The Clone Wars 2.16: Cat and Mouse

Our Review

This episode is different than some. It involves the introduction of Admiral Trench, the arachnid general who is a military genius. The strategic game between him and Anakin is the best part of this episode.

The problem with this episode is that it’s boring. There isn’t much that goes on. It’s mostly people talking to each other, and not in a way that builds character significantly. However, because of the military play, it’s still a great episode.

The animation is simple, though this is partially because it takes place mostly in space. The detail of the space battles, however, is quite excellent.

If you’re confused about chronology, this is the first chronological episode in the series, even though it takes place in the middle of season 2.

Additional Notes

The Clone Wars were aired out of chronological order. They are here presented in chronological order.