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What’s on the Terminator Timeline?

The Terminator timeline is tricky to arrange, since it involves time travel, the result of which leads to alternate timelines. Terminator has also spawned a lot of comics and other tie-in media, most of which is not considered canonical, especially the comics that often crossed over with the likes of Robocop or other franchises.

So most tie-in media is not included on this timeline. However, there are a few novels that are worth including, as well as the Sarah Connor Chronicles that aired on television. All in all, we think this is the best order to experience a more complete story of the Terminator franchise.

1TerminatorBuyThe TerminatorFilmJames Cameron1984
2TerminatorBuyTerminator 2: Judgment DayFilmJames Cameron1991
3TerminatorBuyT2: InfiltratorNovelS. M. Stirling2001
4TerminatorBuyT2: Rising StormNovelS. M. Stirling2003
5TerminatorBuyT2: The Future WarNovelS. M. Stirling2004
6TerminatorBuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles (Season 1)TelevisionJosh Friedman2007
7TerminatorBuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles (Season 2)TelevisionJosh Friedman2008
8TerminatorBuyTerminator 3: Rise of the MachinesFilmJonathan Mostow2003
9TerminatorBuyTerminator SalvationFilmMcG2009
10TerminatorBuyTerminator GenisysFilmAlan Taylor2015

2 thoughts on “Terminator Timeline

  1. Supposedly, the sixth movie from the franchise, Terminator 6, isn’t going to be a direct follow-up from the first two, making the other ones un-cannon?

  2. I am a big terminator fan my favorite was terminator genisys the fifth chapter of the series now its time for the sixth chapter of the new terminator trilogy is terminator 6 resurrection if the title is official announced next fall and after terminator resurrection is terminator 7 will this be the final chapter of the terminator movies could syfy do a TV series from terminator genisys and terminator 6 see ya next November 2019

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