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What’s on The Walking Dead Episode Order?

This unofficial The Walking Dead episode order takes all of the episodes from The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and various webisodes and places them in chronological order. This timeline also includes the Survival Instincts video game. Note: The Walking Dead video games by Telltale Games are not included in this timeline, since they are part of the comics canon, not the television canon.

This timeline is for the television show and its associated canonĀ only. For those who want the comics, visit our other Walking Dead timeline. As with our other timelines, don’t forget to let us know if there’s an error that needs fixing. Thank you!

1OtherTorn ApartWebGreg Nicotero2011TWD and FTWD intertwine in their first season.
2Fear the Walking DeadBuyFTWD 1.01: "Pilot"TelevisionRobert Kirkman2015
3The Walking DeadBuyTWD 1.01: "Days Gone Bye"TelevisionFrank Darabont2010
4OtherBuyThe Walking Dead: Survival InstinctGameTerminal Reality2013
5Fear the Walking DeadBuyFTWD 1.02: "So Close, Yet So Far"TelevisionRobert Kirkman2015
6Fear the Walking DeadBuyFTWD 1.03: "The Dog"TelevisionRobert Kirkman2015
7Fear the Walking DeadBuyFTWD 1.04: "Not Fade Away"TelevisionRobert Kirkman2015
8The Walking DeadBuyTWD 1.02: "Guts"TelevisionFrank Darabont2010
9The Walking DeadBuyTWD 1.03: "Tell It to the Frogs"TelevisionFrank Darabont2010
10Fear the Walking DeadBuyFTWD 1.05: "Cobalt"TelevisionRobert Kirkman2015
11Fear the Walking DeadBuyFTWD 1.06: "The Good Man"TelevisionRobert Kirkman2015
12The Walking DeadBuyTWD 1.04: "Vatos"TelevisionFrank Darabont2010
13The Walking DeadBuyTWD 1.05: "Wildfire"TelevisionFrank Darabont2010
14The Walking DeadBuyTWD 1.06: "TS-19"TelevisionFrank Darabont2010
15OtherCold StorageWebGreg Nicotero2012
16The Walking DeadBuyThe Walking Dead (Season 2)TelevisionGlen Mazzara2012
17OtherThe OathWebGreg Nicotero2013
18The Walking DeadBuyThe Walking Dead (Season 3)TelevisionGlen Mazzara2013
19The Walking DeadBuyThe Walking Dead (Season 4)TelevisionScott Gimple2014
20The Walking DeadBuyThe Walking Dead (Season 5)TelevisionScott Gimple2015
21The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead (Season 6)TelevisionScott Gimple2016