal2016-06-30junior-novelcavan-scott
15816 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The Dark2016-06-30junior-noveltom-huddleston
15916 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The Cold2017-03-09junior-novelcavan-scott
16016 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The Rescue2017-05-04junior-noveltom-huddleston
16114 BBYBuyLords of the Sith2015-04-28novelpaul-s-kemp
16214 BBYBuyOrientation2015-04-21short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
16314 BBYBuyMercy Mission2015-10-06short-storymelissa-scott
16514 BBYBuyBottleneck2015-10-06short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
1699 BBYThe End of History2014-12-09short-storyalexander-freed
16710 BBYSolo: A Star Wars Story, 2018-05-25filmjon-kasdan lawrence-kasdan
1953 BBYBuyLeia: Princess of Alderaan2017-09-01ya-novelclaudia-gray
1705 BBYBuyServants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy2014-10-21junior-noveljason-fry
1715 BBYBuyEzra’s Gamble2014-08-05junior-novelryder-windham
1725 BBYBuyRebel Journal by Ezra Bridger2014-10-21junior-noveldaniel-wallace
1735 BBYBuySabine: My Rebel Sketchbook2015-02-03junior-noveldaniel-wallace
1745 BBYBuyRebels: Rise of the Rebels 4 Shorts, , 2014-09-01tv-episodegreg-weisman henry-gilroy simon-kinberg
1755 BBYBuyRebels: Spark of Rebellion2014-10-03tv-episodesimon-kinberg
1765 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.01: Droids in Distress2014-10-13tv-episodegreg-weisman
1775 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.02: Fighter Flight2014-10-20tv-episodekevin-hopps
1785 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.03: Rise of the Old Masters2014-10-27tv-episodehenry-gilroy
1795 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.04: Breaking Ranks2014-11-03tv-episodegreg-weisman
1805 BBYBuyServants of the Empire: Rebel in Ranks2015-03-03junior-noveljason-fry
1815 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.05: Out of Darkness2014-11-10tv-episodekevin-hopps
1825 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.06: Empire Day2014-11-17tv-episodehenry-gilroy
1835 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.07: Gathering Forces2014-11-24tv-episodegreg-weisman
1844 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.08: Path of the Jedi2015-01-05tv-episodecharles-murray
1854 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.09: Idiot’s Array2015-01-19tv-episodekevin-hopps
1864 BBYBuyServants of the Empire: Imperial Justice2015-07-07junior-noveljason-fry
1874 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.10: Vision of Hope2015-02-02tv-episodehenry-gilroy
1884 BBYBuyServants of the Empire: The Secret Academy2015-10-06junior-noveljason-fry
1894 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 1.11: Call to Action, 2015-02-09tv-episodegreg-weisman simon-kinberg
1904 BBYRebel Bluff2015-06-09short-storymichael-kogge
1934 BBYBuyKanan Vol. 2: First Blood2016-05-31graphic-novelgreg-weisman
1944 BBYBuyTK-4622016-06-07short-storysylvain-neuvel
6321 BBYForces of Destiny: Teach You I Will2017-10-01short-filmjennifer-muro
6521 BBYForces of Destiny: The Starfighter Stunt2017-10-01short-filmjennifer-muro
14919 BBYBuyDarth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 2: Legacy’s End2018-04-24graphic-novelcharles-soule
166BuyMost Wanted2018-05-25ya-novelrae-carson
65.00121 BBYForces of Destiny: Unexpected Company2018-03-19short-filmjennifer-muro
3.00132-22 BBYForces of Destiny: Monster Misunderstanding2018-05-04short-filmjennifer-muro
167.00110 BBYForces of Destiny: Triplecross2018-05-25short-filmjennifer-muro
150.00119 BBYBuyAdventures: Trouble Again2018-04-18comic-issuejohn-barber
167.00110 BBYBuyAdventures: Hunter vs Hunted2018-05-05comic-issuecavan-scott
167.00210 BBYBuyAdventures: Powered Down2018-10-30comic-issuecavan-scott
153.00116 BBYBuyDarth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 3: The Burning Seas2018-09-11graphic-novelcharles-soule
166.00111 BBYBuyLando: Double or Nothing2018-11-06graphic-novelrodney-barnes
232 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace1999-05-19filmgeorge-lucas
133 BBYBuyDarth Maul2017-09-19graphic-novelcullen-bunn

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