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One of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises, the Legend of Zelda has always had a tricky timeline to handle, but it’s one many of us love to play in.

What’s on the Zelda Game Timeline?

This is the unofficial Zelda game timeline for the series of games that started with the Legend of Zelda in 1986, and has since grown to become one of the most influential adventure game franchises of all time. This timeline is based on an official chronology that was released with the official companion book: Hyrule Historia, which we highly recommend picking up if you want to delve into this world. It’s not part of the chronology, but it will help you understand the world of Hyrule.

As always, let us know if there’s something else you think belongs on this timeline or anything that needs correcting. Thank you! And if you enjoyed this timeline, you might like some of our others, including our Metroid timeline.

Where to Start Playing Zelda Games?

This is a tricky question and one that many have different answers for. But for us, we recommend Breath of the Wild, since it’s newer and all of the Zelda games basically stand on their own. But if you’re looking to dive into the older games, we recommend starting at the beginning with The Legend of Zelda, or starting with another classic, Ocarina of Time.

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The Zelda Timeline 2.0

1The Legend of ZeldaBuySkyward Sword2012-04-13game
2The Legend of ZeldaBuyThe Minish Cap2004-11-04gamehidemaro-fujibayashi
3The Legend of ZeldaBuyFour Swords2002-12-02game
4The Legend of ZeldaBuyOcarina of Time, , 1998-11-21gameshigeru-miyamoto toru-osawa yoshiaki-koizumi
5The Twilight RealmBuyMajora’s Mask, , 2000-04-27gamemitsuhiro-takano shigeru-miyamoto yoshiaki-koizumi
6The Twilight RealmBuyTwilight Princess2006-11-19game
7The Twilight RealmBuyFour Swords Adventures2004-03-18game
8The Decline of HyruleBuyA Link to the Past1991-11-21game
9The Decline of HyruleBuyOracle of Seasons2001-02-27game
10The Decline of HyruleBuyOracle of Ages2001-02-27game
11The Decline of HyruleBuyLink’s Awakening, 1993-06-06gamekensuke-tanabe yoshiaki-koizumi
12The Decline of HyruleBuyA Link Between Worlds2013-11-22game
13The Decline of HyruleBuyTri Force Heroes2015-10-22game
14The Decline of HyruleBuyThe Legend of Zelda, 1986-02-21gamekeiji-terui takashi-tezuka
15The Decline of HyruleBuyThe Adventure of Link1987-01-14gametakashi-tezuka
16A New WorldBuyThe Wind Waker2002-12-13game
17A New WorldBuyPhantom Hourglass2007-06-23game
18A New WorldBuySpirit Tracks2009-12-01game
19A New WorldBuyBreath of the Wild2017-03-03gameakihito-toda
The Zelda Timeline 2.0

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