Publisher's Summary

On a planet, UNSC forces are pinned down by Covenant. A Spartan codenamed Daisy-023 arrives and helps evacuate the UNSC forces. While in battle, Daisy has flashbacks to her past in the SPARTAN-II supersoldier project. When she decides to escape the project and return home, she finds a replacement clone of herself. Daisy draws her firearm, but cannot kill the clone and decides to return to the military. The clone gives Daisy a small teddy bear, similar to what Daisy had before she was inducted into the SPARTAN-II Project. In the present, Daisy is shot and killed; her body is found by the Master Chief, who picks up the teddy bear beside her and places it in her hands.

Our Review

Homecoming is not my favorite of the Legends short film. I can understand that it was created as anime and fits with a lot of asian film traditions, and honestly I don’t have a problem if (SPOILER ALERT) the hero dies. That can sometimes make the plot more meaningful, but in this case everyone dies which only makes the protagonist’s sacrifice completely useless. It makes her choice to not kill her clone and return to the UNSC altogether meaningless, because her death served no purpose.

On a brighter side the cinematic tropes used are well done. The editing back and forth between her reality and her past is well done and doesn’t seem choppy. The character development is also moving (though eventually useless). The animation is clean and consistent with most good anime. The music, though not original to the short film, is well placed and sufficiently moving. Overall, a good film, but it might make you mad.