The Clone Wars 2.01: Holocron Heist

Our Review

“Holocron Heist” is one of the first instances that we have of someone truly conning the Jedi. This episode is probably one of the primary reasons why Cad Bane has since become a Star Wars favorite. Not only is his look/voice cool, but he is smart enough to out-maneuver Jedi.

The humor in this episode is also fantastic, brought on mainly from Bane’s service droid. Their interactions provide a different take on Bane’s personality that isn’t expected given what we know of him so far.

This is also an opportunity to further Ahsoka’s personality. Her experience working in the library, though it may sound boring, was actually a great way to see her progress.

Additional Notes

The Clone Wars were aired out of chronological order. They are here presented in chronological order.