Star Wars Legends Canon Timeline Image

What’s on the Star Wars Legends Timeline?

This is the continuity of Star Wars Legends timeline, or in other words, the alternate universe of Star Wars material that takes place separate from the film continuity or official canon. All of the previously named expanded universe, together in one timeline. Note: None of this is official Star Wars canon. The films, Clone Wars television show, Rebels, and other canonical material is included on the official canon page.

This timeline includes:

  • Older Star Wars Television: Everything from the Ewok Adventures, to the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars series. Oh and that Holiday Special thing…
  • Legends novels: The bulk of all Star Wars novels so far.
  • Legends comics: Most of these were published by Dark Horse Comics prior to Disney acquiring Lucasfilm. There are a lot of them, and only comics that have been re-released with the Legends banner on them have a “Buy” link.
  • Young Reader Novels: Such as Young Jedi Knights or Jedi Apprentice, there are several series of books for younger readers.
  • Video Games: Popular favorites like Knights of the Old Republic or Rogue Squadron are also part of the Legends timeline.

Though Star Wars Legends is not currently part of the active canon, it’s still largely cohesive and offers a huge story set in the Star Wars universe. Since it’s not canon, you could think of it as an alternate universe. As always, if you have questions or comments about this timeline, we recommend you visit our Forum.

125,793 BBYBuyEruptionShort StoryJohn Ostrander2013Included in Into the Void paperback.
225,793 BBYBuyDawn of the Jedi: Into the VoidNovelTim Lebbon2013
325,793 BBYThe Adventures of Lanoree Brock, Je’daii RangerShort StoryTim Lebbon2013
425,793 BBYDawn of the Jedi: Force StormComicJohn Ostrander2012
525,793 BBYDawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of BoganComicJohn Ostrander2013
625,793 BBYDawn of the Jedi: Force WarComicJohn Ostrander2014
75000-4975 BBYTales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the SithComicKevin J. Anderson1997
85000-4975 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 1: PrecipiceShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2009
95000-4975 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 2: SkybornShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2009
105000-4975 BBYTales of the Jedi: Fall of the Sith EmpireComicKevin J. Anderson1998
115000-4975 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 3: ParagonShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2010
125000-4975 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 4: SaviorShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2010
133,998 BBYTales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old RepublicComicTom Veitch1994
143,998 BBYTales of the Jedi: The Freedon Nadd UprisingComicTom Veitch1997
153,998 BBYTales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic/The Freedon Nadd UprisingAudio DramaJohn Whitman1996
163,997 BBYTales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the SithComicKevin J. Anderson1996
173,997 BBYBuyTales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the SithAudio DramaJohn Whitman1996
183,996 BBYTales of the Jedi: The Sith WarComicKevin J. Anderson1996
193993 BBYTales: Shadows and LightComicVarious2006
203986 BBYTales of the Jedi: RedemptionComicKevin J. Anderson2001
213964 BBYThe Secret Journal of Doctor DemagolShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2008Available online.
223964 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: CommencementComicJohn Jackson Miller2006
233964 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: FlashpointComicJohn Jackson Miller2007
243964 BBYBuyKngihts of the Old Republic: ReunionComicJohn Jackson Miller2007
253964 BBYLabor PainsShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2008Available online.
263963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: Days of FearComicJohn Jackson Miller2008
273963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: Nights of AngerComicJohn Jackson Miller2008
283963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: Daze of HateComicJohn Jackson Miller2008
293963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: Knights of SufferingComicJohn Jackson Miller2008
303963 BBYInterferenceShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2008Available online.
313963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: VectorComicJohn Jackson Miller2009
323963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: ExaltedComicJohn Jackson Miller2009
333963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: TurnaboutComicJohn Jackson Miller2009
343963 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic: VindicationComicJohn Jackson Miller2009
353963 BBYBuyKngihts of the Old Republic: Prophet MotiveComicJohn Jackson Miller2009
363963 BBYKngihts of the Old Republic: Faithful ExecutionComicJohn Jackson Miller2009
373963 BBYKnights of the Old Republic: Dueling AmbitionsComicJohn Jackson Miller2009
383963 BBYKnights of the Old Republic: MasksComicJohn Jackson Miller2010
393963 BBYKnights of the Old Republic: The ReapingComicJohn Jackson Miller2010
403963 BBYKnights of the Old Republic: DestroyerComicJohn Jackson Miller2010
413963 BBYKnights of the Old Republic: DemonComicJohn Jackson Miller2010
423963 BBYKnights of the Old Republic: WarComicJohn Jackson Miller2012
433960 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 5: PurgatoryShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2010
443960 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 6: SentinelShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2011
453956 BBYBuyKnights of the Old RepublicGameBioware2003
463956 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Revan: Part 1NovelDrew Karpyshyn2011
473951 BBYTales: Unseen, UnheardComicVarious2006
483951 BBYBuyKnights of the Old Republic II: The Sith LordsGameObsidian Entertainment2004
493951 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Revan: Part 2NovelDrew Karpyshyn2011
503951 BBYVacationShort StoryN/A2015Available online.
513678 BBYThe Old Republic: Blood of the EmpireComicAlexander Freed2010
523678 BBYBuyThe Third LessonShort StoryPaul S. Kemp2011Included in Deceived paperback.
533678 BBYThe Old Republic: Smuggler’s VanguardShort StoryRobert Chestney2010Available online.
543,653 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: DeceivedNovelPaul S. Kemp2011
553,653 BBYThe Old Republic: Threat of PeaceComicRobert Chestney2010
563,643 BBYBuyRed HarvestNovelJoe Schreiber2010
573,643 BBYThe Final TrialShort StoryN/A2015Available online.
583,643 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Fatal AllianceNovelSean Williams2010
593,643 BBYThe Price of PowerShort StoryN/A2015Available online.
603,643 BBYThe Sixth LineShort StoryN/A2015Available online. Part 1 and Part 2
613,643 BBYBuyStar Wars: The Old RepublicGameBioware2011
623,643 BBYThe Old Republic: The Lost SunsComicAlexander Freed2012
633,640 BBYThe Last Battle of Colonel Jace MalcomShort StoryAlexander Freed2012Published in Star Wars Insider 137
643,640 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: AnnihilationNovelDrew Karpyshyn2012
653,640 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt CartelGameBioware2013
663,640 BBYSurface DetailsShort StoryBioware2014Available online.
673,640 BBYWanted: Dead and DismantledShort StoryBioware2014Available online.
683,640 BBYRemnantsShort StoryBioware2014Available online.
693,640 BBYBedtime on ConcordiaShort StoryBioware2014Available online.
703,640 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Shadow of RevanGameBioware2014
713,640 BBYOne Night in the Dealer's DenShort StoryBioware2015Available online.
723,640 BBYRegretsShort StoryBioware2015Available online.
733,640 BBYBrothersShort StoryBioware2015Available online.
743,640 BBYBuyThe Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen EmpireGameBioware2015
753,000 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 7: PantheonShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2011
763,000 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 8: SecretsShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2012
772,975 BBYBuyLost Tribe of the Sith 9: PandemoniumShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2012
782,975 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith: SpiralComicJohn Jackson Miller2013
791,500 BBYVisionaries: PrototypesComicVarious2005
801,032 BBYInfluxShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2010Available online.
811,032 BBYKnight Errant: AflameComicJohn Jackson Miller2011
821,032 BBYBuyKnight ErrantNovelJohn Jackson Miller2011
831,032 BBYKnight Errant: DelugeComicJohn Jackson Miller2011
841,032 BBYKnight Errant: EscapeComicJohn Jackson Miller2012
851,000-990 BBYBuyDarth Bane: Path of DestructionNovelDrew Karpyshyn2006
861,000-990 BBYDarkness SharedShort StoryBill Slavicsek2001
871,000-990 BBYJedi vs. SithComicDarko Macan2002
881,000-990 BBYTales: The ApprenticeComicVarious2005
891,000-990 BBYBuyDarth Bane: Rule of TwoNovelDrew Karpyshyn2007
901,000-990 BBYBane of the SithShort StoryKevin J. Anderson2001
911,000-990 BBYTales: All for YouComicVarious2005
921,000-990 BBYBuyThe Jedi PathNovelDaniel Wallace2010
93980 BBYBuyDarth Bane: Dynasty of EvilNovelDrew Karpyshyn2009
94980 BBYTales: Heart of DarknessComicVarious2004
9567 BBYPrelude to Rebellion: Vow of JusticeComicJan Strand2000
9667 BBYThe Tenebrous WayShort StoryMatthew Stover2011Star Wars Insider 130
9753 BBYBuyTales: StonesComicVarious2004
9853 BBYBuyStar Wars: Jedi – The Dark SideComicScott Allie2012
9947 BBYBuyTales: SurvivorsComicVarious2004
10047 BBYBuyTales: Children of the ForceComicVarious2004
10144 BBYBuyTales: The Secret of Tet-AmiComicVarious2004
10244 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #1: The Rising ForceJunior NovelDave Wolverton1999
10344 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #2: The Dark RivalJunior NovelJude Watson1999
10444 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #3: The Hidden PastJunior NovelJude Watson1999
10544 BBYBuyTales: MythologyComicVarious2004
10644 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #4: The Mark of the CrownJunior NovelJude Watson1999
10744 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #5: The Defenders of the DeadJunior NovelJude Watson1999
10844 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #6: The Uncertain PathJunior NovelJude Watson2000
10944 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #7: The Captive TempleJunior NovelJude Watson2000
11044 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #8: The Day of ReckoningJunior NovelJude Watson2000
11144 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #9: The Fight for TruthJunior NovelJude Watson2000
11244 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #10: The Shattered PeaceJunior NovelJude Watson2000
11344 BBYBuyTales: Life, Death, and the Living ForceComicVarious2002
11444 BBYTales: George R. BinksComicVarious
11543 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #11: The Deadly HunterJunior NovelJude Watson2000
11643 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #12: The Evil ExperimentJunior NovelJude Watson2001
11743 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #13: The Dangerous RescueJunior NovelJude Watson2001
11842 BBYBuyTales: Yaddle’s TaleComicVarious2002
11941 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #14: Ties That BindJunior NovelJude Watson2001
12041 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #15: The Death of HopeJunior NovelJude Watson2001
12141 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #16: The Call to VengeanceJunior NovelJude Watson2001
12240 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #17: The Only WitnessJunior NovelJude Watson2002
12340 BBYBuyJedi Apprentice #18: The Threat WithinJunior NovelJude Watson2002
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12538 BBYBuyQui-Gon and Obi Wan: The Aurorient Express #1-2ComicMike Kennedy2002
12638 BBYBuyQui-Gon and Obi Wan: Last Stand on Ord Mantell #1-3ComicRyder Windham2001
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13136 BBYTales: UrchinsComicVarious2004
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13333 BBYBuyDarth Maul: SaboteurShort StoryJames Luceno2001Included in Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
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13533 BBYTales: A Summer’s DreamComicVarious2002
13633 BBYBuyTales: MarkedComicVarious2006
13733 BBYBuyTales: NamelessComicVarious2003
13833 BBYBuyTales: Deal with a DemonComicVarious2002
13933 BBYTales: Single CellComicVarious2002
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14233 BBYBuyRepublic: Prelude to RebellionComicJan Strand2000
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16332 BBYTales: Bad BusinessComicVarious2002
16432 BBYTales #21-24: Nomad, Chapter One to FourComicVarious2006
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25121 BBYRepublic: Striking from the ShadowsComicJohn Ostrander2004
25221 BBYRepublic: BloodlinesComicJohn Ostrander2004
25321 BBYRepublic: Hate and FearComicHaden Blackman2004
25421 BBYRepublic: No Man’s LandComicJohn Ostrander2004
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26921 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: ShakedownComicPablo Hidalgo2008
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28621 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: SwitchComicPablo Hidalgo2009
28721 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: HeadgamesComicPablo Hidalgo2009
28821 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: NeighborsComicPablo Hidalgo2009
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29021 BBYBuyClone Wars Gambit: SiegeNovelKaren Miller2010
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29221 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: ShadowedComicPablo Hidalgo2009
29321 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: The ValleyComicPablo Hidalgo2009
29421 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: CovetousComicPablo Hidalgo2009
29521 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: CurfewComicPablo Hidalgo2009
29621 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: The Ballad of Cham SynduliaComicPablo Hidalgo2009
29721 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: Invitation OnlyComicPablo Hidalgo2009
29821 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: Hunting the Hunters #1-3ComicPablo Hidalgo2009
29921 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: Act on InstinctComicPablo Hidalgo2009
30021 BBYThe Clone Wars Webcomic: The Valsedian OperationComicThomas Hodges2010
30121 BBYThe Clone Wars: In Service of the RepublicComicHenry Gilroy2009
30221 BBYThe Clone Wars: Hero of the ConfederacyComicHenry Gilroy2009
30321 BBYThe Clone Wars: The Gauntlet of DeathComicHenry Gilroy2009
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31021 BBYThe Clone Wars Volume 4: The Colossus of DestinyComicJeremy Barlow2009
31121 BBYThe Clone Wars Volume 5: Deadly Hands of Shon-JuComicJeremy Barlow2010
31221 BBYThe Clone Wars Volume 6: The Starcrusher TrapComicMike Barr2011
31321 BBYThe Clone Wars Volume 7: Strange AlliesComicRyder Windham2011
31421 BBYThe Clone Wars Volume 8:The Enemy WithinComicJeremy Barlow2012
31520 BBYThe Clone Wars Volume 9: The Sith HuntersComicHenry Gilroy2012
31620 BBYThe Clone Wars Volume 10: The Defenders of the Lost TempleComicJustin Aclin2013
31720 BBYDarth Maul: Death SentenceComicTom Taylor2013
31820 BBYTales: Honor BoundComicVarious2006
31920 BBYVisionaries: Deep ForestComicVarious2005
32020 BBYRoutine ValorComicRandy Stradley2006
32120 BBYRepublic: TrackdownComicJohn Ostrander2006
32220 BBYObsessionComicHaden Blackman2005
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35019 BBYBuyPurge: The Tyrant's FistComicAlexander Freed2005
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35619 BBYBuyDark Times: ParallelsComicMick Harrison2008
35719 BBYBuyThe Last One StandingShort StoryJude Watson2006Included in Legacy/Secrets of the Jedi Omnibus
35819 BBYBuyDark Times: VectorComicRandy Stradley2009
35919 BBYBuyCoruscant Nights I: Jedi TwilightNovelMichael Reaves2008
36019 BBYBuyDarth Vader and the Ghost PrisonComicHaden Blackman2013
36119 BBYTales: The DutyComicVarious2003
36219 BBYBuyDark Times: Blue HarvestComicMick Harrison2010
36319 BBYBuyDark Times: Out of the WildernessComicMick Harrison2011
36419 BBYBuyDark Times: Fire CarrierComicMick Harrison2013
36519 BBYBuyDark Times: A Spark RemainsComicRandy Stradley2013
36619 BBYBuyIn His ImageShort StoryKaren Traviss2005Included in Legacy of the Force: Betrayal
36719 BBYBuyDarth Vader and the Ninth AssassinComicTim Siedell2013
36818 BBYBuyThe Last of the Jedi #1: The Desperate MissionJunior NovelJude Watson2005
36918 BBYBuyThe Last of the Jedi #2: Dark WarningJunior NovelJude Watson2005
37018 BBYGhosts of the SithShort StoryJude Watson2006Star Wars Insider 88
37118 BBYBuyThe Last of the Jedi #3: UnderworldJunior NovelJude Watson2005
37218 BBYBuyThe Last of the Jedi #4: Death on NabooJunior NovelJude Watson2006
37318 BBYBuyThe Last of the Jedi #5: A Tangled WebJunior NovelJude Watson2006
37418 BBYBuyThe Last of the Jedi #6: Return of the Dark SideJunior NovelJude Watson2006
37518 BBYBuyThe Last of the Jedi #7: Secret WeaponJunior NovelJude Watson2007
37618 BBYBuyThe Last of the Jedi #8: Against the EmpireJunior NovelJude Watson2007
37718 BBYBuyThe Last of the Jedi #9: Master of DeceptionJunior NovelJude Watson2008
37818 BBYBuyThe Last of the Jedi #10: ReckoningJunior NovelJude Watson2008
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38118 BBYEvasive Action: End GameComicPaul Ens2006
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38318 BBYBuyTwo-Edged SwordShort StoryKaren Traviss2005Included in Legacy of the Force: Betrayal
38418 BBYBuyThe Last JediNovelMichael Reaves2013
38517-16 BBYDarth Vader and the Cry of ShadowsComicTim Siedell2014
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38815-14 BBYBuyAnimated Adventures: DroidsTelevisionVarious1986
38910-6 BBYDark VendettaShort StoryEric S. Trautmann1996
39010-6 BBYBuyThe Han Solo Trilogy: Volume #1: The Paradise SnareNovelA. C. Crispin1997
39110-6 BBYTales: The Princess Leia DiariesComicVarious2003
39210-6 BBYTales: Falling StarComicVarious2004
39310-6 BBYTales: SandstormComicVarious2004
39410-6 BBYThe HearingShort StoryMichael Allen Horne1993Included in Dark Empire Sourcebook
39510-6 BBYThe Lesser EvilShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996Included in Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
39610-6 BBYThe King's RequiemShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996Included in Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
39710-6 BBYLuke Skywalker's WalkaboutComicPhill Norwood1999Collected in Luke Skywalker, Last Hope for the Galaxy
39810-6 BBYTurning PointShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1995
39910-6 BBYDroids: SpecialComicDan Thorsland1995
40010-6 BBYDroids: The Kalarba AdventuresComicDan Thorsland1994
40110-6 BBYDroids: Artoo’s Day OutComicDan Thorsland1994
40210-6 BBYDroids: RebellionComicRyder Windham1997
40310-6 BBYDroids: Season of RevoltComicJan Stmad1995
40410-6 BBYDroids: The Protocol OffensiveComicRyder Windham1997
40510-6 BBYTales: Young Lando CalrissianComicVarious2005
40610-6 BBYJabba the Hutt: Art of the DealComicJim Woodring1998
40710-6 BBYTales: GhostComicVarious2003
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4105-4 BBYBuyLando Calrissian and the Mindharp of SharuNovelL. Neil Smith1983
4115-4 BBYTales: In the BeginningComicVarious2003
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4143 BBYOut of the CradleShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1994
4153 BBYBuyLando Calrissian and the Flamewind of OseonNovelL. Neil Smith1983
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4213 BBYBuyThe Force UnleashedNovelSean Williams2008
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4242 BBYAgent of the Empire: Hard TargetsComicJohn Ostrander2013
4252 BBYAnd Leebo Makes ThreeShort StoryMichael Reaves2011Star Wars Insider 128
4262 BBYBuyHan Solo at Star’s EndNovelBrian Daley1979
4272 BBYHan Solo at Star’s EndComicArchie Goodwin1981
4282 BBYThis Crumb for HireComicRyder Windham1996
4292 BBYBuyHan Solo’s RevengeNovelBrian Daley1979
4302 BBYWhen the Domino FallsShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1994
4312 BBYBlood Ties: A Tale of Jango and Boba FettComicTom Taylor2010
4322 BBYStrangers with SweetsShort StoryKathy Tyers1996Truce at Bakura Sourcebook
4332 BBYLast Strike at G'rhoShort StoryKathy Tyers1996Truce at Bakura Sourcebook
4342 BBYConstant SpiritShort StoryJennifer Heddle2013Star Wars Insider 145
4352 BBYBuyHan Solo and the Lost LegacyNovelBrian Daley1980
4362 BBYRebel BassShort StoryKathy Tyers2001
4372 BBYTales: Planet of the DeadComicVarious2005
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4391 BBYBuyThe Force Unleashed IINovelSean Williams2010
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4441 BBYTales: Extinction, part 1-2ComicVarious2002
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4471 BBYTales: The Hovel on Terk StreetComicVarious2002
4481 BBYBuyTales from the Empire: Tinian on TrialShort StoryKathy Tyers1994
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4511 BBYEmpire: The Short Happy Life of Roons SewellComicPaul Chadwick2004
4521 BBYThe Farlander PapersShort StoryRusel DeMaria1993
4531 BBYTales: ResurrectionComicVarious2003
4541 BBYX-Wing Rogue Squadron 1/2ComicMichael A. Stackpole1997
4551 BBYEmpire: Princess...WarriorComicRandy Stradley2003
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4571 BBYTales: The Value of Proper Intelligence...ComicKen Lizzl2005
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4591 BBYX-WingGameLucasarts1993
4601 BBYBlood Ties: Boba Fett is DeadComicTom Taylor2012
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463Before ANHBuyShadow GamesNovelMichael Reaves2011
464Before ANHRingersShort StoryLaurie Burns1995
465Before ANHMaze RunShort StoryDavid Williams2012Star Wars Insider 131
466Before ANHBreaking Free: The Adventures of Dannen LifeholdShort StoryDave Marron1994
467Before ANHBuyStar Wars Journals: The Fight for JusticeJunior NovelJohn Peel1998
468Before ANHBuyStar Wars Journals: Captive to EvilJunior NovelJude Watson1998
469Before ANHBuyThe Han Solo Trilogy: Volume #3: Rebel DawnNovelA. C. Crispin1998
470Before ANHTales: PreyComicVarious2003

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