What’s on The X-Files Episode Order?

The X-Files episode order includes all nine original seasons of The X-Files, as well as its continuing series, the films, and the spin-off series: Millenium and The Lone Gunmen. This timeline does not include any of the books or comics based on the series. Though some of the comics were heralded as canon when they were first released, Chris Carter has stated that the new revival series will not follow that storyline. However, if you want to see a timeline that includes all of the comics anyway, check out this site. Otherwise, this chronological list only focuses on the on-screen canon, aka the shows and the films.

1X-FilesBuyThe X-Files (Season 1)TelevisionChris Carter1993
2X-FilesBuyThe X-Files (Season 2)TelevisionChris Carter1994
3X-FilesBuyThe X-Files (Season 3)TelevisionChris Carter1995
4X-FilesBuyThe X-Files (Season 4)TelevisionChris Carter1996
5MillenniumBuyMillennium (Season 1)TelevisionChris Carter1996Concurrent with TXF Season 4
6X-FilesBuyThe X-Files (Season 5)TelevisionChris Carter1997
7X-FilesBuyThe X-Files: Fight the FutureFilmRob Bowman1998
8MillenniumBuyMillenium (Season 2)TelevisionChris Carter1997Concurrent with TXF Season 5
9X-FilesBuyThe X-Files (Season 6)TelevisionChris Carter1998
10MillenniumBuyMillenium (Season 3)TelevisionChris Carter1998Concurrent with TXF Season 6
11X-FilesBuyThe X-Files (Season 7)TelevisionChris Carter1999
12X-FilesBuyThe X-Files (Season 8)TelevisionChris Carter2000
13Lone GunmenBuyThe Lone Gunmen (Season 1)TelevisionChris Carter2000Concurrent with TXF Season 8
14X-FilesBuyThe X-Files (Season 9)TelevisionChris Carter2001
15X-FilesBuyThe X-Files: I Want to BelieveFilmChris Carter2008
16X-FilesBuyThe X-Files (Season 10)TelevisionChris Carter2016