Watching the Best Films of All Time

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time.

Recently I uploaded a new timeline of the best 1920s and earlier films, with future decades to follow. I’ve often felt like I needed a greater appreciation and knowledge of film history, and I realized that this podcast would be the perfect place to experience that education with all of you.

So this is to announce a second series on this podcast, in addition to the Lord of the Rings timeline which is currently ongoing, where I will begin watching this “Best 20s and Earlier Films” timeline in order of release, and talking to you about them here on the podcast. I will continue to do this for films of the 30s, 40s, and so on. And yes, I understand this is going to take a long time. Unless the films are very short, I only expect to release about an episode per week, and even that won’t be manageable all the time. This series will remain kind of in the background as I go through my other timelines, like the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

If this doesn’t interest you, feel free to skip these episodes and only listen to the ones on the other timelines. But I hope you’ll follow along with me in this journey through the history of film.

Now a few ground rules, I am limiting myself only to film. Television and short films are out, though I’m making one major exception at the beginning of this timeline because some of the most influential films at the turn of the century were all very short. Also, I won’t necessarily cover R-rated films, unless I think they’re super important. This podcast, and the website in general, are geared to be as family friendly as possible. I want people to be able to watch these films with their kids and enjoy listening to the podcast. Now while I won’t hold to this rule all the time, I will often avoid R-rated films for that reason. There may also be other films that I can’t find, or there may be another reason why I don’t cover it on the podcast. But I don’t expect many of those.

So in the next few days you’ll get a new episode covering what many believe to be the first motion picture ever. I’ll talk to you then!

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