Tolkien Study Recommendations

Hey guys,

I have a small bonus episode for you guys today. As you know, we’ve been discussing the Lord of the Rings timeline and I’ve been researching it a lot as I’ve gone along. In the process, I’ve found a number of resources that are really awesome if you want to dive deeper into these stories. I’m providing a fairly general overview, and can’t really dive deep into some of these books. So instead, I’d take a look at some of the following:

  • First, I’d recommend the author and professor Michael Drout. He is a philologist, which are not common these days. Tolkien himself was a philologist, a professor of ancient languages, and Michael Drout has a lot of literature about Tolkien and his work. You’ll find a number of his books available on Amazon, or you can check out your local library.
  • Second, I’d also recommend author and professor, Corey Olsen. He actually has a currently unaccredited university that specializes in fantasy and science fiction, with Tolkien being one of their main literary works to talk about. While they are unaccredited right now, they are actively working to get that. Now, if you get the iTunes U app and look up Signum University, you can listen to tons of lectures about Tolkien’s work, as well as other fantasy and science fiction literature. That’s hours and hours of scholarly work surrounding Tolkien. They also have a YouTube channel with all of the same content.
  • Lastly, my favorite resource currently is a YouTube channel called Men of the West. This channel releases short 10-15 minute videos about various topics in middle earth, and they are extremely well researched, informative, and entertaining. I’ve been binging my way through his entire back catalogue, which is not something I do very often.

Of course, the best resource of all is the books themselves, so keep following along with me as I go through them. Next time we’re discussing the Children of Hurin, and prepare yourself. It’s a dark one. So long everyone.

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