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Our Review

If anyone is familiar with the Halo universe, then you should already know that Reach was the first planet to fall too the covenant. Which, befitting for the end of a franchise, happens to be the story of the last installment to Bungie’s Halo games.


Reach falls the end… Boo Yeah! Serious, the intro goes for a Shakespearean method of showing the end then proceeding with the story. Nice Work! You give us the end yet people are still roped into playing! What’s next, your character goes missing in action?

Reach takes place with you, the new member of Nobel team. A replacement, with plenty of experience under your belt. The story from then on out is the missions that Nobel team undertakes during the covenant invasion of Reach. The nice feature about this is how you really are not the main character with the story following the team until the end. Because of this your multi-player appearance (except if you use a Sangheili; their the Elites) is how you look in the campaign. A very nice feature for FPS games.

Finally levels. There are eleven to do, seriously Bungie? only eleven? yet surprisingly it’s still about an eight hour campaign at least! However there are a few really cool level specific features. Like the space level (Dude! best level Idea EVER!), and the Falcon level. Apart from that the campaign is above par with a genuinely epic feel to the sheer scale of everything going on; Battles and areas. Also no Flood…. YAY!!!


As most FPS games go, the campaign is linear with straight forward objectives to do; unless you are entirely useless at FPS’. So not much to talk about here. As for controls and play, you are no longer the walking tank. Which is good, since it makes you think more like a team when playing. Though people will still tend to run out screaming “I am a God of Metal and Destruction!” before being shamelessly removed from existence.

In general, Reach gives more of a structure to combat where quick thinking and using your terrain does help you. Especially how everything in the game is the older generation of tech, making it more difficult to be accurate and survive.


Err, ok. Yeah… It’s like standard halo multiplayer? Bit more advanced than usual. There are a few new things though, like Invasion slayer, which is Spartans Vs Elites in either an objective game mode or a complete war, there are also territories that you can get in the battle for additional weapon and vehicle drops. Firefight, which isn’t really new but has been improved a lot since ODST. And others which are standard game modes.


I’m going to call this a wonderful floor in the game because of one reason: “Ooooo! It’s so pretty! Wo-” Opps, you died!

It is unbelievable how nice this game looks! Probably because every backdrop has been hand painted! then edited with features such as 3D scenery and stuff and it just looks so pretty! I found myself dying so many times from looking at the scenery on the space level.

Final Thoughts

How to end a series, where it all began. Bungie sure gave it’s series a respectable departure into history.