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Publisher's Summary

Serreg, an archwizard under Lady Polaris in Delia, is working on a blight which seems to hit all the land Delia passes above. After deducting that the blight is a magical spell coming from under the earth, he goes to investigate. But he is not match for the phaerimm, and while fleeing for his life, his prayers are heard by Targus, who grants him a dagger of polymorphing, with which Serreg slays the phaerimm, but polymorphs randomly several times. Finally, he polymorphed into a dragon, and with his superior intellect understood that each time he used the dagger it would polymorph him into something random. As a dragon, Serred was now unconcerned with mortal matters such as the plague, so he tore the dagger (which was morphed into a claw) from his body and used it as a start of his treasure stash.

Additional Notes

Collected in Realms of the Dragons


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