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A massive universe with hundreds of stories spread out across thousands of years, this Star Wars Legends timeline attempts to share it all in chronological order.

What’s on the Star Wars Legends Timeline?

This is the continuity of Star Wars Legends timeline, or in other words, the alternate universe of Star Wars material that takes place separate from the film continuity or official canon. All of the previously named expanded universe, together in one timeline. Note: None of this is official Star Wars canon. The films, Clone Wars television show, Rebels, and other canonical material is included on the official canon page.

This timeline includes:

  • Older Star Wars Television: Everything from the Ewok Adventures, to the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars series. Oh and that Holiday Special thing…
  • Legends novels: The bulk of all Star Wars novels so far.
  • Legends comics: Most of these were published by Dark Horse Comics prior to Disney acquiring Lucasfilm. There are a lot of them, and only comics that have been re-released with the Legends banner on them have a “Buy” link.
  • Young Reader Novels: Such as Young Jedi Knights or Jedi Apprentice, there are several series of books for younger readers.
  • Video Games: Popular favorites like Knights of the Old Republic or Rogue Squadron are also part of the Legends timeline.

Though Star Wars Legends is not currently part of the active canon, it’s still largely cohesive and offers a huge story set in the Star Wars universe. Since it’s not canon, you could think of it as an alternate universe. As always, if you have questions or comments about this timeline, we recommend you visit our contact page.

The Star Wars Legends Timeline 2.0

142.00132 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (novel)1999-04-21novelterry-brooks
198.00122 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (novel)2002-04-23novelr-a-salvatore
125,793 BBYBuyEruption2013-04-30short-storyjohn-ostrander
225,793 BBYBuyDawn of the Jedi: Into the Void2014-04-01noveltim-lebbon
325,793 BBYThe Adventures of Lanoree Brock, Je’daii Ranger2013-04-25short-storytim-lebbon
425,793 BBYDawn of the Jedi: Force Storm2012-12-25graphic-noveljohn-ostrander
525,793 BBYDawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan2013-08-06graphic-noveljohn-ostrander
625,793 BBYDawn of the Jedi: Force War2014-06-26graphic-noveljohn-ostrander
75000-4975 BBYTales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith1995-06-30graphic-novelkevin-j-anderson
85000-4975 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 1: Precipice2009-05-28short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
95000-4975 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 2: Skyborn2009-07-21short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
105000-4975 BBYTales of the Jedi: Fall of the Sith Empire1998-05-19graphic-novelkevin-j-anderson
115000-4975 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 3: Paragon2010-02-10short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
125000-4975 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 4: Savior2010-04-27short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
133,998 BBYTales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic1994-08-16graphic-noveltom-veitch
143,998 BBYTales of the Jedi: The Freedon Nadd Uprising1997-12-30graphic-noveltom-veitch
153,998 BBYBuyTales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic2005-05-05audio-dramajohn-whitman
163,997 BBYTales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith, 1996-02-13graphic-novelkevin-j-anderson tom-veitch
173,997 BBYBuyTales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith2005-05-05audio-dramajohn-whitman
183,996 BBYTales of the Jedi: The Sith War1996-07-16graphic-novelkevin-j-anderson
193993 BBYTales: Shadows and Light2005-05-11comic-issuejoshua-ortega
203986 BBYTales of the Jedi: Redemption2001-08-07graphic-novelkevin-j-anderson
213964 BBYThe Secret Journal of Doctor Demagol2010-04-29short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
223964 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: Commencement2006-12-05graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
233964 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: Flashpoint2007-05-22graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
243964 BBYLabor Pains2008-04-09short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
253963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: Days of Fear, Nights of Anger2008-02-22graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
263963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: Daze of Hate, Knights of Suffering2008-09-30graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
273963 BBYInterference2008-09-29short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
283963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: Vector2009-02-17graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
293963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: Vindication2009-05-12graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
303963 BBYKnights of the Old Republic: Dueling Ambitions2009-11-03graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
313963 BBYKnights of the Old Republic: Destroyer2010-03-26graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
323963 BBYKnights of the Old Republic: Demon2010-06-29graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
333963 BBYKnights of the Old Republic: War2012-11-06graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
343960 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 5: Purgatory2010-10-25short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
353960 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 6: Sentinel2011-02-21short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
363956 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic2003-07-15game
373951 BBYTales: Unseen, Unheard2005-07-13comic-issuechris-avellone
383951 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords2004-12-06game
393951 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Revan2012-09-25noveldrew-karpyshyn
403951 BBYVacation2015-07-07short-story
413678 BBYThe Old Republic: Blood of the Empire2011-02-22graphic-novelalexander-freed
423678 BBYBuyThe Third Lesson2011-03-02short-storypaul-s-kemp
433678 BBYThe Old Republic: Smuggler’s Vanguard2010-03-25short-storyrobert-chestney
443,653 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Deceived2012-05-29novelpaul-s-kemp
453,653 BBYThe Old Republic: Threat of Peace2011-05-27graphic-novelrobert-chestney
463,643 BBYBuyRed Harvest2010-12-28noveljoe-schreiber
473,643 BBYThe Final Trial2015-03-06short-story
483,643 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Fatal Alliance2011-05-24novelsean-williams
493,643 BBYThe Price of Power2015-02-02short-story
503,643 BBYThe Sixth Line2015-04-24short-story
513,643 BBYBuyStar Wars: The Old Republic2011-12-20game
523,643 BBYThe Old Republic: The Lost Suns2012-04-27graphic-novelalexander-freed
533,640 BBYThe Last Battle of Colonel Jace Malcom2012-10-01short-storyalexander-freed
543,640 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Annihilation2012-11-13noveldrew-karpyshyn
553,640 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt Cartel2013-04-14game
563,640 BBYSurface Details2014-08-08short-storybioware
573,640 BBYWanted: Dead and Dismantled2014-08-26short-storybioware
583,640 BBYRemnants2014-09-04short-storybioware
593,640 BBYBedtime on Concordia2014-10-28short-storybioware
603,638 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Shadow of Revan2014-12-09game
613,637 BBYOne Night in the Dealer’s Den2015-02-13short-storybioware
623,637 BBYRegrets2015-04-03short-storybioware
633,637 BBYBrothers2015-07-28short-storybioware
643,631 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire2015-10-27game
653,631 BBYA Mother’s Hope2016-11-17short-storydrew-karpyshyn
663,630 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne2016-12-02game
673,630 BBYTrading Scars2017-08-17short-storysamantha-wallschlaeger
683,630 BBYChasing Copero2017-11-16short-storycharles-boyd
693,000 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 7: Pantheon2011-07-18short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
703,000 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 8: Secrets2012-03-05short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
712,975 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 9: Pandemonium2012-07-24short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
722,975 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral2013-07-05graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
731,500 BBYVisionaries: Prototypes2005-04-02comic-issuerobert-e-barnes
741,032 BBYInflux2010-10-19short-storyjohn-jackson-miller
751,032 BBYKnight Errant: Aflame2011-07-26graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
761,032 BBYBuyKnight Errant2011-01-25noveljohn-jackson-miller
771,032 BBYKnight Errant: Deluge2012-06-19graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
781,032 BBYKnight Errant: Escape2013-04-30graphic-noveljohn-jackson-miller
791,000-990 BBYBuyDarth Bane: Path of Destruction2006-09-26noveldrew-karpyshyn
801,000-990 BBYDarkness Shared2001-07-24short-storybill-slavicsek
811,000-990 BBYJedi vs. Sith2002-03-26graphic-noveldarko-macan
821,000-990 BBYTales: The Apprentice2003-10-01comic-issuemike-denning
831,000-990 BBYBuyDarth Bane: Rule of Two2007-12-26noveldrew-karpyshyn
841,000-990 BBYBane of the Sith2001-01-01short-storykevin-j-anderson
851,000-990 BBYTales: All for You2003-10-01comic-issueadam-gallardo
861,000-990 BBYBuyThe Jedi Path2011-09-07noveldaniel-wallace
87980 BBYBuyDarth Bane: Dynasty of Evil2009-12-08noveldrew-karpyshyn
88980 BBYTales: Heart of Darkness2003-06-25comic-issuepaul-lee
8967 BBYBuyPrelude to Rebellion: Vow of Justice2000-05-16graphic-noveljan-strnad
9067 BBYThe Tenebrous Way2011-12-01short-storymatthew-stover
9153 BBYBuyTales: Stones2002-09-25comic-issuehaden-blackman
9253 BBYBuyStar Wars: Jedi – The Dark Side2012-03-06graphic-novelscott-allie
9347 BBYBuyTales: Survivors2002-09-25comic-issuejim-krueger
9447 BBYBuyTales: Children of the Force2002-09-25comic-issuejason-hall
9544 BBYBuyTales: The Secret of Tet-Ami2002-09-25comic-issuefabian-nicieza
9644 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #1: The Rising Force1999-05-03junior-noveldave-wolverton
9744 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #2: The Dark Rival1999-05-03junior-noveljude-watson
9844 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #3: The Hidden Past1999-08-01junior-noveljude-watson
9944 BBYBuyTales: Mythology2002-12-11comic-issuechris-eliopoulos
10044 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #4: The Mark of the Crown1999-10-01junior-noveljude-watson
10144 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #5: The Defenders of the Dead1999-12-01junior-noveljude-watson
10244 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #6: The Uncertain Path2000-02-01junior-noveljude-watson
10344 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #7: The Captive Temple2000-04-01junior-noveljude-watson
10444 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #8: The Day of Reckoning2000-06-01junior-noveljude-watson
10544 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #9: The Fight for Truth2000-08-01junior-noveljude-watson
10744 BBYBuyTales: Life, Death, and the Living Force1999-09-29comic-issuejim-woodring
10644 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #10: The Shattered Peace2000-10-01junior-noveljude-watson
10844 BBYBuyTales: George R. Binks2004-06-30comic-issuetony-millionaire
10943 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #11: The Deadly Hunter2000-12-01junior-noveljude-watson
11043 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #12: The Evil Experiment2001-02-01junior-noveljude-watson
11143 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #13: The Dangerous Rescue2001-04-01junior-noveljude-watson
11242 BBYBuyTales: Yaddle’s Tale2000-09-27comic-issuedean-motter
11341 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #14: Ties That Bind2001-08-01junior-noveljude-watson
11441 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #15: The Death of Hope2001-10-01junior-noveljude-watson
11541 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #16: The Call to Vengeance2001-12-01junior-noveljude-watson
11640 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #17: The Only Witness2002-02-01junior-noveljude-watson
11740 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #18: The Threat Within2002-03-01junior-noveljude-watson
11839 BBYBuyRestraint2011-12-27short-storyjames-luceno
11938 BBYBuyQui-Gon and Obi Wan: The Aurorient Express2002-06-12comic-issuemike-kennedy
12038 BBYBuyQui-Gon and Obi Wan: Last Stand on Ord Mantell2001-03-21comic-issueryder-windham
12136 BBYAurra’s Song2000-06-21comic-issuedean-motter
12236 BBYThe Monster2000-11-01short-storydaniel-wallace
12336 BBYBuyThe Syrox Redemption2013-12-10short-storyjoe-schreiber
12436 BBYBuyTales: Jedi Chef2001-03-07comic-issuerandy-stradley
12536 BBYBuyTales: Urchins2002-12-11comic-issuestan-sakai
12633 BBYBuyThe Jedi Council: Acts of War2001-06-19graphic-novelrandy-stradley
12733 BBYBuyDarth Maul: Saboteur2001-02-15short-storyjames-luceno
12833 BBYThe Starfighter Trap2000-09-01short-storysteve-miller
12933 BBYBuyTales: A Summer’s Dream2000-09-27comic-issueterry-moore
13033 BBYBuyTales: Marked2005-07-13comic-issuerob-williams
13133 BBYBuyTales: Nameless2001-12-12comic-issuechristian-read
13233 BBYBuyTales: Deal with a Demon2000-03-29comic-issuejohn-ostrander
13333 BBYTales: Single Cell2001-03-07comic-issuehaden-blackman
13433 BBYDeep Spoilers2001-06-01short-storyryder-windham
13533 BBYBuyMaul: Lockdown2014-01-28noveljoe-schreiber
13633 BBYBuyRepublic: Prelude to Rebellion2000-05-16graphic-noveljan-strnad
13733 BBYBuyDarth Maul2001-05-15graphic-novelron-marz
13832 BBYObi-Wan2001-12-20game
13932 BBYBuyTales: The Death of Captain Tarpals2000-03-29comic-issueryder-windham
14032 BBYBuyCloak of Deception2001-05-29noveljames-luceno
14132 BBYBuyDarth Maul: Shadow Hunter2001-01-30novelmichael-reaves
14232 BBYBuyStarfighter2001-02-19game
14332 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace1999-05-03graphic-novelhenry-gilroy
14432 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace1999-04-30game
14532 BBYBuyEpisode I Journals: Queen Amidala1999-05-03junior-noveljude-watson
14632 BBYBuyEpisode I Journals: Darth Maul2000-03-01junior-noveljude-watson
14732 BBYBuyEpisode I Journals: Anakin Skywalker1999-05-03junior-noveltodd-strasser
14832 BBYBuyEpisode I Adventures, , , 2012-01-17graphic-novelhenry-gilroy mark-schultz ryder-windham timothy-truman
14932 BBYBuyBattle for Naboo2000-12-14game
15032 BBYBuyDarth Plagueis2012-01-10noveljames-luceno
15132 BBYBuyEnd Game2012-01-31short-storyjames-luceno
15232 BBYBuyBounty Hunter2002-11-19game
15332 BBYJango Fett: Open Seasons2002-12-24graphic-novelhaden-blackman
15432 BBYRepublic: Outlander2001-04-04graphic-noveltimothy-truman
15532 BBYRepublic: Emissaries to Malastare2001-09-05graphic-noveltimothy-truman
15632 BBYTales: Incident at Horn Station2000-01-05comic-issuedan-jolley
15732 BBYTales: Bad Business2001-06-13comic-issuejohn-ostrander
15832 BBYTales: Nomad, Chapter One to Four2004-10-20comic-issuerob-williams
15931 BBYVisionaries: The Eyes of Revolution2005-04-02comic-issuewarren-fu
16031 BBYRepublic: Twilight2001-12-19graphic-noveljohn-ostrander
16131 BBYRepublic: Infinity’s End2001-01-31graphic-novelpat-mills
16230 BBYRepublic: The Hunt for Aurra Sing2002-07-16graphic-noveltimothy-truman
16330 BBYDark Horse Extra: Heart of Fire2001-07-01comic-issuejohn-ostrander
16430 BBYRepublic: Darkness2002-08-07graphic-noveljohn-ostrander
16530 BBYRepublic: The Stark Hyperspace War2003-11-13graphic-noveljohn-ostrander
16630 BBYRepublic: The Devaronian Version2002-05-08graphic-noveljohn-ostrander
16730 BBYRepublic: Rite of Passage2004-02-11graphic-noveljohn-ostrander
16829 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice Special Edition: Deceptions2001-07-01junior-noveljude-watson
16929 BBYBuyRogue Planet2000-05-02novelgreg-bear
17029 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice Special Edition: The Followers2002-04-01junior-noveljude-watson
17128 BBYBuyJedi Quest: Path to Truth2001-09-01junior-noveljude-watson
17228 BBYJedi Quest2001-12-12graphic-novelryder-windham
17327-26 BBYBuyJedi Quest #1: Way of the Apprentice2002-04-23junior-noveljude-watson
17427-26 BBYBuyOutbound Flight2006-01-31noveltimothy-zahn
17527-26 BBYBuyJedi Quest #2: The Trail of the Jedi2002-05-01junior-noveljude-watson
17627-26 BBYBuyJedi Quest #3: The Dangerous Games2002-08-01junior-noveljude-watson
17727-26 BBYThe Bounty Hunters: Aurra Sing1999-08-11comic-issuetimothy-truman
17827-26 BBYJango Fett2002-03-26graphic-novelron-marz
17927-26 BBYZam Wessell2002-04-09graphic-novelron-marz
18027-26 BBYDark Horse Extra: Poison Moon2002-05-01comic-issuemichael-carriglitto
18125-24 BBYBuyJedi Quest #4: The Master of Disguise2002-11-01junior-noveljude-watson
18225-24 BBYBuyJedi Quest #5: The School of Fear2003-02-01junior-noveljude-watson
18325-24 BBYBuyJedi Quest #6: The Shadow Trap2003-05-01junior-noveljude-watson
18425-24 BBYBuyJedi Quest #7: The Moment of Truth2003-11-01junior-noveljude-watson
18525-24 BBYBuyJedi Quest #8: The Changing of the Guard2004-03-01junior-noveljude-watson
18625-24 BBYBuyJedi Quest #9: The False Peace2004-07-01junior-noveljude-watson
18725-24 BBYTales: A Jedi’s Weapon2002-06-05comic-issuehenry-gilroy
18825-24 BBYStarfighter: Crossbones2002-03-13graphic-novelhaden-blackman
18925-24 BBYVisionaries: Eyes of the Revolution2005-04-02comic-issuewarren-fu
19025-24 BBYHonor and Duty2006-05-23graphic-noveljohn-ostrander
19125-24 BBYReputation2012-09-04short-storyari-marmell
19223-22 BBYBuyJedi Quest #10: The Final Showdown2004-11-01junior-noveljude-watson
19323-22 BBYTales: Puzzle Peace2002-09-25comic-issuescott-beatty
19423-22 BBYTales: The Way of the Warrior2003-12-24comic-issuepeter-alilunas
19523-22 BBYTales: The Sith in Shadow2002-09-25comic-issuebob-harris
19623-22 BBYHondo Onaka’s Not-so-big Score2013-09-03short-storyjason-fry
19722 BBYBuyJedi Starfighter2002-03-10game
19822 BBYBuyThe Approaching Storm2002-01-29novelalan-dean-foster

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