Publisher's Summary

“The Duel” was produced by Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and directed by Hiroshi Yamazaki, with creative supervision by Mamoru Oshii. The story follows an Arbiter who does not want to follow the Covenant religion. One of the Prophets accuses Fal of heresy. Fal will not yield and the Prophet sends another Elite to kill his wife in order to drag him to a trap.

Our Review

The Duel is really fun. As is typical with anime and Asian film the protagonist does not reach a pleasant end but the film has an intense amount of action that is satisfying and fun to watch although a bit unrealistic. It also gives some depth to the Covenant race of Elites making it clearer why they descented in Halo 2. The artwork is a bit confusing but a nice mix of anime and computer technology. Much of the design is very Asian in style which does not exactly clash with franchise but it does seem a bit out of place. Overall, a fun film to watch.