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Publisher's Summary

A marine sergeant nicknamed Ghost and his demolition team are sent to destroy a prototype weapons facility to prevent it from falling into Covenant hands. Not wanting a repeat of his last mission, in which his entire platoon was killed, Ghost commandeers the heavy armor suit and uses it to provide cover for his squad as they evacuate. While Ghost deals massive damage to the Covenant forces, he is heavily outmatched and seriously wounded. As the last evacuation ships fly away, he uses the suit’s self-destruct to destroy the nearby Covenant and complete his mission.

Our Review

Prototype is a good film as short anime goes but despite some very good features it doesn’t really stand out. This is probably because of a certain lack of originality and the fact that the basic plot could fit in any story and doesn’t make use of the story elements that are unique to the Halo universe. That said, emotionally the film does a good job with the main character, making it a darker film compared to some of the others.

Aesthetically the film is great. Even though overall the tone and texture match the darker emotional intensity of the plot, many of the colors are quite vibrant and keep the animation from getting monotones and boring. Overall, a good addition to the set of short films though maybe not what you’d take away as the most memorable.


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