StarCraft Timeline and Chronology

What’s on the StarCraft Timeline?

This StarCraft timeline includes all of the canon media for the StarCraft series of video games. We arrange this media, by default, in chronological order. However, if you prefer release order, you can sort by the “Year” column in the table below. StarCraft is a space-opera story told through strategy computer games. You can also find a lot of novels and comics to supplement the story. Blizzard Entertainment developed it as a science fiction alternative to Warcraft, which also has a timeline here. Additionally, if there’s something we missed, let us know on our contact page. We love to hear from you.

Where to Start?

While not the chronological beginning, the best place to start is with the games. However, the real question is knowing which game to start with. StarCraft II is far more substantial and relevant to our current technology, but the original StarCraft is still a classic. So we’ll let you decide which game you would rather start with. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy this StarCraft timeline.

12480BuyHybrideShort StoryMicky Neilson2000Amazing Stories Magazine, issue 601
22488BuyHeaven's DevilsNovelWilliam C. Dietz2010
32488Heaven's Devils: Lost TransmissionsShort StoryBlizzard Entertainment2010Available online (parts 1, 2, 3, 4)
42491BuyUprisingNovelMicky Neilson2000Collected in the StarCraft Archive
52494BuyDevil's DueNovelChristie Golden2011
62496Perdition's CrossingShort StoryJames Waugh2015Available online.
72499StarCraft Comic #0ComicSimon Furman2010Availabe in the collector's edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
82499BuyRevelationsShort StoryChris Metzen, Samuel Moore1999Amazing Stories Magazine, issue 596
92500BuyStarCraftGameBlizzard Entertainment1998
102500BuyLiberty's CrusadeNovelJeff Grubb2001Collected in the StarCraft Archive
112500BuySpeed of DarknessNovelTracy Hickman2002Collected in the StarCraft Archive
122500BuyStarCraft: InsurrectionGameBlizzard Entertainment1998
132500BuyStarCraft: RetributionGameBlizzard Entertainment1998
142500BuyQueen of BladesNovelAaron Rosenberg2006
152500BuyShadow of the Xel'NagaNovelKevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta2001Collected in the StarCraft Archive
162500BuyFrontline Vol. 3: Twilight ArchonComicRen Zatopek2009
172500MothershipShort StoryBrian T. Kindregan2010Available online.
182500BuyFrontline Vol. 1: Weapon of WarComicPaul Benjamin, Dave Shramek2008
192500BuyFrontline Vol. 3: War-TornComicPaul Benjamin, Dave Shramek2009
202500BuyFrontline Vol. 4: OrientationComicPaul Benjamin, Dave Shramek2009
212500BuyStarCraft: Brood WarGameBlizzard Entertainment1998
222501BuyGhost Academy: Vol. 1ComicKeith R. A. DeCandido2010
232501BuyGhost Academy: Vol. 2ComicDavid Gerrold2010
242501BuyGhost Academy: Vol. 3ComicDavid Gerrold2011
252502BuyI, MengskNovelGraham McNeill2008
262502BuyFrontline Vol. 3: NewsworthyComicGrace Randolph2009
272502BuyStarCraft: Book 1ComicSimon Furman2011
282502BuyFrontline Vol. 1: Why We FightComicJosh Elder2008
292502BuyFrontline Vol. 2: A Ghost StoryComicKieron Gillen2009
302502BuyFrontline Vol. 2: CreepComicSimon Furman2009
312502BuyFrontline Vol. 1: Heavy ArmorComicSimon Furman2008
322502BuyFrontline Vol. 1: ThundergodComicRichard A. Knaak2008
332502Artanis: SacrificeComicMatt Burns, James Waugh2015Available online.
342502BuyNovaNovelKeith R. A. DeCandido2006Frame story takes place here.
352503Broken WideShort StoryCameron Dayton2010Available online.
362503BuyFrontline Vol. 3: Do No HarmComicJoshua Elder2009
372503BuyFirstbornNovelChristie Golden2007
382503BuyShadow HuntersNovelChristie Golden2007
392503BuyTwilightNovelChristie Golden2009
402503BuyGhost: SpectresNovelNate Kenyon2011
412503BuyFrontline Vol. 4: Voice in the DarknessComicJosh Elder2009
422503ColossusShort StoryValerie Watrous2011Available online.
432503Collateral DamageShort StoryMatt Burns2010Available online.
442503BuyFrontline Vol. 4: Fear the ReaperComicDavid Gerrold2009
452503BuyFrontline Vol. 3: Last CallComicGrace Randolph2009
462503ChangelingShort StoryJames Waugh2009Available online.
472504BuyFrontline Vol. 4: HomecomingComicChris Metzen2009
482504Stealing ThunderShort StoryMicky Neilson2010Available online.
492504BuyStarCraft II: Wings of LibertyGameBlizzard Entertainment2010
502504The Fightin' SceeVeesShort StoryKal-El Bogdanove2013Available online.
512504BuyFlashpointNovelChristie Golden2012
522504Kerrigan: Hope and VengeanceComicCameron Dayton2013Available online.
532505BuyStarCraft II: Heart of the SwarmGameBlizzard Entertainment2013
542505FrenzyShort StoryKal-El Bogdanove2013Available online.
552505Just an OverlordShort StoryGavin Jurgens-Fyhrie2013Available online.
562506BuyStarCraft II: Legacy of the VoidGameBlizzard Entertainment2015
572506BuyEvolutionNovelTimothy Zahn2016

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