Publisher's Summary

Rey fends off a creature that wants to devour her new friend, BB-8.

Our Review

I admit, as a white male, these shorts are probably the last thing I should be reviewing. They were never intended for a guy like me, though my demographic can still garner a little enjoyment from them. That said, for the target audience, these shorts are off to a fantastic start.

This is the first short of Forces of Destiny to be released, though not the first chronologically. The short is just that…short. Really short. And yet I was very surprised at how much they managed to pack into this less-than-three-minute episode. First of all, we got to learn what that strange alien head belonged to, the one we first saw inĀ The Force Awakens as BB-8 was moving away from Poe’s recently destroyed X-wing, one of a few things that were never explained in that film.

We also got to see more of Rey’s intuitive affinity for the Force. Still think she was a Mary Sue, who learned to master everything about the Force in the span of a few short days? No. Her life as a scavenger has kept her on her toes, and taught her a lot. That is fully evident in this short. Plus there’s a nice little moment at the end when we get to see her kinder side.

So if you fall into the target market for these shorts, or even if you don’t, I highly recommend checking this out.


Additional Notes

Takes place near the beginning of The Force Awakens