The Elder Scrolls Timeline

What’s on the Elder Scrolls Timeline?

This is the unofficial Elder Scrolls timeline for the popular series of games and the few novels associated with that world. This timeline isn’t huge, but the lore of the games is massive, and the games have not all been released in chronological order. The games are a series of RPG games, most of which have come with huge critical and financial success. It’s a high-fantasy series (meaning it has elves, dwarves, orcs, etc.) and takes place in the fantasy world of Nirn, specifically the continent of Tamriel. Tamriel is divided into several “provinces” and usually each of the games takes place in a separate province, each dominated by a specific race. Skyrim, for example, takes place on the province of Skyrim, home of the Nords.

So here is the chronological order of the Elder Scrolls games, their DLCs, and all related tie-in media. While the series doesn’t have much tie-in media, there are two books written by Greg Keyes, an acclaimed sci-fi/fantasy authors. As with our other timelines, if anything is out of place, don’t forget to contact us through our contact page. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy this list of Elder Scrolls media.

Additional Resources:

12E 583BuyElder Scrolls OnlineGameBethesda Softworks2014
22E 583BuyTales of Tamriel - Vol. 1: The LandAnthologyBethesda Softworks2015Collection of the in-world documents in the game.
32E 583BuyTales of Tamriel - Vol. 2: The LoreAnthologyBethesda Softworks2015Collection of the in-world documents in the game.
42E 864BuyAdventures: RedguardGameBethesda Softworks1998
53E 172BuyLegends: BattlespireGameBethesda Softworks1997
63E 999BuyArenaGameBethesda Softworks1994First game
73E 405BuyDaggerfallGameBethesda Softworks1996
83E 427BuyMorrowindGameBethesda Softworks2002
93E 428BuyTribunalGameBethesda Softworks2002
103E 429BuyBloodmoonGameBethesda Softworks2003
113E 433BuyOblivionGameBethesda Softworks2006
123E 473BuyThe Infernal CityNovelGreg Keyes2009
133E 473BuyLord of SoulsNovelGreg Keyes2011
144E 201BuySkyrimGameBethesda Softworks2011
154E 201BuyThe Skyrim Library, Vol. 1: The HistoriesAnthologyBethesda Softworks2015Collection of the in-world documents in the game.
164E 201BuyThe Skyrim Library, Vol. 2: Man, Mer, and BeastAnthologyBethesda Softworks2016Collection of the in-world documents in the game.
174E 201BuyThe Skyrim Library, Vol. 3: The ArcaneAnthologyBethesda Softworks2016Collection of the in-world documents in the game.

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