Blood Line

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Halo: Bloodline, though not as much of a personal favorite has a lot of interesting elements about it. When I first started reading I felt like many of the characters were a bit shallow, but this changed dramatically as it went on and I found myself slowly drawn in. I enjoyed it.

The artwork is perhaps my favorite part of the graphic novel. It’s well sketched and a nice balance and use of color which kept it interesting to read. The characters are quite interesting. The team of Spartans are not nearly as black and white (no pun intended) as they first appear. I also really like the way the artist and writer were juxtaposing the story with images of the Spartan’s earlier training together. It did a good job of getting into the heads of each member of the team.

The only major complaint I have is that the plot is not very original. Spartans and A.I. going up against Covenant, then discovering a common enemy in recently discovered rogue Forerunner technology. Sound familiar? It’s essentially a very similar, slightly tweaked version of the video games. This doesn’t ruin anything but it’s nothing new and therefore predictable and less interesting. Overall, though it was still enjoyable, for reasons other then it’s originality.