Warcraft Timeline and Chronology

What’s on the Warcraft Timeline?

This is the unofficial Warcraft timeline that includes the main games, the novels, the comics, and the 2016 feature film and its tie-ins. This timeline also includes many of the short stories that can be found online.

Many of these stories take place over multiple eras, but we keep to the house rule that a story is placed on the timeline based on where it ends, and we do not split up the media. This makes the timeline easier to follow and read. So with that said, we hope you enjoy this timeline and reading order for all of the Warcraft stories in chronological order.

1PrehistoryBuyWarcraft SagaComicChris Metzen2015Collected in World of Warcraft: Annual 2015
2-13,000Death From AboveShort StoryRobert BrooksN/AFound online.
3-2,600BuyThe First GuardianComicLouise Simonson2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 5
4-45BuyA Warrior Made, Part 1ComicChristie Golden2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 4
5-45BuyA Warrior Made, Part 2ComicChristie Golden2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 5
6-45BlackhandComicRobert Brooks2014Found online.
7-45Blood and ThunderComicRaphael Ahad2015Found online.
8-1BuyFamily ValuesComicAaron Sparrow2008Collected in Legends: Vol. 2
90BuyWarcraft: Orcs and HumansGameBlizzard Entertainment1994
100BuyThe Last GuardianNovelJeff Grubb2001
110BuyWarcraft: Bonds of BrotherhoodComicPaul Cornell2016
120BuyDurotanNovelChristie Golden2016
130WarcraftFilmDuncan Jones2016
140BuyWarcraft: The Official Movie NovelizationNovelChristie Golden2016
156BuyWarcraft II: Tides of DarknessGameBlizzard Entertainment1995
166BuyTides of DarknessNovelGlenn Rane2007
178BuyWarcraft II: Beyond the Dark PortalGameBlizzard Entertainment1996
188BuyBeyond the Dark PortalNovelAaron Rosenberg2008
1910BuyDay of the DragonNovelRichard A. Knaak2001
2010UnbrokenShort StoryMicky NeilsonN/AFound online.
2110Road to DamnationShort StoryEvelyn Fredericksen2006Found online.
2219Of Blood and HonorShort StoryChris Metzen2001
2319BuyLord of the ClansNovelChristie Golden2001
2420BuyWarcraft III: Reign of ChaosGameBlizzard Entertainment2002
2520Vol'jin: The JudgementShort StoryBrian KindreganN/AFound online.
2622BuyWarcraft III: The Frozen ThroneGameBlizzard Entertainment2003
2723BuyThe Sunwell TrilogyComicRichard A. Knaak2007
2823BuyWar of the Ancients: The Well of EternityNovelRichard A. Knaak2004Frame story takes place here.
2923BuyWar of the Ancients: The Demon SoulNovelRichard A. Knaak2004Frame story takes place here.
3023BuyWar of the Ancients: The SunderingNovelRichard A. Knaak2005Frame story takes place here.
3124BuyA Cleansing FireComicEvelyn Fredericksen2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 5
3224BuyCycle of HatredNovelKeith R. A. DeCandido2006
3325BuyWorld of WarcraftGameBlizzard Entertainment2004
3425The War EffortShort StoryN/AN/AFound online.
3525War of the Shifting SandsShort StoryMicky NeilsonN/AFound online.
3625BuyThe Thrill of the HuntComicTroy Lewter2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 3
3725BuyBloodsail BuccaneerComicDan Jolley2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 4
3825BuyHow to Win FriendsComicDan Jolley2008Collected in Legends: Vol. 1
3925BuyMiles to GoComicDan Jolley2008Collected in Legends: Vol. 2
4025BuyAn Honest TradeComicTroy Lewter2008Collected in Legends: Vol. 1
4125BuyWarrior: DividedComicGrace Randolph2008Collected in Legends: Vol. 2
4225BuyWarrior: UnitedComicGrace Randolph2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 5
4326BuyShadow Wing, Vol. 1: The Dragons of OutlandComicRichard A. Knaak2010
4426BuyShadow Wing, Vol. 2: Nexus PointComicRichard A. Knaak2011
4526BuyWorld of Warcraft: The Burning CrusadeGameBlizzard Entertainment2007
4626BuyRise of the HordeNovelChristie Golden2006Ends at this point in the timeline.
4726BuyThe JourneyComicTroy Lewter2008Collected in Legends: Vol. 1
4826BuyCrusader's BloodComicDan Jolley2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 3
4926BuyI Got What Yule NeedsComicChristie Golden2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 3
5026BuyBlood Runs ThickerComicTim Beedle2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 4
5126BuyWorld of Warcraft - The Comic, Vol. 1ComicWalter Simonson2008
5227BuyNight of the DragonNovelRichard A. Knaak2008
5327BuyWorld of Warcraft - The Comic, Vol. 2ComicWalter Simonson2009
5427BuyArthas: Rise of the Lich KingNovelChristie Golden2010
5527BuyWorld of Warcraft - The Comic, Vol. 3ComicWalter Simonson2010
5627BuyWorld of Warcraft - The Comic, Vol. 4ComicWalter Simonson2010
5727BuyMageComicRichard A. Knaak2010
5827In the Shadow of the SunShort StorySarah PineN/AFound online.
5927BuyFallenComicRichard A. Knaak2008Collected in Legends: Vol. 1
6027BuyFearComicRichard A. Knaak2008Collected in Legends: Vol. 2
6127BuyFiendComicRichard A. Knaak2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 3
6227BuyFateComicRichard A. Knaak2009Collected in Legends: Vol. 4
6327BuyWorld of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich KingGameBlizzard Entertainment2008
6427BuyDeath KnightComicDan Jolley2009
6527Li Li's Travel Journal" (parts 1-4)Short StoryN/AN/AFound online.
6627BuyPearl of PandariaComicMicky Neilson2012
6727GloryShort StoryEvelyn FredericksenN/AFound online.
6827Heart of WarShort StorySarah PineN/AFound online.
6927BuyStormrageNovelRichard A. Knaak2010
7027BuyShamanComicPaul Benjamin2010
7127BuyThe Shattering: Prelude to CataclysmNovelChristie Golden2010
7228Cut ShortShort StoryCameron DaytonN/AFound online.
7328BuyDark RidersComicMike Costa2013
7428BuyCurse of the WorgenComicMicky Neilson2011Ends at this point in the timeline.
7528Edge of NightShort StoryDave KosakN/AFound online.
7628Seeds of FaithShort StoryValerie WatrousN/AFound online.
7728Fire and IronShort StoryMatt BurnsN/AFound online.
7828BuyWorld of Warcraft: CataclysmGameBlizzard Entertainment2010
7928BuyBloodswornComicDoug Wagner2013
8028Trade Secrets of a Trade PrinceShort StoryGavin Jurgens-FyhrieN/AFound online.
8128As Our Fathers Before UsShort StoryStevie NixN/AFound online.
8228Lord of His PackShort StoryJames WaughN/AFound online.
8328BuyWolfheartNovelRichard A. Knaak2011
8428Prophet's LessonShort StoryMarc HutchesonN/AFound online.
8528Blood of Our FathersShort StoryDan AreyN/AFound online.
8628BuyThrall: Twilight of the AspectsNovelChristie Golden2012
8728Charge of the AspectsShort StoryMatt Burns2011Found online.
8830Quest for PandariaNovellaSarah PineN/AFound online.
8930BuyJaina Proudmoore: Tides of WarNovelChristie Golden2012
9030BuyWorld of Warcraft: Mists of PandariaGameBlizzard Entertainment2012
9130Li Li's Travel Journal" (parts 5-11)Short StoryN/AN/AFound online.
9230The Trial of the Red BlossomsNovellaCameron DaytonN/AFound online.
9330Bleeding SunShort StoryMatt BurnsN/AFound online.
9430BuyDawn of the AspectsShort StoryRichard A. Knaak2013Short story anthology connected by a frame story that ends here.
9530BuyVol'jin: Shadows of the HordeNovelMichael A. Stackpole2013
9630The Blank ScrollShort StoryGavin Jurgens-FyhrieN/AFound online.
9730The Sttrength of SteelShort StoryRaphael AhadN/AFound online.
9830The Jade HuntersShort StoryMatt BurnsN/AFound online.
9930Over WaterShort StoryRyan QuinnN/AFound online.
10030The Untamed ValleyShort StoryRobert BrooksN/AFound online.
10130BuyWar CrimesNovelChristie Golden2014
10230HellscreamShort StoryRobert Brooks2014Found online.
10331Gul'dan and the StrangerComicMicky Neilson2014Found online.
10431Code of RuleShort StoryRyan Quinn2015Found online.
10531BuyWorld of Warcraft: Warlords of DraenorGameBlizzard Entertainment2014
10631ApocryphaShort StoryMatt Burns2015Found online.
10731IllidanNovelWilliam King2016
10831TravelerJunior NovelGreg Weisman2016
10931BuyWorld of Warcraft: LegionGameBlizzard Entertainment2016

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