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He started as a new villain in a 1991 Star Wars book and has since grown to have a huge fanbase, eventually making it to the screen in the animated show Star Wars Rebels.

What’s on the Thrawn Canon Timeline?

This timeline includes all of the media and stories involving Thrawn, a popular villain outside the Star Wars films. He first started in the Thrawn trilogy of novels by Timothy Zahn, which began in 1991. However, most of those stories were disregarded as non-canon in the Disney era. That said, Thrawn was brought back into the canon on Star Wars Rebels, and in new books by Timothy Zahn.

This is just his canon appearances, but we hope you enjoy learning more about this character and wait eagerly with the rest of us to know more about what happens to him. Because so far his story remains open-ended.

We hope you enjoy this Thrawn canon timeline. And don’t forget to visit all of our other Star Wars timelines on our Star Wars hub page. As always, if you see anything that needs changing, let us know.

The Thrawn Canon Timeline 2.0

2213 BBYBuyThrawn2017-04-11noveltimothy-zahn
2232 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 3.01: Steps Into Shadow, Part 1, 2016-09-24tv-episodematt-michnovetz steven-melching
2242 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 3.02: Steps Into Shadow, Part 2, 2016-09-24tv-episodematt-michnovetz steven-melching
2272 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 3.05: Hera’s Heroes2016-10-15tv-episodenicole-dubuc
2302 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 3.08: Iron Squadron2016-11-19tv-episodematt-michnovetz
2322 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 3.10: An Inside Man2016-12-03tv-episodenicole-dubuc
2362 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 3.14: Warhead2017-01-14tv-episodegary-whitta
2392 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 3.17: Through Imperial Eyes, 2017-02-25tv-episodehenry-gilroy nicole-dubuc
2402 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 3.18: Secret Cargo2017-03-04tv-episodematt-michnovetz
2432 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 3.21: Zero Hour, Part 12017-03-25tv-episodesteven-melching
2442 BBYBuyStar Wars Rebels 3.22: Zero Hour, Part 2, 2017-03-25tv-episodehenry-gilroy matt-michnovetz
2511 BBYStar Wars Rebels 4.06: Flight of the Defender, 2017-10-30tv-episodedave-filoni steven-melching
2521 BBYStar Wars Rebels 4.07: Kindred, 2017-11-06tv-episodedave-filoni henry-gilroy
2541 BBYStar Wars Rebels 4.09: Rebel Assault, 2017-11-13tv-episodedave-filoni steven-melching
2223 BBYBuyThrawn, TBDgraphic-noveljody-houser timothy-zahn
245BuyThrawn: Alliances2018-06-26noveltimothy-zahn
2551 BBYStar Wars Rebels 4.10: Jedi Night, 2018-02-19tv-episodedave-filoni henry-gilroy
2561 BBYStar Wars Rebels 4.11: DUME, 2018-02-19tv-episodechristopher-yost dave-filoni
2571 BBYStar Wars Rebels 4.12: Wolves and a Door2018-02-26tv-episodedave-filoni
2601 BBYStar Wars Rebels 4.15: Family Reunion and Farewell, Part 12018-03-05tv-episode
2611 BBYStar Wars Rebels 4.16: Family Reunion and Farewell, Part 22018-03-05tv-episode
The Thrawn Canon Timeline 2.0

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