The Clone Wars 1.06: Downfall of a Droid

Our Review

This episode is better viewed as a build-up for the next episode. On it’s own, it doesn’t have much to offer, even though it does present us with the close relationship that R2 has with Anakin.

The beginning of this episode is one of the best military sci-fi moments in the show, where Anakin brilliantly outmaneuvers General Grievous. However, this scene is only there to set up losing R2 and the subsequent search.

Seeing the bounty hunter droids in action for the first time, is possibly the best part of this episode. The only competing element is R2’s few moments where he shows how clever he is. Classic R2. Although these elements are not particularly humorous, it is very entertaining.

Additional Notes

The Clone Wars were aired out of chronological order. They are here presented in chronological order.