The Clone Wars

Our Review

The Clone Wars is what started the television show by the same name. Although it received a theatrical release, this was actually a decision made late in the game. Originally, The Clone Wars was going to be the first four episodes of the series. Instead, it became a full-length film. This allows for some benefits and drawbacks.

The biggest benefit of being a film is that they were able to spend more time on the animation. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t come near the level of animation that you see towards the end of the show. However, you can tell that some parts are a little more polished than others. Some of the backgrounds looks better, and the lighting is awesome.

The animation for all of the characters in The Clone Wars is very stylized. It does, however, appear to be quite stiff at times, especially in this film.

The new introduced in this film, Ahsoka, will become a major part of the series. However, at this early stage, she’s really just annoying. The banter between her and Anakin appears like they were trying to set up a healthy teasing relationship. However, it just comes off as awkward and forced. This will change as the series progresses and Ahsoka comes into her own, but for now, it’s off to a shaky start.

The plot is simple at best, and not really suitable for a big film. It doesn’t require nearly enough emotion to be invested in it. So overall, the series is off to a rocky start with this film. Thankfully, I’m writing this in 2014, and I can definitely say that the series didn’t suffer because of its beginning.


Additional Notes

The Clone Wars were aired out of chronological order. They are here presented in chronological order.