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What’s on the Star Wars Legends Timeline?

This is the continuity of Star Wars Legends timeline, or in other words, the alternate universe of Star Wars material that takes place separate from the film continuity or official canon. All of the previously named expanded universe, together in one timeline. Note: None of this is official Star Wars canon. The films, Clone Wars television show, Rebels, and other canonical material is included on the official canon page.

This timeline includes:

  • Older Star Wars Television: Everything from the Ewok Adventures, to the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars series. Oh and that Holiday Special thing…
  • Legends novels: The bulk of all Star Wars novels so far.
  • Legends comics: Most of these were published by Dark Horse Comics prior to Disney acquiring Lucasfilm. There are a lot of them, and only comics that have been re-released with the Legends banner on them have a “Buy” link.
  • Young Reader Novels: Such as Young Jedi Knights or Jedi Apprentice, there are several series of books for younger readers.
  • Video Games: Popular favorites like Knights of the Old Republic or Rogue Squadron are also part of the Legends timeline.

Though Star Wars Legends is not currently part of the active canon, it’s still largely cohesive and offers a huge story set in the Star Wars universe. Since it’s not canon, you could think of it as an alternate universe.

This is part 2 of the Star Wars Legends timeline. It covers all of the media from A New Hope and onward.


10 ABYBuyStar Wars: A New Hope The Original Radio DramaAudio DramaBrian Daley1981
20 ABYStar Wars: A New Hope: Special EditionComicBruce Jones1997
30 ABYBuyDeath StarNovelMichael Reaves2007
40 ABYBuyTales from the Mos Eisley CantinaShort StoryVarious1995
50 ABYTales from Mos EisleyComicBruce Jones1996
60 ABYTales: TrooperComicVarious2003
70 ABYSpare PartsShort StoryPablo Hidalgo1996
80 ABYCantina CommunicationsShort StoryJohn Chesterman1979
90 ABYTales: Once BittenComicVarious2003
100 ABYBuyTales from the Empire: A Certain Point of ViewShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1995
110 ABYEmpire: What Sin Loyalty?ComicJeremy Barlow2003
120 ABYEmpire: The Savage HeartComicDave Land2003
130 ABYChanging the Odds: The Adventures of Dannen LifeholdShort StoryDave Marron1994
140 ABYPriority: XShort StoryGeorge R. Strayton1997
150 ABYDroid TroubleShort StoryChuck Sperati1994
160 ABYThe Occupation of RhamalaiShort StoryM. H. Watkins1997
170 ABYTo Fight Another DayShort StoryKathy Tyers1995
180 ABYSmall FavorsShort StoryPaul Danner1997
190 ABYSandbound on TatooineShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1997
200 ABYBuyScoundrelsNovelTimothy Zahn2013
210 ABYBuyTales from the New Republic: Uhl Eharl KhoehgShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1995
220 ABYHeistShort StoryTimothy Zahn2012Star Wars Insider 138
230 ABYBuyRebel Force #1: TargetJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2008
240 ABYBuyRebel Force #2: HostageJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2009
250 ABYBuyRebel Force #3: RenegadeJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2009
260 ABYBuyRebel Force #4: FirefightJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2009
270 ABYBuyRebel Force #5: TrappedJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2010
280 ABYBuyAllegianceNovelTimothy Zahn2007
290 ABYBuyRebel Force #6: UprisingJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2010
300 ABYBuyWinner Lose AllShort StoryTimothy Zahn2012Included in Scoundrels
310 ABYBuyRogue SquadronGameFactor 51998
320 ABYBuyEmpire: To the Last ManComicWelles Hartley2004
330 ABYBuyEpic Collection: The Original Marvel Years Vol. 1ComicVarious2016Collection; doesn't quite fit with continuity, but is worth including.
340 ABYBuyEpic Collection: The Newspaper Strips Vol. 1ComicVarious2017
350 ABYBuyEpic Collection: The Original Marvel Years Vol. 2ComicVarious2017
360 ABYBuyEmpire: SacrificeComicJohn Wagner2003
370 ABYTales: Lady LuckComicVarious2002
380 ABYBuyStar Wars: In the Shadow of YavinComicBrian Wood2013
390 ABYBuyStar Wars: From the Ruins of AlderaanComicBrian Wood2014
400 ABYBuyStar Wars: Five Days of SithComicBrian Wod2014
410 ABYBuyStar Wars: Rebel GirlComicBrian Wood2014
420 ABYBuyStar Wars: A Shattered HopeComicBrian Wood2014
430 ABYBuyVader’s QuestComicDarko Macan1999
440 ABYShadow StalkerComicRyder Windham1997
450 ABYThe Most Dangerous FoeShort StoryAngela Philips1996
460 ABYThe Great Herdship HeistShort StoryDaniel Wallace1997
470 ABYFair PreyShort StoryDaniel Wallace2000
480 ABYImperial SpinShort StoryGreg Gorden1989
490 ABYBuyEmpire: Target: VaderComicRon Marz2004
500 ABYBuyTales: Death Star PiratesComicVarious2002
510 ABYBoba Fett 1/2: SalvageComicJohn Wagner1997
520 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: Eaten AliveJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997
530 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: City of the DeadJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997
540 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: Planet PlagueJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997
550 ABYBuyEmpire: A Little Piece of HomeComicRon Marz2004
560 ABYBuyEmpire: Alone TogetherComicWelles Hartley2004
570 ABYBuyEmpire: The Bravery of Being Out of RangeComicJeremy Barlow2004
580 ABYBuyEmpire: Idiot's ArrayComicRon Marz2004
590 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: The Nightmare MachineJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997
600 ABYOnly Droids Serve the MakerShort StoryKathy Tyers1996
610 ABYA Bitter WinterShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1995
620 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: Ghost of the JediJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997
630 ABYBuyEmpire: "General" SkywalkerComicRon Marz2004
640 ABYBuyThe Rebel ThiefComicRyder Windham1997
650 ABYBuyX-Wing Marks the SpotComicMike W. Barr1997
660 ABYBuyImperial SpyComicMike W. Barr1997
670 ABYEmpire: WreckageComicRon Marz2004
680 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: Army of TerrorJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997
690 ABYDeath in the Slave Pits of LoordShort StoryAdrick Tolliver2009
700 ABYEmpire: In the Shadows of Their FathersComicThomas Andrews2006
710 ABYEmpire: A Model OfficerComicJohn Jackson Miller2005
720 ABYEmpire: The Wrong Side of the WarComicJohn Jackson Miller2006
730 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: The Brain SpidersJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997
740 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: The SwarmJunior NovelJohn Whitman1998
750 ABYBuyChoices of OneNovelTimothy Zahn2011
760 ABYRebellion: My Brother, My EnemyComicRob Williams2007
770 ABYRebellion: The Ahakista GambitComicRob Williams2007
780 ABYRebellion: Small VictoriesComicJeremy Barlow2008
790 ABYRebellion: VectorComicRob Williams2009
800 ABYBoba Fett: OverkillComicThomas Andrews2006
810 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: SporeJunior NovelJohn Whitman1998
820 ABYBuyTales: Sand BlastedComicVarious2002
830 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: The Doomsday ShipJunior NovelJohn Whitman1998
840 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: ClonesJunior NovelJohn Whitman1998
850 ABYAcross the Burning Sands of TatooineShort StoryGrant S. Boucher1989
860 ABYCamie's StoryShort StoryGrant S. Boucher1989
870 ABYStar Wars Adventures: ChewbaccaComicChris Cerasi2011
880 ABYTales: Outbid but Never OutgunnedComicVarious2002
891 ABYBuyGalaxy of Fear: The HungerJunior NovelJohn Whitman1998
901 ABYThe Star Wars Holiday SpecialTelevisionSteve Binder1978
911 ABYTales: Captain ThreepioComicVarious2001
921 ABYTales: Walking the Path that’s GivenComicVarious2006
931 ABYTales: PaybackComicVarious2005
941 ABYBuySilver and ScarletShort StoryJames S. A. Corey2014Included in Honor Among Thieves
951 ABYBuyHonor Among ThievesNovelJames S. A. Corey2014
961 ABYBuyGalaxies: The Ruins of DantooineNovelVoronica Whitney Robinson2003
971 ABYPearls in the SandShort StoryVoronica Whitney Robinson2004Star Wars Insider 74
981 ABYLando Calrissian: Idiot’s ArrayShort StoryRich Handley2008Available online.
991 ABYFinder’s FeeShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1995
1001 ABYThe Breath of GelgelarShort StoryJean Rabe1997
1012 ABYRiver of ChaosComicLouise Simonson1995
1022 ABYBuySplinter of the Mind’s EyeNovelAlan Dean Foster1978
1032 ABYSplinter of the Mind’s EyeComicTerry Austin1996
1042 ABYStar Wars Adventures 2: Princess LeiaComicJeremy Barlow2009
1052 ABYOld Corellian: A Guide for the Curious ScholarShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1995
1062 ABYThe Battle of Turak IVShort StoryEnrique Guerrero2009
1072 ABYSwoop GangsShort StoryWayne Humfleet1995
1082 ABYLumrunnersShort StoryWayne Humfleet1996
1092 ABYShape-ShiftersShort StoryPablo Hidalgo1997
1102 ABYCrimson BountyShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1997
1112 ABYCombat MoonShort StoryJohn Whitman1996
1122 ABYBuyTales from the Empire: Do No HarmShort StoryErin Endom1996
1132 ABYThe Capture of Imperial HazardShort StoryNora Mayers1996
1142 ABYIdol IntentionsShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1997
1152 ABYBuyTales from the New Republic: The Last HandShort StoryPaul Danner1997
1162 ABYBuyTales from the Empire: Side TripShort StoryTimothy Zahn1997
1172 ABYCommand DecisionShort StoryTimothy Zahn1996
1182 ABYAlien Encounters: The ShardShort StoryStephen Kenson1997
1192 ABYLaughter After DarkShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1997
1202 ABYThe DrawShort StoryAngela Philips1997
1212 ABYStar Wars Adventures: Boba FettComicJeremy Barlow2011
1222 ABYBuyEmpire and Rebellion: Razor’s EdgeNovelMartha Wells2013
1232 ABYTIE FighterGameTotally Games1994
1243 ABYRebel HeistComicMatt Kindt2014
1253 ABYA Valentine StoryComicJudd Winick2003
1263 ABYRebel Mission to Ord MantellAudio DramaBrian Daley1983
1273 ABYDouble-Cross on Ord MantellShort StoryMichael Mikaelian1995
1283 ABYBuyStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Audio DramaAudio DramaBrian Daley1983
1293 ABYStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Special EditionComicArchie Goodwin1997
1303 ABYTales: Ghosts of HothComicVarious2005
1313 ABYVisionaries: EntrenchedComicVarious2005
1323 ABYMutiny on the Rand EclipticShort StoryMichael Stern1989
1333 ABYOne Step AheadShort StoryMichael Stern1996
1343 ABYRunning the GauntletShort StoryMichael Stern1989
1353 ABYBuyTales of the Bounty HuntersShort StoryVarious1996
1363 ABYStar Wars Adventures: Luke SkywalkerComicTom Taylor2010
1373 ABYTales: Moment of DoubtComicVarious2002
1383 ABYTales: Slippery SlopeComicVarious2004
1393 ABYTales: Thank the MakerComicVarious2002
1403 ABYUp the Intelligence LaderShort StoryPeter Schweighofer1996
1413 ABYClone B-2332-54Short StoryEric S. Trautmann1994The Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook
1423 ABYTemporary ReassignmentShort StoryPeter Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1433 ABYAn Old Flame in Need...Short StoryPeter Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1443 ABYStar Wars Adventures: Darth VaderComicTom Taylor2010
1453 ABYTales: Lucky StarComicVarious2004
1463 ABYPermission GrantedShort StoryPeter Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1473 ABYIn the Emperor's ServiceShort StoryPeter Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1483 ABYDroids Can't FlyShort StoryPeter Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1493 ABYVader AdriftShort StoryRyder Windham2011Star Wars Insider Special Edition 2012
1503 ABYX-Wing vs. TIE FighterGameTotally Games1997
1513 ABYThe Stele ChroniclesShort StoryRusel DeMaria1994
1523 ABYHunting the HuntersShort StoryBill Smith1996
1533 ABYThe Emperor’s TrophyShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1997
1543 ABYTales: The HiddenComicVarious2002
1553 ABYBuyTales from the Empire: Slaying DragonsShort StoryAngela Philips1996
1563 ABYBuyTales from the New Republic: The Longest FallShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1996
1573 ABYFirepowerShort StoryCarolyn Golledge1995
1583 ABYDesperate MeasuresShort StoryCarolyn Golledge1996
1593 ABYBuyEwoks Animated AdventuresTelevisionVarious1986
1603 ABYEwoks: Shadows of EndorComicZack Giallongo2013
1613 ABYEwok AdventuresTelevisionJohn Korty1984
1623 ABYBuyShadows of the EmpireNovelSteve Perry1996
1633 ABYBuyShadows of the EmpireJunior NovelChristopher Golden1996
1643 ABYShadows of the EmpireComicJohn Wagner1997
1653 ABYThe Regalia of OfficeShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996
1663 ABYJust Another Day's WorkShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1673 ABYA Very Special MealShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1683 ABYGlory SupportShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1693 ABYThe Backup PlanShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1703 ABYOut of the PictureShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1713 ABYHand-OffShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1723 ABYHasty ExitShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1733 ABYLet's Go!Short StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
1743 ABYDead End DropShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996
1753 ABYThe Bounty Hunters: Scoundrel’s WagesComicMark Schultz1999
1763 ABYTales: A Hot Time in the Cold Town Tonite!ComicVarious2002
1773 ABYA World to ConquerShort StoryDustin Browder1994
1783 ABYSpecial Ops: Ship JackersShort StoryJohn Beyer1997
1793 ABYSpecial Ops: Drop PointsShort StoryJohn Beyer1997
1803 ABYTales: Nerf HerderComicVarious2002
1813 ABYTales: Number Two in the GalaxyComicVarious2005
1823 ABYBuyX-Wing AllianceGameTotally Games1999
1833 ABYRebel Assault II: The Hidden EmpireGameLucasarts1995
1843 ABYThe Employment TestShort StoryMichael Stern1990
1854 ABYTales: Stop That Jawa!ComicVarious2002
1864 ABYBuyStar Wars: Return of the Jedi: The Original Radio DramaAudio DramaBrian Daley1996
1874 ABYStar Wars: Return of the Jedi: Special EditionComicArchie Goodwin1997
1884 ABYBuyTales from Jabba’s PalaceShort StoryVarious1996
1894 ABYBuyStar Wars Journals: Hero for HireJunior NovelDonna Tauscher1998
1904 ABYBuyRogue Squadron II: Rogue LeaderGameFactor 52001
1914 ABYBuyRogue Squadron III: Rebel StrikeGameFactor 52003
1924 ABYBuyThe Rise and Fall of Darth VaderJunior NovelRyder Windham2007
1934 ABYBuyA New Hope: The Life of Luke SkywalkerJunior NovelRyder Windham2009
1944 ABYBuyThe Bounty Hunter Wars #1: The Mandalorian ArmorNovelK. W. Jeter1998
1954 ABYBuyThe Bounty Hunter Wars #2: Slave ShipNovelK. W. Jeter1998
1964 ABYBuyThe Bounty Hunter Wars #3: Hard MerchandiseNovelK. W. Jeter1999
1974 ABYThe Briefing of Red GroupShort StoryMichael Stern1990
1984 ABYGambler's RunShort StoryMichael Stern1990
1994 ABYThe Deposition of General SoloShort StoryKathy Tyers1996Truce at Bakura Sourcebook
2004 ABYBuyThe Truce at BakuraNovelKathy Tyers1994
2014 ABYTales: A Wookiee Scorned!ComicVarious2003
2024 ABYBuyTales: Do or Do NotComicVarious2004
2034 ABYBuyTales: LuckyComicVarious2006
2044 ABYThe Forgotten War: The Nagai and the TofsShort StoryJames McFadden2003
2054 ABYTales: Spare PartsComicVarious2002
2064 ABYBuyMara Jade: By the Emperor’s HandComicTimothy Zahn1999
2074 ABYBuyTales: Mara Jade, A Night on the TownComicVarious2002
2084 ABYTales: Three Against the GalaxyComicVarious2002
2094 ABYA Credit for your ThoughtsShort StoryTish Eggleston Pahl2000
2104 ABYEscape from Balis-BaurghShort StoryPaul Balsamo1994
2114 ABYBuyTales from the New Republic: Day of the Sepulchral NightShort StoryJean Rabe1997
2124 ABYBuyTales from the New Republic: Gathering ShadowsShort StoryKathy Burdette1999
2134 ABYBuyTales: A Day in the LifeComicVarious2003
2144 ABYBuyRogue LeaderComicHaden Blackman2005
2154 ABYBuyThe Rebel OppositionComicMichael A. Stackpole1995
2164 ABYBuyThe Phantom AffairComicMichael A. Stackpole1997
2174 ABYBuyRogue Squadron SpecialComicRyder Windham1995
2184 ABYBuyBattleground: TatooineComicMichael A. Stackpole1998
2194 ABYBuyShadows of the Empire: EvolutionComicSteve Perry2000
2204 ABYBuyJabba the Hutt: The Jabba TapeComicJohn Wagner1998
2214 ABYBuyThe Warrior PrincessComicMichael A. Stackpole1998
2224 ABYRequiem for a RogueComicMichael A. Stackpole1999
2234 ABYIn the Empire’s ServiceComicMichael A. Stackpole1999
2244 ABYBlood and HonorComicMichael A. Stackpole1999
2254 ABYMasqueradeComicMichael A. Stackpole2000
2264 ABYMandatory RetirementComicMichael A. Stackpole2000
2274 ABYHandoffShort StoryTimothy Zahn2002
2284 ABYLumiya: Dark Star of the EmpireShort StoryMichael Mikaelian1995
2294 ABYOne of a KindShort StoryPaul Danner1995
2304 ABYEasy CreditsShort StoryPaul Danner1996
2314 ABYThe Glove of Darth VaderJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1992
2324 ABYThe Lost City of the JediJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1992
2334 ABYZorba the Hutt's RevengeJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1992
2344 ABYMission from Mount YodaJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1993
2354 ABYQueen of the EmpireJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1993
2364 ABYProphets of the Dark SideJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1993
2375 ABYBlasters for HireShort StoryTony Russo1994
2385 ABYIt's a Gambler's LifeShort StoryTony Russo1994
2395 ABYBuyTales: MaroonedComicVarious2006
2405 ABYBuyJedi Knight: Dark Forces IIGameLucasarts1997
2415 ABYRebel AgentComicWilliam C. Dietz1998
2425 ABYJedi KnightComicWilliam C. Dietz1998
2435 ABYBuyRebel Agent/Jedi KnightAudio DramaJohn Whitman1998
2445 ABYBuyer’s MarketShort StoryTimothy Zahn2011
2455 ABYBuyTales: Free MemoryComicVarious2003
2465 ABYTales: Collapsing New EmpiresComicVarious2005
2475 ABYBuyBoba Fett: Twin Engines of DestructionComicAndy Mangels1997
2485 ABYBuyTales: Lando’s CommandosComicVarious2002
2495 ABYTales: The One That Got AwayComicVarious2002
2505 ABYBuyLuke Skywalker and the Shadows of MindorNovelMatthew Stover2008
2516 ABYThe Battle of CadinthShort StoryBill Smith1995
2526 ABYFists of IronShort StoryEdward M. Erdelac2008
2536 ABYDeader Than A Triton MoonShort StoryJason Fry2008Available online.
2546 ABYBuyTales from the Empire: Missed ChanceShort StoryMichael A. Stackpole1995
2556 ABYA Glimmer of HopeShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1994
2566 ABYWhispers in the DarkShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1994
2576 ABYBuyX-wing #1: Rogue SquadronNovelMichael A. Stackpole1996
2587 ABYBuyX-wing #2: Wedge’s GambleNovelMichael A. Stackpole1996
2597 ABYBuyX-wing #3: The Krytos TrapNovelMichael A. Stackpole1996
2607 ABYBuyX-wing #4: The Bacta WarNovelMichael A. Stackpole1997
2617 ABYBuyTales from the New Republic: Conflict of InterestShort StoryLaurie Burns1997
2627 ABYBuyX-wing #5: Wraith SquadronNovelAaron Allston1998
2637 ABYBuyX-wing #6: Iron FistNovelAaron Allston1998
2647 ABYBuyX-wing #7: Solo CommandNovelAaron Allston1999
2657 ABYChessa's DoomShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1994
2667 ABYBig QuinceShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1994
2677 ABYExplosive DevelopmentsShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1994
2687 ABYStarter's TaleShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1994
2697 ABYVengeance StrikeShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1995
2707 ABYKella Rand, ReportingShort StoryLaurie Burns1995
2718 ABYTales: Phantom MenacesComicVarious2005
2728 ABYTales: Being Boba FettComicVarious2005
2738 ABYBuyTales from the Empire: First ContactShort StoryTimothy Zahn1994
2748 ABYCrisis of FaithShort StoryTimothy Zahn2011
2758 ABYCrossroadsShort StoryChristopher Cerasi2008
2768 ABYBuyThe Courtship of Princess LeiaNovelDave Wolverton1994
2778 ABYBuyTales from the New Republic: Hutt and SeekShort StoryChris Cassidy1999
2788 ABYBuyCorphelion InterludeShort StoryTroy Denning2003Included in Tatooine Ghost
2798 ABYBuyA Forest ApartShort StoryTroy Denning2003Included in Tatooine Ghost
2808 ABYBuyTatooine GhostNovelTroy Denning2003
2818 ABYThe Trouble with SquibsShort StoryTroy Denning2003Star Wars Insider 67
2828 ABYMission to ZilaShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1994
2838 ABYA Grand Admiral ReturnsShort StoryBill Slavicsek1992Heir to the Empire Sourcebook
2848 ABYShadows of DarknessShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1994
2859 ABYBuyHeir to the EmpireNovelTimothy Zahn1991
2869 ABYHeir to the EmpireComicMike Baron1996
2879 ABYBuyDark Force RisingNovelTimothy Zahn1992
2889 ABYDark Force RisingComicMike Baron1998
2899 ABYBuyThe Last CommandNovelTimothy Zahn1993
2909 ABYThe Last CommandComicMike Baron1999
2919 ABYBuyX-wing #8: Isard’s RevengeNovelMichael A. Stackpole1999
2929 ABYRendezvous with DestinyShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1995
2939 ABYMirror ImageShort StoryEric S. Trautmann1994Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook
2949 ABYA Day at the RacesShort StoryBill Slavicsek1992Dark Force Rising Sourcebook
2959 ABYThe Empire's Locate and Detain ListShort StoryN/A1994Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook
2969 ABYBuyTales from the Empire: Blaze of GloryShort StoryTony Russo1995
2979 ABYBetrayal by KnightShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1997
2989 ABYThe Life and Legend of Obi-Wan KenobiJunior NovelRyder Windham2008
29910 ABYBuyJedi Knight : Mysteries of the SithGameLucasarts1998
30010 ABYBuyTales from the Empire: Retreat from CoruscantShort StoryLaurie Burns1995
30110 ABYA Change of CommandShort StoryPaul Sudlow1996Jedi Academy Sourcebook
30210 ABYA Rebel's Job is Never DoneShort StoryMichael Allen Horne1993Dark Empire Sourcebook
30310 ABYDown and Out On CoruscantShort StoryMichael Allen Horne1993Dark Empire Sourcebook
30410 ABYEyewitness to ApocalypseShort StoryMichael Allen Horne1993Dark Empire Sourcebook
30510 ABYDark EmpireComicTom Veitch1991
30610 ABYBuyDark EmpireAudio DramaJohn Whitman1994
30710 ABYDark Empire IIComicTom Veitch1995
30810 ABYDark Empire IIAudio DramaJohn Whitman1995
30910 ABYBuyTales from the New Republic: No Disintegrations, PleaseShort StoryPaul Danner1997
31010 ABYBoba Fett: Death, Lies and TreacheryComicJohn Wagner1998
31111 ABYEmpire’s EndComicTom Veitch1995
31211 ABYEmpire’s EndAudio DramaJohn Whitman1995
31311 ABYBoba Fett: Agent of DoomComicJohn Ostrander2000
31411 ABYCrimson EmpireComicMike Richardson1998
31511 ABYBuyCrimson EmpireAudio DramaMike Richardson1999
31611 ABYThe Bounty Hunters: Kenix KilComicRandy Stradley1999
31711 ABYCrimson Empire II: Council of BloodComicMike Richardson1999
31811 ABYHard CurrencyComicRandy Stradley2000
31911 ABYBuyThe Jedi Academy: Volume 1: Jedi SearchNovelKevin J. Anderson1994
32011 ABYBuyThe Jedi Academy: Volume 2: Dark ApprenticeNovelKevin J. Anderson1994
32111 ABYBuyThe Jedi Academy: Volume 3: Champions of the ForceNovelKevin J. Anderson1994
32211 ABYFirestormShort StoryKevin J. Anderson1997
32311 ABYBuyI, JediNovelMichael A. Stackpole1998
32411 ABYTales: The OtherComicVarious2004
32511 ABYFrom the Files of Corellia AntillesShort StoryTimothy O'Brien1997
32612 ABYBuyChildren of the JediNovelBarbara Hambly1995
32712 ABYBuyTales from the New Republic: Simple TricksShort StoryChris Cassidy1999
32812 ABYBuyJedi Knight 2: Jedi OutcastGameRaven Software2002
32912 ABYCastaways of EndorShort StoryDaniel Wallace2003
33012 ABYShades of Gray: From the Daventures of Alex WingerShort StoryCharlene Newcomb2009Available online.
33112 ABYBuyDarksaberNovelKevin J. Anderson1995
33213 ABYBuyX-wing #9: Starfighters of AdumarNovelAaron Allston1999
33313 ABYMurder in SlushtimeShort StoryBarbara Hambly1997
33413 ABYBuyPlanet of TwilightNovelBarbara Hambly1997
33513 ABYJedi Academy: LeviathanComicKevin J. Anderson1998
33613 ABYCrimson Empire IIIComicMike Richardson2011
33714 ABYTales: The Secret Tales of Luke's Hand!ComicVarious2002
33814 ABYBuyThe Crystal StarNovelVonda N. McIntyre1994
33914 ABYTales: Tall TalesComicVarious2003
34014 ABYBuyJedi Knight: Jedi AcademyGameRaven Software2003
34116 ABYBuyThe Black Fleet Crisis #1: Before the StormNovelMichael P. Kube-McDowell1996
34216 ABYBuyThe Black Fleet Crisis #2: Shield of LiesNovelMichael P. Kube-McDowell1996
34316 ABYBuyThe Black Fleet Crisis #3: Tyrant’s TestNovelMichael P. Kube-McDowell1996
34417 ABYBuyThe New RebellionNovelKristine Kathryn Rusch1996
34517 ABYTwo for OneShort StoryPaul Danner1997
34618 ABYBuyTales from the New Republic: Jade SolitaireShort StoryTimothy Zahn1999
34718 ABYBuyThe Corellian Trilogy #1: Ambush at CorelliaNovelRoger MacBride Allen1995
34818 ABYBuyThe Corellian Trilogy #2: Assault at SeloniaNovelRoger MacBride Allen1995
34918 ABYBuyThe Corellian Trilogy #3: Showdown at CenterpointNovelRoger MacBride Allen1995
35019 ABYBuyThe Hand of Thrawn #1: Specter of the PastNovelTimothy Zahn1997
35119 ABYBuyThe Hand of Thrawn #2: Vision of the FutureNovelTimothy Zahn1998
35219 ABYUnionComicMichael A. Stackpole2000
35319 ABYRed Sky, Blue FlameShort StoryElaine Cunningham2001
35419 ABYBuyScourgeNovelJeff Grubb2012
35519 ABYHunting for GorachShort StoryJeff Grubb2012
35619 ABYLast One Standing: The Tale of Boba FettShort StoryDaniel Keys Moran1996
35721 ABYJudge’s CallShort StoryTimothy Zahn2004
35822 ABYBuyJunior Jedi Knights #1: The Golden GlobeJunior NovelNancy Richardson1995
35922 ABYBuyJunior Jedi Knights #2: Lyric’s WorldJunior NovelNancy Richardson1996
36022 ABYBuyJunior Jedi Knights #3: PromisesJunior NovelNancy Richardson1996
36122 ABYBuyJunior Jedi Knights #4: Anakin’s QuestJunior NovelRebecca Moesta1997
36222 ABYBuyJunior Jedi Knights #5: Vader’s FortressJunior NovelRebecca Moesta1997
36322 ABYBuyJunior Jedi Knights #6: Kenobi’s BladeJunior NovelRebecca Moesta1997
36422 ABYBuySurvivor’s QuestNovelTimothy Zahn2004
36522 ABYFool’s BargainShort StoryTimothy Zahn2004
36623 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #1: Heirs of the ForceJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1995
36723 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #2: Shadow AcademyJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1995
36823 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #3: The Lost OnesJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1995
36923 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #4: LightsabersJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1996
37023 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #5: Darkest KnightJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1996
37123 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #6: Jedi under SiegeJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1996
37224 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #7: Shards of AlderaanJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1997
37324 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #8: Diversity AllianceJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1997
37424 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #9: Delusions of GrandeurJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1997
37524 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #10: Jedi BountyJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1997
37624 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #11: The Emperor’s PlagueJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1998
37724 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #12: Return to Ord MantellJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1998
37824 ABYBuyYoung Jedi Knights #13: Trouble in Cloud CityJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1998
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