The Fall of Reach: Boot Camp

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Our Review

Halo: Fall of Reach, Boot Camp is simple but fun. I enjoyed reading it and it was sad that it didn’t last very long. As such I really don’t have much to say. Other than being a quick enjoyable read there is not much groundbreaking material. It’s a lot of the same stuff we’ve seen before.

However, if you are a fan of the franchise you will get either excited or enraged at getting to see the face of Master Chief. Once he’s older the face is often shrouded or unclear, but you can still see that he is (SPOILER ALERT) a white, brown haired man with a square jaw, rugged appearance, and general military look which is enough to get the idea. I was personally fine in seeing what I saw, especially because it still left a lot to the imagination.

Other than that there is not much I can say for good or bad about this. It really is one of those neutral items, though I suppose that’s not really a good thing in itself. All I can say is that I liked it and so I assume others will as well.