Halo Wars: Genesis

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Our Review

Halo: Genesis is part of the limited edition of the real time strategy game Halo Wars. It explains the background behind many of the primary characters but does little else to further any plot. I was able to finish it really fast and it didn’t really leave that much of an impression, apart from fixing Halo War’s main problem which is a lack of depth in the characters.

Everything seems very rushed in this comic, the artwork is simple as is the plot. It is definitely a rushed attempt to include something in a limited edition video game to try and up the value. However I will agree that the writing, at least line by line, is fine. It’s the overall arch of the story that lacks in purpose. The only purpose it has is to explain the background of the characters which it does in a forced and rushed way. There would have been better ways to flesh out the characters in my opinion.