The Fall of Reach

Our Review

Halo: Fall of Reach is one of the best books in the Halo expanded universe. However, don’t let the name fool you, only the last few chapters address the fall of Reach. Most of the book is spent giving background info on Master Chief and the Spartans which I found to be very enjoyable and interesting. Easily my favorite Halo book.

As I said, this book gives a lot of background for the Spartans. This gives the book a great sci-fi military feel, similar to Ender’s Games. However it still feels original and Master Chief feels like less of a military drone then he does in some of the games. It almost becomes a collection of short stories that move progressively forward. This in turn keeps the pacing moving at a satisfying rate. It was no where as hard to get through this book as some of the others.

Granted the title is a bit misleading. I expected the events surrounding the fall of Reach to happen much earlier in the book. And when they did come it felt a bit rushed and only partially connected to the events earlier in the book. This is the primary drawback that I can think of.

Overall this was easily my favorite Halo book so far and it is packed full of useful information that every prequel should have. It really helps understand and enrich the story and is still an enjoyable science fiction even without the support of the game franchise. It stands on it’s own.