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He was the first Star Wars character to get his own spin-off film. Han Solo captured the heart of many, and has some of the most character growth throughout the many stories he’s a part of.

What’s on the Han Solo Canon Timeline?

This timeline contains all of the major stories that involve Han Solo. It begins with the story of his childhood in Solo: A Star Wars Story and its tie-ins. And it ends…well we won’t spoil it if somehow you’ve been living under a rock.

This timeline does not include every single story with Han in it. But it does include all of the stories that really impacted his character development and plot. These include the original films, his prequel film, and The Force Awakens, among others. Though we threw in a few side stories we liked.

We hope you enjoy this Han Solo canon timeline. And don’t forget to visit all of our other Star Wars timelines on our Star Wars hub page. As always, if you see anything that needs changing, let us know.

The Han Solo Canon Timeline 2.0

16710 BBYSolo: A Star Wars Story, 2018-05-25filmjon-kasdan lawrence-kasdan
2700 BBYBuyStar Wars: A New Hope1977-05-25filmgeorge-lucas
2770 BBYBuySmuggler’s Run: A Han Solo Adventure2015-09-04junior-novelgreg-rucka
3011 BBYBuyHan Solo2017-01-03graphic-novelmarjorie-liu
3033 ABYBuyStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, , 1980-05-21filmgeorge-lucas lawrence-kasdan leigh-brackett
3094 ABYBuyStar Wars: Return of the Jedi, 1983-05-25filmgeorge-lucas lawrence-kasdan
3164 ABYBuyShattered Empire2015-11-18graphic-novelgreg-rucka
3215 ABYBuyAftermath: Life Debt2016-07-12novelchuck-wendig
35334 ABYBuyStar Wars: The Force Awakens, , 2015-12-18filmj-j-abrams lawrence-kasdan michael-arndt
35834 ABYForces of Destiny: Tracker Trouble2017-10-01short-filmjennifer-muro
3264 BBY - 34 BBYBuyBattlefront II, 2017-11-17gamemitch-dyer walt-williams
3144 ABYForces of Destiny: An Imperial Feast2017-10-29short-filmjennifer-muro
166BuyMost Wanted2018-05-25ya-novelrae-carson
327BuyLast Shot2018-04-17noveldaniel-jose-older
167.00110 BBYBuyAdventures: Hunter vs Hunted2018-05-05comic-issuecavan-scott
167.00210 BBYBuyAdventures: Powered Down2018-10-30comic-issuecavan-scott
The Han Solo Canon Timeline 2.0

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