Stargate Episode Timeline

What’s on the Stargate Episode Timeline?

This Stargate episode timeline includes all of the episodes from the three Stargate shows, including SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe. This timeline also includes the 1994 film that launched this story. The timeline does not include any of the comics, books, video games, or the animated Stargate series, since those works are considered largely non-canonical, and therefore not relavant to this timeline.

As with our other timelines, don’t forget to let us know if there’s something that needs changing, whether it be adding, taking away, or rearranging pieces of this timeline. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy.

1StargateBuyStargateFilmRoland Emmerich1994
2SG-1BuyStargate SG-1 (Season 1)TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner1998
3SG-1BuyStargate SG-1 (Season 2)TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner1999
4SG-1BuyStargate SG-1 (Season 3)TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2000
5SG-1BuyStargate SG-1 (Season 4)TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2001
6SG-1BuyStargate SG-1 (Season 5)TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2002
7SG-1BuyStargate SG-1 (Season 6)TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2003
8SG-1BuyStargate SG-1 (Season 7)TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
9SG-1BuySG-1 8.01: "New Order, Part 1"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004At this point SG-1 and Atlantis begin alternating episodes.
10SG-1BuySG-1 8.02: "New Order, Part 2"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
11AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.01: "Rising, Part 1"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
12AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.02: "Rising, Part 2"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
13SG-1BuySG-1 8.03: "Lockdown"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
14AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.03: "Hide and Seek"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
15SG-1BuySG-1 8.04: "Zero Hour"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
16AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.04: "Thirty-Eight Minutes"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
17SG-1BuySG-1 8.05: "Icon"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
18AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.05: "Suspicion"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
19SG-1BuySG-1 8.06: "Avatar"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
20AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.06: "Childhood's End"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
21SG-1BuySG-1 8.07: "Affinity"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
22AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.07: "Poisoning the Well"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
23SG-1BuySG-1 8.08: "Covenant"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
24AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.08: "Underground"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
25SG-1BuySG-1 8.09: "Sacrifices"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
26AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.09: "Home"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
27SG-1BuySG-1 8.10: "Endgame"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
28AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.10: "The Storm"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
29SG-1BuySG-1 8.11: "Gemini"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
30AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.11: "The Eye"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
31SG-1BuySG-1 8.12: "Prometheus Unbound"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2004
32AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.12: "The Defiant One"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2004
33SG-1BuySG-1 8.13: "It's Good to Be King"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
34AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.13: "Hot Zone"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
35SG-1BuySG-1 8.14: "Full Alert"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
36AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.14: "Sanctuary"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
37SG-1BuySG-1 8.15: "Citizen Joe"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
38AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.15: "Before I Sleep"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
39SG-1BuySG-1 8.16: "Reckoning, Part 1"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
40SG-1BuySG-1 8.17: "Reckoning, Part 2"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
41AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.16: "The Brotherhood"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
42AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.17: "Letters from Pegasus"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
43SG-1BuySG-1 8.18: "Threads"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
44AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.18: "The Gift"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
45SG-1BuySG-1 8.19: "Moebius, Part 1"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
46SG-1BuySG-1 8.20: "Moebius, Part 2"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
47AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.19: "The Siege, Part 1"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
48AtlantisBuyAtlantis 1.20: "The Siege, Part 2"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
49AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.01: "The Siege, Part 3"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
50SG-1BuySG-1 9.01: "Avalon, Part 1"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
51SG-1BuySG-1 9.02: "Avalon, Part 2"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
52AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.02: "The Intruder"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
53SG-1BuySG-1 9.03: "Origin"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
54AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.03: "Runner"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
55SG-1BuySG-1 9.04: "The Ties That Bind"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
56AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.04: "Duet"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
57SG-1BuySG-1 9.05: "The Powers That Be"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
58AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.05: "Condemned"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
59SG-1BuySG-1 9.06: "Beachhead"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
60AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.06: "Trinity"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
61SG-1BuySG-1 9.07: "Ex Deus Machina"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
62AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.07: "Instinct"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
63SG-1BuySG-1 9.08: "Babylon"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
64AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.08: "Conversion"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
65SG-1BuySG-1 9.09: "Prototype"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
66AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.09: "Aurora"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
67SG-1BuySG-1 9.10: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 1"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2005
68SG-1BuySG-1 9.11: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 2"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
69AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.10: "The Lost Boys"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2005
70AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.11: "The Hive"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
71SG-1BuySG-1 9.12: "Collateral Damage"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
72AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.12: "Epiphany"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
73SG-1BuySG-1 9.13: "Ripple Effect"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
74AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.13: "Critical Mass"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
75SG-1BuySG-1 9.14: "Stronghold"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
76AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.14: "Grace Under Pressure"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
77SG-1BuySG-1 9.15: "Ethon"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
78AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.15: "The Tower"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
79SG-1BuySG-1 9.16: "Off the Grid"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
80AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.16: "The Long Goodbye"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
81SG-1BuySG-1 9.17: "The Scourge"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
82AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.17: "Coup d'Etat"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
83SG-1BuySG-1 9.18: "Arthur's Mantle"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
84AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.18: "Michael"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
85SG-1BuySG-1 9.19: "Crusade"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
86AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.19: "Inferno"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
87SG-1BuySG-1 9.20: "Camelot"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
88AtlantisBuyAtlantis 2.20: "Allies"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
89SG-1BuySG-1 10.01: "Flesh and Blood"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
90AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.01: "No Man's Land"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
91SG-1BuySG-1 10.02: "Morpheus"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
92AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.02: "Misbegotten"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
93SG-1BuySG-1 10.03: "The Pegasus Project"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
94AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.03: "Irresistible"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
95SG-1BuySG-1 10.04: "Insiders"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
96AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.04: "Sateda"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
97SG-1BuySG-1 10.05: "Uninvited"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
98AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.05: "Progeny"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
99SG-1BuySG-1 10.06: "200"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
100AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.06: "The Real World"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
101SG-1BuySG-1 10.07: "Counterstrike"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
102AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.07: "Common Ground"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
103SG-1BuySG-1 10.08: "Memento Mori"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
104AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.08: "McKay and Mrs. Miller"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
105SG-1BuySG-1 10.09: "The Company of Thieves"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
106AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.09: "Phantoms"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
107SG-1BuySG-1 10.10: "The Quest, Part 1"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2006
108SG-1BuySG-1 10.11: "The Quest, Part 2"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2007
109AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.10: "The Return, Part 1"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2006
110AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.11: "The Return, Part 2"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2007
111SG-1BuySG-1 10.12: "Line in the Sand"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2007
112AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.12: "Echoes"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2007
113SG-1BuySG-1 10.13: "The Road Not Taken"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2007
114AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.13: "Irresponsible"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2007
115SG-1BuySG-1 10.14: "The Shroud"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2007
116AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.14: "Tao of Rodney"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2007
117SG-1BuySG-1 10.15: "Bounty"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2007
118AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.15: "The Game"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2007
119SG-1BuySG-1 10.16: "Bad Guys"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2007
120AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.16: "The Ark"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2007
121SG-1BuySG-1 10.17: "Talion"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2007
122AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.17: "Sunday"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2007
123SG-1BuySG-1 10.18: "Family Ties"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2007
124AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.18: "Submersion"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2007
125SG-1BuySG-1 10.19: "Dominion"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2007
126AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.19: "Vengeance"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2007
127SG-1BuySG-1 10.20: "Unending"TelevisionBrad Wright, Jonathan Glassner2007
128AtlantisBuyAtlantis 3.20: "First Strike"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2007
129SG-1BuyStargate: The Ark of TruthFilmRobert C. Cooper2008
130AtlantisBuyAtlantis (Season 4)TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2008
131AtlantisBuyAtlantis 5.01: "Search and Rescue"TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2008Just this episode occurs before the film.
132SG-1BuyStargate: ContinuumFilmBrad Wright2008
133AtlantisBuyAtlantis (Season 5)TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2009The rest of season 5 picks up after the film.
134UniverseBuyStargate Universe (Season 1)TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2010
135UniverseBuyStargate Universe (Season 2)TelevisionBrad Wright, Robert C. Cooper2011

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