The Flood

Our Review

Halo: The Flood is a really enjoyable adaptation of the first Halo game. As I was reading it was fun both to read parts I had experienced in the game and learning some of the side plots going on as well. However, despite being fun for me, a Halo fan, there are a few things that don’t really work well and make it less accessible to those unfamiliar with the franchise.

But let me start with the good stuff because I did really enjoy this read. This is not just a word for word adaptation of a game. First of all, it uses multiple character viewpoints, changing it up from the Spartan of few words only. However it doesn’t stray very far at all from the original story. In fact there is a lot of dialogue that is word for word. But this is less of a lack of creativity as it is a mark of consistency. The creative team behind the franchise have put a lot of excellent work into keeping consistency a priority and it shows.

However there are a lot of issues that might not be so forgivable to those unfamiliar with the game. First although there are multiple viewpoints the narrative moves way too fast, it’s hard to keep track of everything. It makes it seem rushed. Additionally the moments taken directly from the game make Master Chief’s sequences seem like nothing but combat and Master Chief becomes a bit of a drone. Even though the combat is well paced and well described, it becomes too much after a while. Also, some of the complexity of the Halo universe seems simplified. For instance, the Covenant doesn’t seem as developed as it is in other books with their own culture, names, and background. They’re very ordinary in this book.

Overall, this will probably only appeal to those who have played the game. It’s got it’s strong points but they rely very heavily on what is an excellent game.