Publisher's Summary

On board a cloaked human ship, a group of elite supersoldiers called Spartans (John-117/Master Chief, Frederic-104, Kelly-087, Arthur-079 and Solomon-069) are briefed by an intelligence officer about their mission. A Covenant fleet is momentarily trapped in the system, and is carrying an important “package” the Spartans must retrieve. The ship decloaks and deploys the Spartans in small ships called Booster Frames. Solomon detects the package on one of the ships, but discovers too late that it is a ruse; Solomon is killed when the ship is destroyed. Master Chief deduces that their target is actually in the Covenant flagship. Arthur is killed trying to cover Kelly during the battle, and the rest of the Spartans board the Covenant ship. Making their way through thick Covenant defenses, Master Chief manages to recover the package—human scientist Catherine Halsey in cryonic hibernation—and the two escape via a Covenant escape pod. The remaining Spartans are recovered by the stealth ship and leave the system.

Our Review

The Package is easily the best short film in this collection. It’s made in 3D and gives the same exhilarating rush you get from the games. The only small problem is that the writing is a bit melodramatic and simplistic. But the film easily makes up for it in the action, choreography, staging, and lighting. The action is very well staged with pauses in all the right places making the pacing a perfect mix of start and stop action. It also feels very much like the game with a couple of first-person POV shots thrown in to make things recognizable. The animation is clean and well lit with a classic “Halo” look to it. Definitely one of the best.